Ridley Scott’s Alien Swarm: A LP Series with Kaiser and friends

My friends and I are doing a LP series on Alien Swarm, it was fun to play, and fun to goof around with. Hopefully you’ll have fun watching us. So kick back and enjoy.

New Sun

By Kaiserhawk


Recently Rome 2 Total War was announced, and I was totally stoked by the news. So much so that I went on a Total War binge and played through most of the collection. I played some Fall of the Samurai, and it’s a damn fine game. Beautiful too. That is why I wanted to make a video about it. So here it is: A New Sun

The song used in the video is the eponymous New Sun, performed by a friend’s band named Mojo Spade. You can listen to and download the song from here.

The Rant: A Game Can Too Make You Cry

By GamerChris

(So seriously ill…)

So, I’m currently freezing my butt off, coughing up a lung and my nose is exploding every 5 seconds (Now that’s a visual…) but I recently (and by recently I mean 2 minutes ago) came across a blog article talking about how games have never made you cry or at least, talking about crying because of a game is pointless. I would like to say that this claim is not exactly true. In fact, it’s a totally relevant discussion and crying because of a video game has been present in the history of video games.

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Misc. Media – Mirror’s Edge: Live Action

by Link
(Making up for a lack of an entry on Wednesday.)

As we approach the winter and holiday season, many of our writers are afflicted with busy schedules, lack of job security, and broken PCs. So, please hang in there with us as we hopefully return to our 2 articles per day schedule in the future. I personally haven’t been able to sit down and write anything lately due to a PC in the repair shop.

But, for the time being, here’s an awesome video brought to you by me (and a YouTube search!)

Badly Drawn Penguins: Extra Life Edition

By GamerChris (Now has next to no money in his bank account but at least some went to a good cause)

So yesterday, some of the writers of HealingTouch did what they loved in order to help others by playing video games for a day for charity. I donated $24 to help the cause and I was supposed to get some friends to donate as well but keeping the long story short…They’re heartless, untrusting buggers…

Here’s a new Badly Drawn Penguins strip dedicated to the other doctors here’s effort towards beating cancer. $360 is a handsome sum, you guys rock.

Never seen Badly Drawn Penguins before? Go Here to see the initial run of Badly Drawn Penguins!

Lets All Go to the Movies – Max Payne

By: Rusty (You are in a computer game)



Yesterday Max Payne hit theatres. Being the nerd that I am (I write for this blog, need I say more?) I went to the local cinema to catch a showing of this movie. I looked forward to seeing this movie. The trailer looked promising and the fact that Marky Mark errr I mean Mark Walhburg was starring as Max Payne was great. Also with Mila Kunis, Ludacris, and Nelly Furtado involved, this movie had some solid potential.The plot of Max Payne is as follows: Max’s family is murdered by a bunch of junkies on Valkyr (a new designer drug). Having nothing to loose, Max goes undercover the source and flow of Valkyr. However Max is framed for the murder of his partner. He sets on a quest to clear himself.  The movie follows this plot (more or less), however it is just okay. Continue reading

Heart x2: Sonic The Hedgehog 1 and 2 (Mega Drive/Genesis)

By GamerChris
(Misses the old days)

Nintendo fanboy that I am, I actually grew up playing on the Sega Mega Drive (Or Sega Genesis for those of you who have a console named after some rock band or the first book of the Bible…) Ever since I can remember the Mega Drive has been in my house (My dad used me as an excuse to get a games console it seems…Before I could actually play the dang thing)

In the beginning we only had one game which had it’s home permanently inside the console- Sonic The Hedgehog. For a long time I sat there and watched my dad play through the game non-stop (Something he would later do with Super Mario Bros which he once took a day off work just to complete) Until one day I decided it was my turn.

On Christmas Day, 1996, while my family were in the kitchen I flipped the on switch of my Sega Mega Drive and started playing through Green Hill Zone. The game was amazing. The speed, the colours, the characters, it was just a whole new world. Then he came.

Dr. Robotnik (Fuck Eggman, it’s Robotnik) arrived with is pain in the ass pendulum ball and I repeated the patterns I learnt from watching my dad, bouncing Sonic off the top of him and moving from one side of the screen to another until he was finally defeated. I was overjoyed and instantly rushed to my dad to rave about my triumph. The gamer in GamerChris was born.


(This is where it all began.)

As the years past I expanded my Mega Drive collection from this local run electronics store which sold games on the side as they mainly dealt with televisions. Whenever my dad would drive me there to buy a new game I would press my face up against the glass where the cartridges were sold, either choosing games based on their funny sounding names (DeCapAttack) or my familiarity with certain fictional characters (Quackshot Starring Donald Duck) Then I saw the cart. I had found Sonic The Hedgehog 2. Continue reading