Ridley Scott’s Alien Swarm: A LP Series with Kaiser and friends

My friends and I are doing a LP series on Alien Swarm, it was fun to play, and fun to goof around with. Hopefully you’ll have fun watching us. So kick back and enjoy.

An Ode To…Mario

By GamerChris (Whoa, three posts in a row…)

So you people may be familliar with the last ‘Ode To…’ with my article about Mega Man 9, and this article is in the same light.

Here’s a little ode to the adventures of Mario in Super Mario Bros. Enjoy.

Princess Is In Another Castle

My feet patter below,
As I run through the land,
Through worlds of forests,
of oceans, of sky and of sand.

I leap over objects,
I continue my quest,
I’m the Knight in Shining Armor,
And…Well you know the rest…

Evil has come,
To the place I call home,
I strive to find it, to stop it,
So I continue to roam.

I know I am close,
I can just feel it,
I am not scared,
Not at all, not a bit.

I enter the fortress,
That looms before me,
I can see fire, and flames,
What a bitch that’ll be.

I go through cautiously,
I gotta take it slow,
With all the fireballs and traps,
I watch my steps as I go.

Finally I find him,
The monster that started this all,
I avoid him and cut the bridge,
And into the lava he did fall.

I am happy, I am glad,
But this isn’t the end,
Must find the Princess,
And wounds left to tend.

I enter the next room to find her,
But there’s a Toad with a parcel,
‘Thank you Mario!…
But our princess…is in another castle!’

By Christopher Francis aka GamerChris

I’m sure Mario is going to be thrilled to know that. He’s only been trying to figure out where that bitch was since 1985. – kawaiininjakat

Playing with yourself: Persona 3

alpha.pngBy Alpha


Well hell, I guess motivation has hit me at quite an awkward time. There’s only 2 days left for this musing. Despite it, I think I’ll be able to write something out. So yes, “Playing With Yourself”, quite an easy phrase to poke fun at as an innuendo. We all know that it’s quite funny, but I’ll try my best to restrain from taking the low road.

I enjoy playing games with others, and I usually have a much more exciting and fun time doing so then playing alone. For me, the outside experience surrounding the game is what I take in and cherish most when I play a game with others. A one player game however tends to pull me inside, the experience within the game. Multiplayer or not, memories are made despite the number of folks on my couch.

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Trial and Error – Left 4 Dead Demo




While Left 4 Dead won’t ship out until November 18th, VALVe have decided to treat Pre-orders to a free early access demo of L4D. So if you didn’t pre-order the game yet and didn’t get the early access, don’t worry! The demo is now available at the Steam Store and on Xbox Live market place! So let’s go over what will make you shit your pants while playing this game!

Left 4 Dead is quite possibly one of the biggest Triple A titles that will coming out for the Xbox and PC, but does the demo show how much it lives up to the hype? Well when there are games in Co-op mode, it’s usually very repetitive and nothing ever really changes. Left 4 Dead has no dull or same old same moments. The A.I. Director pulls the strings in the game to make your experience different every time! So one time there could be an ammo stache, and then another game bam! It’s gone! And instead your left with a swarm of zombies around you! Speaking of the zombies, the A.I. to them is unbelievable!

The zombies are some of the best enemies you’ll come across! They will grab you from afar, corner you, jump on you, climb obstacles to get to you, and even trample you to death! There is no such thing as “Boundries” with these zombies! But, a good shotgun blast will kill them instantly! And are zombies the only thing your gonna go up against? Hell no. You got over 5 different types of zombies to go agianst! The Boomer, The Tank, The Witch, The Hunter, and the one I hate the most out of them all. The Smokers.

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Misc Media: Stop motion paper Rock Man

alpha.pngBy Furia

Well, here it is folks. One top notch article for the week. I slaved hours and hours writing out a Misc. Media for all of you. I may be busy playing video games and enjoying each of my 40 hour work weeks, but I cleared some time to write this baby up.

Stop motion, paper, Mega Man; these are words that best describe the video I have attached to this wonderful write up. Apparently the person that made this video made it for a multimedia course. Enjoy.

Misc Geekery: Gaming in the Philippines

By GamerChris (This article was written in the moonlight. But it wasn’t painted on the stars. That’s just stupid.)

Disclaimer: The following article only covers gaming in the city of Davao in the Philippines and comes from the perspective of an outsider with a limited grasp of the language and goings on. Gaming experiences in the Philippines may vary to those described here.

Hello everybody! GamerChris here, back from over a month in another country. What country? Well it’s in the freaking title: The Philippines. Rather than spend my entire time relaxing and meeting people I took a few opportunities to explore the city I was staying in and see how Filipinos get their game on because it can’t just be Japan who gets all the gaming fun in Asia.

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Misc Gaming: Tingle: a constant in an intermittently mannered world

alpha.pngBy Alpha
(kooloo limpah!)


Tingle. A name that often finds itself tangled in a spider web of slanderous opinions and oppressive observations. Very few opinions are ever supportive of the character behind the name. However, it is safe for me to say that the majority of these opinions are often regarded as negative. Tingle has frequently been named as a running joke in the video game community. He has been branded and tarnished with a galore of labels. Some ignorantly mark him as a “homosexual” (not that there’s anything wrong with that), a “flake”, a “man child”, and others in a clear attempt at extremism, as a “pedophile”.

Tingle is a very different character then what most people would have liked to seen or interact with in a video game. His lifestyle and questionable attire regularly stir up the opinions and emotions that reside deep within each of us. I don’t want this article to take any root in as a moral lesson, but the straightforward truth in all of this is that most of the time it is very easy to base judgment on differences alone.

Admittedly, I did initially perceive Tingle in a very harsh light. The first time I met this character was in The Legend Of Zelda: Majora’s Mask . I thought as the majority did. I labeled him as many things. I ignorantly passed judgment on the differences that I, myself, could not feel secure enough to hold onto as my own. I was 15 at the time, and I was still quite immature. Only later would I shamefully look at my past and find admiration and respect for this very different and disparate character.

When regarding Tingle, you may ask where my admiration and respect for this character has stemmed from? To put it frankly, Tingle has balls. Not just regular balls, but balls of steel. The kind of balls that you would only hear AC/DC reference to. Tingle is a character that has been rejected by many because of his bold individual differences. Not once though, did I ever see a flicker of regret in that poor NPC’s eyes.


Tingle is a constant in an intermittently mannered world. The green spandex, the red shorts, and that merry glow on his face, all help showcase society what he’s all about. Tingle is a 35 year old man who finds his joy in life as an enthusiast of forest fairies and rupees. You can often find him floating around underneath his red balloon, drawing or selling maps for his father, and deciphering triforce maps for high prices. As simple and as odd as his lifestyle sounds, he is living his dream, and it seems as if he has no intentions to ever stop living that dream. Many will sneer, snicker, and attempt to persecute him for his apparent differences, but inside Tingle knows deep within that those differences make him who he really is. Unlike the stone throwers, Tingle is not afraid to be his true self.

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