Umbrella Corp presents Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City!

Journey with us into the heart of an outbreak as a heroic mercenary deathsquad…wait wat?

New Sun

By Kaiserhawk


Recently Rome 2 Total War was announced, and I was totally stoked by the news. So much so that I went on a Total War binge and played through most of the collection. I played some Fall of the Samurai, and it’s a damn fine game. Beautiful too. That is why I wanted to make a video about it. So here it is: A New Sun

The song used in the video is the eponymous New Sun, performed by a friend’s band named Mojo Spade. You can listen to and download the song from here.

Heart x2: Aerith’s/Aeris’ Death In Final Fantasy VII

By GamerChris(*Sob*)

So, for the last 19 parts of ‘What’s So Wrong With…Final Fantasy VII?’ I have been playing the first disc of the game. I’ve been giving my thoughts and commentary of the game exploring the land, logic and characters of the game.

One of these characters was the flower girl Aerith Gainsborough, who turned out to be the last Cetra, an ancient race that was the first to inhabit the Planet. The main character Cloud, or GmerChris as he is now lovingly called in the HealingTouch article first properly meets her after falling through the roof of her church where she is tending to her flowers.


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Inner Child Matinee presents Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland

Dr. Gonzo

by Beeslo (reconnecting with his Inner Adult over a keg)

Inner Child Matinee

Welcome to Inner Child Matinee!

A place where we can reconnect with the movies of our childhood and reminisce on the animated and live action classics of yesteryear. So get comfortable, pop some popcorn, pour yourself a chocolate milk, wrap yourself up in that security blanket that you said you threw away but secretly kept in your closet and reunite with your inner child.

Inner Child Matinee presents…

Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland

Director: Masami Hata, William T. Hurtz;

Starring: Mickey Rooney, Nancy Cartwright, Gabriel Damon.


Part 1

Part 2

Stay tuned for Parts 3 and 4…

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Anime Blitzkrieg: Pure White Lover Bizarre Jelly

Link the Dean of Medicine
by Link
(He wants to shake hands as a sign of good sportsmanship.)

Hello, and welcome to Anime Blitzkrieg. The premise of these articles will to give you some detailed yet brief, information about various anime series. Usually we will watch an episode or two of a series, write a mini-review, and let you know what you’re getting into. If a series is really worth following, we’ll continue to review the series episode by episode, which should hopefully provoke some discussion on the blog or even the forums about the series and/or episodes in question. First up we’ll be reviewing Pure White Lover Bizarre Jelly.

Okay. You know that cool Wii game called No More Heroes? Well, Travis Touchdown is obsessed with a particular anime in that game. That’s called Pure White Lover Bizarre Jelly.

It’s a Magical Girl Mecha Anime, yes… you heard me, it’s a MAGICAL GIRL… MECHA… ANIME… at least from what I can gather. Most of this is all duct taped together from the posters, t-shirts, photos, and other various things found throughout the game.

The anime has three main characters:

Name: Strawberry, she is the leader of the group.
Color: Red
Mecha: She pilots Glaston 1, the red colored land battle mecha.
Special Attack: Strawberry on the Shortcake

Name: Blueberry
Color: Blue
Mecha: She pilots Glaston 2, the dark colored aerial battle mecha.
Special Attack: Blueberry Cheese Brownie

Name: Cranberry
Color: Yellow
Mecha: She pilots Glaston 3, the white colored aerial battle mecha.
Special Attack: Cranberry Chocolate Sundae

Other Information About the Series:


Glastonbury (I assume it’s a mistranslation and is actually Glastonberry), is a large space battle mecha. It’s theorized that Glastonbury is a result of Glaston 1, 2, and 3 combining together.

Glastonbury has basic laser attacks which can be upgraded into tri-laser attacks.
Glastonbury also has a charged up special attack that destroys everything in it’s field of vision called ‘Anarchy in the Galaxy’.

Anime Intro

Additionally, Heavenly Star (A theme you hear in various shops) is the opening intro theme of Pure White Lover Bizarre Jelly. It is performed by the virtual pop idol group the Genki Rockets. Both the voice and girl who sings are computer generated and do not actually exist.


As you can tell by the above photo there is a TON of merchandise. Posters, Pillows, Stickers, Action Figures, Clocks, Soundtracks, etc. However, we’re going to touch on a few of the more well known pieces of merchandise.


As you can see, there are 3 DVDs in the series. Each DVD prominently displaying one of the 3 main characters on it’s cover. Additionally in this photo, are two art books, which are not part of the DVD collection itself.

Video Game

There is a game called Pure White Giant Glastonbury which Travis plays during the subway sequence of the game. It appears to be for the Nintendo 64 based off of it’s cartridge shape. It’s a very retro looking shoot ’em up, played much like Ikaruga or Galaga.


There are a total of 8 known Pure White T-Shirts,

  • a dark grey shirt which features all 3 magical girls and w/red trim
  • a white shirt featuring Strawberry
  • a white shirt featuring Blueberry
  • a white shirt featuring Cranberry
  • a white shirt featuring Glaston 1, it has G1 written on it.
  • a blue shirt featuring Glaston 2, it has G2 written on it.
  • a yellow shirt featuring Glaston 3, it has G3 written on it.
  • a white shirt featuring Glastonbury on it, with Glastonbury in katakana.

There is also a Limited Edition Pure White Lover Bizarre Jelly Jacket, Belt, and Pants set that fetches a high price amongst fans.

With all of this being said. The ENTIRE anime/series is completely fake and only exists inside the No More Heroes world. However, in a March 15, 2008 interview with Computer and Video Games, Suda51 revealed that a possible real-life anime adaption of the series would be produced in the future, saying:

“As you may know, our publisher, Marvellous, actually does a lot of animation work, so it’s something that has been discussed.

We were actually in discussions to do something with the Bizarre Jelly characters as seen on Travis’ shirt, but I have no idea how serious they were.

Hey, tell your readers if they want to see it, write in and give them the feedback. There’s every chance it could get made.”

So let’s all keep our fingers crossed, and start writing those letters, shall we?

What’s So Wrong With…Final Fantasy VII Part Two


By GamerChris (He loves Aerith. Obviously…)

We pick up today’s action from where we left off with the exposion of the reactor causing GmerChris, Daigo and crew being flung from danger and into Midgar.

What’s So Wrong With?…Final Fantasy VII

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Trial and Error: Dark Messiah

by Panteraftw (His music is acoustic rock!)

Trial and Error

Welcome to the first Trial and Error, HealingTouch’s demo review line. Here, we DO judge games by their covers, to some extent. Take that, political/social correctness! Just keep in mind, we haven’t played the whole game; we are reviewing an unfinished version of the game, with only a small portion of it to go by.

Demo: Dark Messiah

Platform: Xbox 360

Modes: Single Player, Multiplayer in full game

With every star title, there is at least one imitator. In this case, there are two, but I will only be talking about one: Dark Messiah. This is another first-person fantasy world action/adventure game in the same style as The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. However, much like Two Worlds, Dark Messiah takes a good game and takes a shit on it.

Here on Trial and Error, we only go by what’s given to us. The game advertisements boast multiplayer action, yet there is none in the demo, so I can’t review it. But what I can talk about, however, is the single player….

When you start the demo up, you’ll hear some horrid voice acting, which will actually last throughout the entire journey. You play as Sareth, a young warrior who apparently has some stuff to take from some place. Whatever, I honestly don’t care in the least about his agenda, I just want to play.

The level we’re given looks like crap. Everything looks poorly textured and grainy. This would be excusable if the game controlled well and played well, but it really doesn’t. You can never really get into a comfort zone while playing this game; everything feels stiff at times and loose at other times.

Besides, it’s your standard Oblivion-clone fare, anyway. You walk around, you attack something, you do a simple non-combat task like climbing a rope or grabbing something, and you’re done. Does this game have anything going for it?

Well, I actually like the combat more than Oblivion’s combat, mostly because it didn’t feel tacked on as much. It felt more like an actual game, believe it or not. However, even this aspect of the game is marred with poor animations and clunky controls, and the enemies will drop fairly easily in this level.

There’s not much more to say for this demo. I didn’t enjoy it very much. I am curious to see how the multiplayer co-op plays in this game, but somehow I know I’d rather be playing 4-player Gauntlet anyway. So the final word? I say Pass on Dark Messiah. There are plenty other games in this genre and setting that surpass this game leaps and bounds.