Umbrella Corp presents Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City!

Journey with us into the heart of an outbreak as a heroic mercenary deathsquad…wait wat?

F’d Up Media – Aphex Twin: Window Licker

(Is here to get rid of that horrible song a few post below )

Let’s talk Aphex Twin. Not “Aphex Twins”. There’s only one. Aphex Twin is a musician who specializes in the music type known as electronica. In short term, his music doesn’t suck nor does his videos. Anyway, this video contains quite possibly the most use of the word “nigga” ever to be featured in a music video. More then what 50 Cent or Ice T himself could pop out.

So your probably wondering why this is in the F’d up media section huh? No its not because of the racial slurs or the language. No no no……this is for something else (don’t worry its not a 2 girls one cup thing, I’m not cruel ya know). Please watch the video and enjoy! Also, Umbrellas gets you Ho’s fo sho.