Under The Knife: Slumdog Millionaire

By GamerChris (Does he think this movie is: A. Amazing, B. Brilliant, C. Crap or D.  Downright Terrible?)


So the BAFTA’s were on a week or two ago, and my previously reviewed movie, The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button, missed out on some of the top prizes.

I was disappointed, I thought that movie was spectacular, and it ends up losing out to another movie, Slumdog Millionaire, which I thought at the time was an outrage (Maybe I didn’t think that strongly…) Then, I went to go watch it. And I retract my statement.

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Under The Knife: The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button

By GamerChris (Wait…Who the hell is this guy?)

Hello! Happy New Year! Yes, I know it’s February, but I’ve only just returned after yet another month or so hiatus which I apologise for once again. So without further ado…let’s get rocking!


So yesterday I was out with my friends and we decided to watch a movie. That movie was Bolt. Luckily, the showing we were going to was completely sold out (I blame the 3D) so we had to pick another movie instead. That movie was The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button. And I thank fate for making us watch a different, better movie.

You are probably all aware of the movie already. Thanks to living in Europe I’ve had to wait a long time more than most of the readers here for the movie’s release (Heck, just look at the date on the poster above. It was released in the UK on February 6th…)

So the story begins with an elderly woman in hospital in the south of the United States who’s soon to be knock, knock, knockin’ on Heaven’s door as it seems. Her daughter is looking after her when the woman asks her to read this book for her. What follows is the narrative of an old man talking about his life and times from birth until the point he stopped writing.

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The Rant: A Game Can Too Make You Cry

By GamerChris

(So seriously ill…)

So, I’m currently freezing my butt off, coughing up a lung and my nose is exploding every 5 seconds (Now that’s a visual…) but I recently (and by recently I mean 2 minutes ago) came across a blog article talking about how games have never made you cry or at least, talking about crying because of a game is pointless. I would like to say that this claim is not exactly true. In fact, it’s a totally relevant discussion and crying because of a video game has been present in the history of video games.

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Sunday Comics: Badly Drawn Penguins CLASSIC Part 5

By GamerChris (Sorry for a lack of What’s So Wrong With…)

Welcome to part 5 of the Badly Drawn Penguins retrospective! Here are some more strips from the earlier days, with a bit of slight adult humour. Let’s check it out…Enjoy.

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Misc Media: The Bike Hero Saga

By GamerChris

(Can 5-Star Through the Fire and Flames and any other song on GHII and GHIII…on medium…)

So many of you may be familiar with the Bike Hero video recently released with someone riding his bike through the night with the note chart for Prisoner of Society by The Living End in Guitar Hero Word Tour drawn on his bike ride path, lighting up coloured lights on his bike and essentially playing the song with his bike, complete with special effects like star power and the 50, 100 and 500 note combos. If not here is the video:

Not so long afterwards this stunt turned out to be viral marketing and was done with the help of some computers. It’s a shame that it wasn’t just some guy doing this with some friends for fun but it was cool never the less. Some other people however have not responded quite the way I have to this revelation. One of these people happens to be Freddy Wong.

Who’s Freddy Wong? Well in my own opinion he’s the greatest Guitar Hero player around. He might not have the technical capabilities of iamchris4life on YouTube (Who I believe had a world record for his skills), but Mr. Wong is definitely the most entertaining player of the game I’ve seen with his stunts and showing off.

What does Freddy have to say to Bike Hero? ‘What up, viral marketing douchebags?’ In a recent video he responded to this stunt, saying that he will now show them how to play Bike Hero on expert. How can he possibly do this? By playing Through the Fire and Flames, on a bike, with the GHIII guitar peripheral, at night, following a TV. Hit the jump to watch some greatness. Continue reading

Heart x2: Sonic The Hedgehog 1 and 2 (Mega Drive/Genesis)

By GamerChris
(Misses the old days)

Nintendo fanboy that I am, I actually grew up playing on the Sega Mega Drive (Or Sega Genesis for those of you who have a console named after some rock band or the first book of the Bible…) Ever since I can remember the Mega Drive has been in my house (My dad used me as an excuse to get a games console it seems…Before I could actually play the dang thing)

In the beginning we only had one game which had it’s home permanently inside the console- Sonic The Hedgehog. For a long time I sat there and watched my dad play through the game non-stop (Something he would later do with Super Mario Bros which he once took a day off work just to complete) Until one day I decided it was my turn.

On Christmas Day, 1996, while my family were in the kitchen I flipped the on switch of my Sega Mega Drive and started playing through Green Hill Zone. The game was amazing. The speed, the colours, the characters, it was just a whole new world. Then he came.

Dr. Robotnik (Fuck Eggman, it’s Robotnik) arrived with is pain in the ass pendulum ball and I repeated the patterns I learnt from watching my dad, bouncing Sonic off the top of him and moving from one side of the screen to another until he was finally defeated. I was overjoyed and instantly rushed to my dad to rave about my triumph. The gamer in GamerChris was born.


(This is where it all began.)

As the years past I expanded my Mega Drive collection from this local run electronics store which sold games on the side as they mainly dealt with televisions. Whenever my dad would drive me there to buy a new game I would press my face up against the glass where the cartridges were sold, either choosing games based on their funny sounding names (DeCapAttack) or my familiarity with certain fictional characters (Quackshot Starring Donald Duck) Then I saw the cart. I had found Sonic The Hedgehog 2. Continue reading

Outpatient Article – Under The Knife: Penny Arcade – On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness: Episode One

by Samurai
(This is not for you Kaiserhawk)

So, I’m not dead. But, I tell what I really am. And that is…alive. Although, I am an outpatient, I am still the loveable and forgetable person that I was back then. Now with more hair in places! The game I am going to be reviewing now is Penny Arcade: On the Rain Slick Precipice of Darkness. Continue reading