Ridley Scott’s Alien Swarm: A LP Series with Kaiser and friends

My friends and I are doing a LP series on Alien Swarm, it was fun to play, and fun to goof around with. Hopefully you’ll have fun watching us. So kick back and enjoy.

Stay Tuned: “Stuttering” Craig Skistimas Interview

By Rusty
(he accidentally replaced your heart with a baked potato)


If you visit this site, chances are that your familiar with ScrewAttack. If you go to ScrewAttack, you have to know who Stuttering Craig is. He is a man who’s name gives hope to those inflicted with speech impediments but he is also the co-creator of ScrewAttack, a prominent personality on ScrewAttack, and former Slamball superstar. I caught up with Craig and asked him the hard hitting questions (or lack thereof).

For a noob, tell me what ScrewAttack is

ScrewAttack is the website that is about what games are based on- fun, entertainment and community. We produce more original video game entertainment than any other site on the internet. Our philosophy is that if we’re having a good time then those watching it will have a good time as well. Gamers do more than game and so do we, so sometimes you’ll see stuff more than just traditional gaming videos but at it’s root ScrewAttack is a gaming site.

How did you discover that you wanted to start a website?

It was never really, “Hey, let’s start a website”, it was more “Hey, let’s make a radio show about video games.” Turns out there were a bunch of these crazy things called podcasts and everyone and their mom had one. Anyways, the initial idea was to make this podcast (SideScrollers) and later turn it into a radio show. Once I realized that video game podcasts were everywhere that’s when ScrewAttack started to develop into what it is today.

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Stay Tuned: Mike “The Birdman” Dodd Interview

By Rusty
(Wants to fly the Spruce Moose)

If you inhabit ScrewAttack, The Game Heroes, or have a good taste in podcasts, your bound to know who Mike “Birdman” Dodd is. Mike’s radio show, This Week in Geek (with co-host Steve “Snowball” Saylor), is an orgy of all things geek. He also co-hosts “The Prototype” with Handsome Tom on The Game Heroes. I invited Birdman over to the super secret Healing Touch head quarters (read: Link’s basement) for an interview and some Kraft Dinner.

Rusty: For a noob, describe This Week in Geek (TWiG).
Birdman: TWIG is basically what I would describe as a radio show on CRNC 90.1 FM, Niagara’s new rock that evolved into a podcast a week later and took the world by storm….or rain shower. The show is basically a collection of nerds who come together a few times a week to talk about geeky stuff that we love and want to share our knowledge with the world.

You’ve done a lot of interviews on TWiG, which would be your personal favorite?
Birdman: I’d have to say my personal favorite is likely Sean Schemmel and David Hayter were some of my favorite, so Goku or Solid Snake

You haven’t introduced yourself yet, give us a mini bio of Captain Awesome Birdman Dood.
Birdman: Well I’m 26 and turning 27 in October. I’ve a broadcasting student at Niagara college and also do commercial voice over work for CIXL 91.7 Giant FM. I’m pretty much a nerdy Stiffler and love to get into trouble. I collect Star Wars and Transformers and pretty much addicted to gaming and nerdy tats. And I rule.
Rusty: Do you mind if I make you an online dating account with this info?
Birdman: Well, Send me the info and I’ll fill it out and make me awesome.

You also host The Prototype (a podcast) with Handsome Tom, would you care to explain it to us?
Well, Tom asked me a few months ago at the Iron Man of Gaming if I would be interested in helping him do some audio work and I said sure, why not. He asked me if I wanted to be a regular co host and I said sure, it’ll be a great a chance to get to know you as a friend and hey, always looks good on a resume. It’s a podcast where we talk about our week and what happened in the news without being too serious and then talking about an issue in gaming or a gaming topic and just chatting it up and having a good time together.
Sounds cool. Since Tom & Craig split, do you feel differently about ScrewAttack and/or your ScrewAttack tattoo?
Not at all, Craig is still a great friend to me and lets me contribute stuff to SA and it’s a good relationship. To me, SA will always be about community and friendship and thats why I got the tattoo. And I still stand by it.
How drunk were you when you got that? Not many people would want to have something like that permanently stuck to them.
Birdman: Perfectly sober and just got out of class not too long before.

Rusty: Speaking of drinking, what’s your poison?
Birdman: Nowadays just cold as ice water and occassionally a root beer, pretty sworn off the alcohol recently, not good for me anyway.

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Nurse Joy’s HealingTouch News: The Game Heroes

Nurse Joy
by Nurse Joy
(Seaking! Fuck yeah!)
Hi Guys! I just wanted to take this moment to inform you about why you are getting spammed by all of these Game Heroes updates.
The Game Heroes is a site created by a man originally part of ScrewAttack, however the creative heads of ScrewAttack split ways and The Game Heroes was born. It has been in development for roughly 2 months now, and is finally finished. This site is hugely popular and they have decided to become affiliates with HealingTouch! “What does that mean?” you ask. Well it simply means that we are partners with The Game Heroes, and support them fully, as they also support us. They’ve got a button you can click on the right to access their website, and they’ve got a button on their site where you can access HealingTouch. If you would like to become an affiliate with HealingTouch, please contact me at nursejoy@healingtouch.scvs4hire.com.
Before we wrap this up, I feel compelled to mention the following. Link, the creative head of HealingTouch is also working with ScrewAttack and The Game Heroes, and a lot of his shows and ideas have fallen behind a bit (3 weeks late on a new Wish Come True.) Hopefully you can all look forward to these shows kicking back into action full swing within the following week.
Remember to come back any time your Pokemon need healed!

Wish Come True: Miracle Surgery – Delayed

By Link
(He has forsakened you all.)

Hey gang, just wanted to let you know that Episode 4 is going to be delayed and you can expect it either Monday or Tuesday. I’m currently working on something I think a lot of people care about right now, and that’s TheGameHeroes.com Forums. So… hang tight, and be prepared for a new episode and a new forum to post in! ^_^

TheGameHeroes.Com Is A Go

By Alpha

(You traded the hibiscus for a goat’s letter! …Great!?)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The Handsome One and Miss Liz are finally back. Thegameheroes.com is up, and all of us at Healing Touch are stoked. They’ve got alot going on, and alot planned, and personally I can’t wait to see what’s in store for us next. Check out their latest podcast/vidcast to get the skinny on what’s going down with their new venture.