Street Fighter x Megaman

A newly announced Megaman game going to be released for free for PC on December 17th, got that. Free.

It looks pretty tight from the trailer, so what are you waiting for? Oh yeah…the 17th.

Misc. Gaming – Gmod Arena: Billy Mays Vs. Vince

By: OD

(Call in now and you’ll get an even Sexier OD!)

Oh Garry’s Mod. Is there anything that you can’t do? Apparently not. And damn it’s a good thing.

What do you get when you take 2 of America’s and the internets most well known picthmen and put them to a fight to the death? Fucking epic. That’s what you get. Who will win? Billy Mays and his manly beard? Or Vince with his nuts! Enjoy!

The Bastard Gamer: Street Fighter IV

By The Bastard Gamer

(You just got SHORYUKEN’D!)

Well I finally got to play the 4th installment in the most legendary game series ever made. Here’s my take on it.

Under the Knife – Street Fighter IV (ARCADE)

by Beeslo
(his MGS4 review is coming)

Less than 48 hours ago, life was pretty normal for me: working around the house, working on the computer, working on the lawn. After 48 hours passed, I had played one of the best fighting games ever to grace the arcades. But let’s back up 48 hours…

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News of the now: New street fighter movie with the girl who played Lana on Smallville playing Chun Li.

By Rayjay

(Superman Would Be Proud)

Here are a Couple of Images from the new Street Fighter Movie.

Well The Movie Looks to be more interesting than the 1994 Van Damme Bomb. it’s interesting to see the guy who played Liu Kang in the MK movies playing in Street Fighter. The Character in the Middle picture is a character made for the movie. The intesting Part is im wondering if it’s good to make Chun Li a Lara Croft Like Character. I’m also wondering if the Chick who Played Lana in Smallville Can hold up a Movie?

Oh and FYI The Guy that played Kingpin in Daredevil is playing Balrog and one of the Black Eyed Peas is playing Vega Who’d of thought?

Misc. Media – Breakdancin’ Street Fighter


by Beeslo

(would have performed a “Friendship” instead…oh, wrong game)

So yeah, this clip is nothing new. We’ve all seen it thousands of times. However, did you realize that you were actually witnessing the birth of Street Fighter? Indeed. The dancer, well he’s a young M. Bison. And the little kid, well that was Chun-Li and damnit, she messed up his routine!

Fighters Month: Street Fighter

By The Bastard Gamer
(Round 1: FIGHT)

Sorry this is late, folks but I’ve been sick for awhile, but I threw this together. Enjoy! Next part is Mortal Kombat.