Misc Gaming: Tingle: a constant in an intermittently mannered world

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(kooloo limpah!)


Tingle. A name that often finds itself tangled in a spider web of slanderous opinions and oppressive observations. Very few opinions are ever supportive of the character behind the name. However, it is safe for me to say that the majority of these opinions are often regarded as negative. Tingle has frequently been named as a running joke in the video game community. He has been branded and tarnished with a galore of labels. Some ignorantly mark him as a “homosexual” (not that there’s anything wrong with that), a “flake”, a “man child”, and others in a clear attempt at extremism, as a “pedophile”.

Tingle is a very different character then what most people would have liked to seen or interact with in a video game. His lifestyle and questionable attire regularly stir up the opinions and emotions that reside deep within each of us. I don’t want this article to take any root in as a moral lesson, but the straightforward truth in all of this is that most of the time it is very easy to base judgment on differences alone.

Admittedly, I did initially perceive Tingle in a very harsh light. The first time I met this character was in The Legend Of Zelda: Majora’s Mask . I thought as the majority did. I labeled him as many things. I ignorantly passed judgment on the differences that I, myself, could not feel secure enough to hold onto as my own. I was 15 at the time, and I was still quite immature. Only later would I shamefully look at my past and find admiration and respect for this very different and disparate character.

When regarding Tingle, you may ask where my admiration and respect for this character has stemmed from? To put it frankly, Tingle has balls. Not just regular balls, but balls of steel. The kind of balls that you would only hear AC/DC reference to. Tingle is a character that has been rejected by many because of his bold individual differences. Not once though, did I ever see a flicker of regret in that poor NPC’s eyes.


Tingle is a constant in an intermittently mannered world. The green spandex, the red shorts, and that merry glow on his face, all help showcase society what he’s all about. Tingle is a 35 year old man who finds his joy in life as an enthusiast of forest fairies and rupees. You can often find him floating around underneath his red balloon, drawing or selling maps for his father, and deciphering triforce maps for high prices. As simple and as odd as his lifestyle sounds, he is living his dream, and it seems as if he has no intentions to ever stop living that dream. Many will sneer, snicker, and attempt to persecute him for his apparent differences, but inside Tingle knows deep within that those differences make him who he really is. Unlike the stone throwers, Tingle is not afraid to be his true self.

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Misc. Gaming – Fond Regards For Link’s Awakening

By Alpha 87655320875

Long before Link’s Awakening was ever conceived in the mind of Mr. Miyamoto, I was already into video games. I started out with my first game being Pong on 2600, and years later I would finally find my first genuinely loved game: Super Mario Bros. I decided not to write about either one of those cherished classics though. When it comes down to the nitty gritty, Link’s Awakening was and will always be the first game that really brought me in and enveloped me into a different world. I played all of the previous Zelda titles off and on through the acts of renting and borrowing up to that point. This one however really stuck with me and pulled me in like no other game has ever done before.

In 1995, by some act of God, I ended up owning this game. One of my friends at the time just received a used Game Boy with a handful of games. I was pretty interested in his small piece of good fortune. Seeing as I was quite the Game Boy connoisseur at the time, I asked him what games he had for it. He went on to explain that he had 2 games; one being Mario Land, and the other being “some crappy game with some guy and a sword”. I just went along with him; nodded my head, and asked if I could borrow Mario Land.

After throughly completing the entire game, I came back to him a couple weeks later. I asked him if I could borrow that “crappy game with some guy and a sword”. Without hesitation, he let me borrow it. When I seen the game’s label for the first time, I was quite surprised at his repugnant attitude towards it. This was a Zelda game. How could anybody hate a Zelda game? It was totally unheard of back then. I instinctively recognized it as something great.

Like I said before, I played all of the Zelda games up to that point in time; although, I never did actually get to experience one to it’s fullest extent. My cousin however, owned A Link To The Past, and Link’s Awakening. Judging by how much he raved about them, I knew going in that this game would be fun. I borrowed the game, and about two weeks later my friend brought back the game I let him borrow as collateral. I asked him if I could have more time with his game, and he just told me to keep it, so I kept it. To this day, receiving Link’s Awakening has truthfully been one of the best gifts I have ever been given; despite the evidently clear ignorance of the giver.


I guess you can say that Link’s Awakening hit me hard at just the right time. I was entering into middle school. I would encounter new friends, enemies, and crushes. I would face the educational adversities given by my new grades academic standards, and I would have to try my hardest to survive and find my place in that mess of a jungle. Looking back, the change seemed colossal. I got through it fine, but things were easier for me because of Link’s Awakening. It was my way of escaping reality. To a point, I think this is why I may have felt so fondly attached to it.

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News Of The Now- April 9th – 16th

By Alpha 87655320875
(Recap of the week)
April 16th – Recap Of Nintendo’s 2008 Media Summit
Gametrailers covered the entire event, and there are so many new and exciting games to froth to. From Rock Band to Wii Ware to Mario Kart, Gametrailers followed it all, and you can watch all of the Nintendo goodness by clicking this small article’s source link.
April 15th – Taku Murata Talks About Crystal Tools

Remember back last year when we got word about Square-Enix licensing the Unreal Engine 3? Then they announced the “White Engine”, which had its name changed to the “Crystal Tools” engine around GDC time? Since then, we haven’t heard too much about the newly renamed initiative, but thanks to an interview over at Gamasutra with Taku Murata, Crystal Tools’ General Manager, some detailed information about the project has finally come to light. From the interview:

GS: A lot of companies in Japan have mentioned that they feel that the Japanese game market is falling behind in terms of technology, partially because PC development and advances in that sort of technology have been happening mostly in Western markets, and support is in English. This engine, though, seems quite high-end. It’s very unusual within the Japanese industry right now. Do you agree with that?

TM: Until the PS3 was launched, regarding the 360 and PS3, it is true. I agree that maybe Japanese game technology is behind because there were no previous experiences, or a base in that PC market in Japan back then. Since then, things have changed. Now, I think it has come to a point when the PC architecture and technologies have advanced, particularly in terms of the Japanese way of expression, such as, “In this game, we feel very strongly that we are very capable.”

I do think that in terms of the language barrier, yes, it still is a challenge. We do face those challenges in terms of communication, but in terms of technology, I don’t think we’re behind. We probably have conquered that problem…or probably we have gone across that point and advanced.


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A Healing Touch Contest: Win Smash Bros. Brawl By Making Fun Of Tourney Tards

By Alpha 87655320875
(Snorlax moves faster then ike)
Welcome to the Healing Touch’s first ever contest (I think it’s our first). Well anyways, it’s a good one. Most of you ultra dorks out there probably already have brawl by now, but what about the other less fortunate nerds? Well this contest is for them. You can simply be in the running to win a new sealed copy of brawl just by creating a comic, yes a comic………..a comic about smash bros. tourney tards. If you don’t know what a tourney tard is, then please let me direct your attention to a video previously posted by blog/slave master Link.
Tourney Tards: People that take Smash Bros. way too seriously, and literally suck the fun out of the game for everyone else.
In order to run in this contest you must first.
  • 1. Join the Healing Touch forums (all contest communications will be through here)
  • 2. Create a comic based soley on the purpose of making fun of tourney tards.
  • 3. Post your comic in the official “Brawl Contest” Thread by March 25th 2008 (anything later will not make the cut)
  • 4. Participate in the vote March 26th through the 31 (votes will only count through the 26 – 31, no earlier and no later)
  • 5. Cross your fingers and wait for the winner to be announced on April 1st (the winner will be announced on the front page and in the brawl thread)
  • 6. Winner will be contacted through private messages on the forum for further information.
BTW’s: In order to keep voting accurate, all alternate account votes will be void and all voting accounts must have at least 5 real posts under their name to have their vote count. There will be no “poll”, you must write in your vote when the time comes. This may seem drastic, but I have seen too many weasels win through cheating, and I don’t intend to reward anybody who participates in such filthy practices. One vote per person. Check thread for additional rules and follow ups


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More Smash Bros Crap: Game Modes Introduction Video

By Alpha 87655320875
(On Dec 3rd, Nintendo Smashed My <3)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Slow news day, and nothing decent to write about. So what do I have?…..yep, more smash bros. junk (seems to be giving the internet a boner these days). Well the dojo thought it’d be good to make a simple video including the game modes just to help with confusion. Just like the rest of the wii world I am still anxiously waiting as well. This definitely doesn’t help so I’m posting it here to frustrate everybody else in position.