Umbrella Corp presents Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City!

Journey with us into the heart of an outbreak as a heroic mercenary deathsquad…wait wat?

Misc. Gaming – Dead Rising Chop Till You Drop Music Video



Just in case 08′ didn’t give you enough zombies or un-dead creatures to slaughter, Capcom is here to help that urge. While RE5 isn’t going to be out until around Spring, Dead Risings “Chop Till You Drop” will be coming to the Wii in February. Just so you know this Dead Rising is a re-make of the original 360 title, adding Wii controls and some extra goodies as well.  So to hype the release of the game, Capcom has gone into great lengths to make a J-Rock music video for the game. Now watch as all of Dead Rising’s characters and zombies bang their heads and beat each other sensless!

Heart x2: Zombies

by Link
Special Choose Your Own Adventure Edition…
(ITCHY… TASTY…) or (Is upset he missed the “Zombie Attack!” event in World of Warcraft)

So, I’m going to partake in my first Heart x2 with you guys. If you haven’t caught on, a Heart x2 stands for “Heart to Heart” where a writer sits down and tells you a personal story about something or such other. I’m here to tell you about my deep, dark, twisted love for Zombies, both in horror movies, videogames, and other various pieces of entertainment. Be sure to hang onto your brains, it’s going to get messy.

When did I become so infatuated with zombies? What triggered it? Well, I wish I could say it was something amazing like Night of the Living Dead or something or such other, but… honestly, my gut instinct tells me it was Resident Evil on the Playstation. Sure, I tried my hand at Zombies Ate My Neighbors and I might have even caught Night of the Living Dead’s color remake on Encore! or something of the sort. But, with Resident Evil it was love at first puss-filled eyeballess socket sight. The concept of a pharmaceutical company developing a zombie virus as a B.O.W. (Bio-Organic Weapon) for military purposes is just… really awesome. Not to mention that game scared the shit out of me and breathed life into an entirely forgotten genre of games called Survival Horror.

Some of you may be asking “What’s so great about zombies?” Well, there’s a huge thing to factor in with zombies. If you’re killed by a zombie, you become a zombie. If you’re eaten by a zombie, you become a zombie. If a zombie gets any of it’s bodily fluids mixed with your bodily fluids, you become a zombie. Like… seriously chances are high that if you’re in the vicinity of a zombie, you’ll be turning into one shortly. ANYBODY can become a zombie, and while most of them are slow, dumb, shamble, and run off VERY basic instincts, they come in huge swarms. Now, what makes these zombies so deadly are… you and me! We are emotionally attached to those who are turned into zombies, maybe it’s your significant other, your mother, your child, and you let your guard down. You try to talk to them, you don’t want to kill them, you don’t want to kill your own child in order to survive, and you either do or you get bitten and you don’t. Some people just simply can’t handle the mental and emotional pressure of a zombie attack and so they just blow their brains out (which for the uninformed, if your brains are destroyed or your head is removed from your body, you usually can’t turn into a zombie.) Seriously, do you see Vampires or Werewolves or Underwater Seaweed Creatures causing this sort of turmoil? Fuck no. That’s Zombie territory. Continue reading

Dreamcast Zone – Halloween Edition: These Games Will Scare Your Socks Off!!!!

By Rayjay
(This Halloween do not wear scary costumes to work or you will scare the hospital patients)

Well hello all you Dreamcast gamers. Welcome to the special Halloween edition of Dreamcast Zone. Some of you are wondering what Scary games did the Dreamcast have? well look no further than this article. Because in General the Dreamcast had a lot of them.

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Gameriffs: Resident Evil 1

By The Bastard Gamer

(I talk during the movies!)

The first big name in cheesy live action cut scenes gets the MST3K treatment todaty.

Weekly AMV: Boogiepop Edition AKA Link Sucks at Weekly AMV

by Link

(He wouldn’t remember his own birthday if it wasn’t
shared with Vincent Valentine.

So uhh… I was supposed to be all cool and take over for Beeslo this Monday. Well, it’s Wednesday now, but hey to make it up to you all this’ll be a double feature of sorts, featuring two similar music videos from the same anime. ^_^

One of my favorite things about AMVs in general is always the timing and when things sync up. There have been MANY a time when I’ve just muted my TV and watched some old cartoons and played some phat beats and would giggle with delight whenever some bass track BOOM sound coincidentally synced up with Wiley Coyote getting smashed by a boulder or something like that. I just love when people who make AMVs either time the animation to the song, or time the song to the animation. So I present to you our first AMV that shows off this concept to an extent entitled “Girl Boy Song”, well… technically it doesn’t have a title, but that’s the one I’m giving it since it’s the Aphex Twin song used in this piece. It features one of my favorite anime series ever “Boogiepop Phantom”.

So, that may honestly look like a lot of scenes just strung together and not telling a story. Well, that’s the cool part honestly, because Boogiepop as an anime itself does that exact same thing! It takes various scenes and strings them together like a giant random puzzle of a timeline and then tells you to go solve it inside your mind. I enjoyed the corpse dancing with the little ‘skit-skit-skit’ sound as well as the dissolve. I also enjoyed the hard cuts during the main base tracks. Overall it perfectly captured the whole eerie feel of Boogiepop Phantom.

The next AMV does well to fit the ‘spooky’ factor of Boogiepop as well as some sound syncing action. It makes use of one of the many well done musical themes used for the Resident Evil Live Action flick… it also doesn’t have a title so I’m naming it “Butterflies”.

Once again, a lot of random cuts with some spooky music. I really dig the usage of the quotes though, as they are very important to the series’ plot. I enjoyed a lot of the transparency and transition effects, as well as the pseudo-pixelation that fades in and out every now and then. I LOVE when the ‘twinkle’ sound starts coming in and all the various cuts of the butterfly scenes start showing up as if the twinkle sound is the noise they make when they flap. It was also pretty snazzy to have them transparent over various other scenes throughout the series, since the butterflies themselves have a special meaning to the series itself as well.

Well, that’s all for now. I hope you guys enjoyed this little unexpected and belated feature by myself. I’m sure we’ll be returning to our regularly featured Beeslo next Monday. Once again, a thousand pardons for being late! :(

The List: Top 15 Gaming Intros

ImageBy Kaiserhawk
(T-Minus 15…)

What do most games, regardless of genre, have in common? I’ll tell you what, an introduction. A short movie designed to waste a few minutes of your playtime in order to pump you up about the game that you are playing. However while most intros are rather bland or droll there are those which stand out of the crowd and are truly great. Here are 15 titles that have what I think are the best introductions that I’ve seen in gaming. Now before people accuse me of bias there are games on the list that I’ve not played as well as games that I enjoy which have been left out, so without further adieu I present the Healing Touch Top 15 intros in gaming (As told by Kaiserhawk)
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