Anime Blitzkrieg: S-Cry-Ed

By OD (mmmm.. delicious anime)

Hello and welcome to Anime Blitzkrieg! Today we will take a look at S-Cry-Ed! According to what Wikipedia says, S-Cry-Ed is a 26 episode long Japanese anime produced by Sunrise, directed by Goro Taniguichi and Written by Yosuke Kuroda. Also like many anime today its based off the Manga. Anyway, I’m just gonna give a brief run down of the characters, plot, and everything else you’re to expect in S-Cry-Ed. So first I would like to talk about what S-Cry-Ed is all about.


Set several years after “The Great Uprising”, a future geological phenomenon near Tokyo, people have developed a power granting them the ability to deconstruct, reshape, and crystallize matter at a molecular level using only thought and willpower. These people have come to be known as “Alter” users, and with only 1% of the newborn generations receiving such special power (though later in the series it is stated that the number has increased to 5% and steadily continuing to rise), some feel a superiority over normal humans.

There are two opposing forces of alters: the Native Alters, a group of Alter users who live outside the central city and avoid any relationships with the government; and HOLY, an organization of Alter users that are a subgroup of an organization called HOLD. HOLD functions as the Mainland government’s super police force of the Lost Ground, while HOLY, composed exclusively of Alter users, serves as the ‘special operations’ group, aiding HOLD in performing dangerous missions that might require the help of an Alter user.

*Phew* Okay thats out of the way! Now lets talk characters!

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Doogmah’s Free Game Of The Week (1/20-1/26): Rumble Fighters

By: doogmah (some revizzles for your televizzle.)
I battled my computer and won, so here’s the new review on the game Rumble Fighters. However, i’m still losing the battle against WordPress, so you’re going to have to click another link instead of just hitting play. Weak.