Street Fighter x Megaman

A newly announced Megaman game going to be released for free for PC on December 17th, got that. Free.

It looks pretty tight from the trailer, so what are you waiting for? Oh yeah…the 17th.

Under The Knife: Megaman Battle Network 2
By CanuckGamer
(Wishes you would just give it a chance!)


Today I will be reviewing Megaman Battle Network 2 for the Gameboy Advance. It was released in the summer of 2002, and has helped spawn 4 more sequels in the Battle Network franchise. Widely regarded as the best in the series, in competition with Battle Network 3, this game contains a great mix of story and gameplay that any Megaman fan who isn’t stuck in the past and gives them a chance can surely get some enjoyment out of.

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Misc. Gaming – Feel the Hatred: Mega Man 9

alpha.pngBy Alpha
(A Musing)

Mega Man 9 kicked my ass, took my lunch money, and gave me a swirly. Not since Ikaruga, has any other modern game stepped in to beat me down and strip me of my pride. Mega Man 9 however, has taken the pleasure of breaking up this gap for me. Don’t get me wrong, subjecting myself to 8 bit beatings is nothing new in my book. I tend to be very masochistic as is when it comes to playing older games. I seem to believe that I take on this pain inflicting attitude simply because my expectations for difficulty generally gravitate pretty high for the games of yesterday.

In comparison to the majority of games today, older games tend to be the equivalent of eating nails. Mega Man 9, as a modern day game, is an exception. I went in expecting the difficulty to be somewhat lackluster and watered down because of it’s date, but I was wrong. Dead wrong. This game not only looks and plays like the original titles, but it hits just as hard.

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Outpatient Article – Misc. Media: Megaman 2 with Lyrics
By CanuckGamer
(All good things must end sometimes…)

Remember that cool video where some guy sang his own lyrics to the Megaman III Title Theme? Well, he’s back, this time with lyrics to the Megaman II Dr. Wily Stage 1-2 Theme. I don’t think it’s as good as the last one, it sounds a bit forced and the song is too fast-paced for lyrics, but it’s still pretty cool. I’ll let you decide on your own:

Under The Knife: Mega Man X2

By Alpha 87655320875

The concept of Mega man has always been the same since the franchise’s inception into the gaming world. You get 8 robots to take down, you can pick any of those 8 robots to take on via the main menu. You beat their asses, take their powers, and you can use those stolen powers to easily destroy other robots more vulnerable to those stolen powers. The X series is really no different then the classic Mega man titles, with the exception of adding more elements to the gameplay. You still kill, steal, and destroy, but now you have more add ons, moves, and power ups to add to your already existing power.

In the X series, armor, heart capsules, and sub t’s play an important role in making your journey through the game easier and much more enjoyable. To acquire these magnificent items you have to really search each level with a very OCD like attitude. Some of these items can either be simply placed in a very Miyamoto esq way by being rewarded for thinking outside of the game’s usual patterns. On the other hand other items can be much more fiendishly hidden, some only to get by using different combinations of weapons, others make you think outside of the levels, and a few just require plain old luck.

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Saturday Cartoons: Twice Upon a Time

by Rune the Ferret (Yiff! Yiff!)

This is a new experiment I am doing, called Saturday Morning Cartoons, if you like it, please tell us over at the forums, and this may become a permanent feature! I am constantly looking for relatively unknown and other cartoons to post here, have something interesting? Email me at … or just send me a comment on how much you love me.

Youtube is a dirty whore so instead of the Phantom Tollbooth that I was planning we are going with something else, albeit another classic. So sit back and enjoy the movie…Twice Upon a Time!

Starring: Lorenzo Music as Ralph the All-purpose animal and many others.

Fursday: The Furry Corner

Title Card

Krystal, Furries and Back Again:

An Explaination of Furry Fandom for the Uninitiated

I am sorry for not posting the interview with Alesia Glidewell, I haven’t received the answers yet for the questions. I am deeply sorry readers. As Soon as I get it, I will post it, so stay with me.

Krystal, what a beauty isn’t she (I mean, she is in my title card for crying out loud)? A Femme Fatale, awesome with weapons in general she has done everything, from beat downs with her staff to piloting an arwing, to committing plagarism against Panzar Dragoon Saga with her high flying dragon shootin’. What’s not to love about her?

KrystalShe has starred in three games to date (Star Fox Adventures, Star Fox: Assault and Star Fox: Command) plus one unreleased game (Dinosaur Planet (which turned into Star Fox Adventure)). She has garnered a lot of attention from both Furries and non-furs (With the popular meme “Everyone is furry for Krystal”) but how true is it?

Well she is quite attractive, those gorgeous green eyes, her blue fur, I can see why people think she as well as Renamon make everyone furries, but its simply not true, as you will see.

Not everyone is a furry, just because you paw-off to Krystal, Renamon, Minevra Mink, or even Gatomon, you are not necessarily a furry.

A furry is a person who enjoys the idea of anthropomorphicism, like people enjoy Dungeons and Dragons, or video games. Whether it be more of a sexual connection, to the community to the spirtual aspect, furry fandom is a very diverse group. There are tons of small little groups within the furs, ranging from political agenda (I’m looking at you Jay Naylor!) , to pornographic nature (once again, Jay Naylor you are weird), to even religious views (Sorry but not Jay Naylor again, its more like greek/roman or even Egyptian beliefs).

Some people claim furries are more defensive then other groups, like, the D&D nerds, or comic book nerds, or even the video game crews. This simply is not true. Sure there are whiners, but most furs don’t give a rats ass. We accept any group as long as you don’t try to fuck with us.

Star Fox and KrystalPeople have been posting furry porn on 4chan (A popular image board) which caused drama. These type of people are called “Furfags’ people who intentionally try to cause shit with people who don’t want to see this. (I have been known to do it a few times on Screwattack, but that’s merely for making the laughs).

Some people claim that furries are people who enjoy having sex in costumes (my brother for example), this simply is not true, heck not even a quarter of the furry population have fursuits they use. We have sex the same way as everyone else. Very few furs, including fursuiters (people who have the costumes) actually have proper holes for sexual acts. We are just like everyone else; we just have an affinity for anthropomorphic characters. Ya dig?

Hopefully next week I can post the interview, till next week have fun everyfur!