An Ode To…Mario

By GamerChris (Whoa, three posts in a row…)

So you people may be familliar with the last ‘Ode To…’ with my article about Mega Man 9, and this article is in the same light.

Here’s a little ode to the adventures of Mario in Super Mario Bros. Enjoy.

Princess Is In Another Castle

My feet patter below,
As I run through the land,
Through worlds of forests,
of oceans, of sky and of sand.

I leap over objects,
I continue my quest,
I’m the Knight in Shining Armor,
And…Well you know the rest…

Evil has come,
To the place I call home,
I strive to find it, to stop it,
So I continue to roam.

I know I am close,
I can just feel it,
I am not scared,
Not at all, not a bit.

I enter the fortress,
That looms before me,
I can see fire, and flames,
What a bitch that’ll be.

I go through cautiously,
I gotta take it slow,
With all the fireballs and traps,
I watch my steps as I go.

Finally I find him,
The monster that started this all,
I avoid him and cut the bridge,
And into the lava he did fall.

I am happy, I am glad,
But this isn’t the end,
Must find the Princess,
And wounds left to tend.

I enter the next room to find her,
But there’s a Toad with a parcel,
‘Thank you Mario!…
But our princess…is in another castle!’

By Christopher Francis aka GamerChris

I’m sure Mario is going to be thrilled to know that. He’s only been trying to figure out where that bitch was since 1985. – kawaiininjakat

Misc. Geekery – Yoshi’s Island Nursery

by Link
(Is very impressed.)

Supracress was kind enough to share his nursery with us over at The Game Heroes, and I felt I should share it with everyone else out there on the Internet. How cool is this?!

Aww, look at baby Wario. This guy’s kid is obviously going to grow up to be a criminal. Continue reading

Wish Come True: Miracle Surgery – Episode 4

Link the Dean of Medicine
by Link
(Wants everyone to pretend it is still May 3rd and he isn’t months overdue.)

WARNING: This podcast is 125 MB and 2 hours long, it is ENTIRELY worth it, I assure you (I’ve got a human co-host and the quality is improved!) If a Sidescrollers Podcast was 2 hours long it would also be around 125 MB. You’re better off downloading the file rather than trying to stream it. Enjoy!


On today’s episode, we discuss:
Gaming News
Deadrising: Wii
Megaman 9
E3 Nintendo Conference
Strongbad’s Cool Game for Attractive People
GameFAQs Character Battles

Anime News
Full Metal Alchemist: SEQUEL?!

Cosmode Magazine
Dir en Grey 2008 Tour
Comic Book News

The Dark Knight

Batman R.I.P.

Manga Messiah

Scott Pilgrim Volume 5

Interview with:

Mystery Guest

Be sure to leave lots of feedback on the forum, and expect another episode if this turns out well! Remember, if you’d like to be a guest on the show, just drop me, Link, a PM on our forums.

Bonus Game: Take a guess when the next podcast will be released!
Whomever is closest gets a shout out on Episode 5!

Additional Request: If you listen to the podcast, PLEASE leave a comment! I want to keep track of how many people have listened, and if I’m wasting my time or not. :-/

Misc. Media – Seth MacFarlane Presents: Mario

by Link
(Is still downloading the client for Warhammer Online.)

I’m not the largest fan of Family Guy, but I think this whole idea of just short cartoons done in the style of the flashbacks/cuts from Family Guy is a good route to go. It’s like, y’know… the Robot Chicken part of Family Guy without all that lackluster plot thrown in.

Misc. Media – Zawa Bros.

by Link
(Can’t stop laughing once it hits 1:36)

You don’t need to be a Kaiji fanboy to enjoy this video, it’s fun for the whole family! It’s basically an episode of Kaiji synced up in a Super Mario Bros. style. Hilarity ensues.

F’d Up Media – Super Mario Opera


by Beeslo

(he fights with his face)

Honestly, this weird beyond words. Short version: Its a Mario inspired Opera using Mario theme songs.

Long version: It is a creepy love ballad to Princess Peach by both Mario and Bowser (who can’t stop pickin’ his nose) while the Princess verbally abuses them. Oh yeah and Luigi gets his ass kicked.

There are so many odd things about this clip, that I’ve lost count (Mario mysteriously losing his mustache is one of them). Enough talk, watch this and good luck trying to get it out of your head for the rest of the day.

Satoru Iwata Comments On Rumored 360 ‘Wii’ Controller

By Alpha

(The stick became the honeycomb! You’re not sure how it happened, but take it!)

In a recent interview for audience investment purposes Mr. Iwata commented on the rumored ‘Wii ish’ x-box 360 controller. It looks as if the man cannot be moved, as if he has never even heard about Microsoft.

“What matters to us is whether or not we can continue to constantly create and offer new surprises one after another. If we can, then (other company’s attempt to launch Wii Remote-like controller) should not be a big threat.

The efforts in this field to try to appeal to a wide variety of customers are something in which we saw potential early on and that we have been working on the longest, so there appears to be no reason whatsoever why we need to be concerned.”

So there we have it. According to Iwata, Nintendo has nothing to worry about. As long as they keep on trucking.