OD’s Awesome Survival Guide – Left 4 Dead Versus Mode


( Well guess who just got even more awesome? Me.)

So you just bought Left 4 Dead, and you either have no friends to play co-op on,  or you just wanna kick someone’s ass that isn’t an NPC zombie.  Then you click or select Left 4 Dead’s versus mode, and you get into the game! You figure out how all the class’s work and you learn the controls, but you totally suck at both the Survivors and the Infected side! And you start thinking to yourself, “man maybe I should go back to the single player.” And up until your team mates say the exact same thing to you, and you feel like a total noob. Don’t worry, your good friend OD here is gonna teach you the ways of kick assery in both zombie and survivor modes! It’s time to roll some Z’s on that bitch! And I mean zombies!

The Survivors

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Doogmah’s Free Game Of The Week! (1/6-1/12): Soldat (PC)

By: doogmah (Too busy watching Conan to write a decent review)

Created By:Michal Marcinkowski
Genre:Multiplayer Contra style shooter
Where to find it: http://www.soldat.pl/download.html
Difficulty: Very easy to learn, but the difficulty really depends on who you’re playing. Bots are also customizable, giving you five options for difficulty.
System Requirements:
– A PC, a keyboard, a mouse, a brain
– 333mhz processor
– Video accelerator that can run Direct3D
– Graphics card compatible with DirectX 8.1
– 32 MB RAM
– Some free MB on disk
– Sound card
– Network card or modem (Will work without internet connection, you just can’t play online)
– Microsoft Windows 98/Me/2000/XP (No idea if it runs on Vista)
– Microsoft DirectX 8.1
Size: 28.4 MB installed

So you liked Contra back in the days of the NES/SNES. A few more years down the road, and you’ve discovered PC FPS, namely stuff like Half-Life, Quake, or Unreal Tournament. Looking for something new to play? Try Soldat. I would describe this game as an online multiplayer version of Contra or Metal Slug, except with a moving cursor controlled by your mouse… and jet packs.

After installing the game and setting up the usual configuration (control mapping, video resolution, the whole nine yards), you have a choice to play with bots or with other players on the internet. To get the full experience, I based this review on the internet play. It’s not like the gameplay is much different anyway. But before I talk about the game, let me just say this: The opening music is BAD ASS. What other way to get you pumped to blow animated sprites to bits than to use a pounding Pantera-esque opening tune to start it all off? Alright, I’ve been listening too long at this point, let’s get to the game. Continue reading