Blips and Bloops: Mother 3

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[Blips and Bloops are a new line of articles that I am writing in between my monster articles. They are small little blobs of text that encompass anything and everything about video games]

Today I bring you Mother 3…for the Nintendo 64. Yes that’s right, I said Nintendo 64, not Game Boy Advance. Back in 1996 HAL Labs was planning on making a sequel to their highly acclaimed and cherished classic Earthbound (AKA. Mother 2 in Japan). Although the plot, characters, and general foundation for the game was forged solid, the development team, who were not used to 3D development, had trouble putting it all together. The game was pushed back and delayed year after year.

The game was going to be a launch title for the Nintendo 64 Disk Drive. At the 1999 Space World convention, Nintendo went as far as showing the game off complete with screen shots, a movie, and a playable demo. Though 1999 looked promising for Earthbound fans, the new millennium would soon ring in with disappointment.

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A Healing Touch Contest: Win Smash Bros. Brawl By Making Fun Of Tourney Tards

By Alpha 87655320875
(Snorlax moves faster then ike)
Welcome to the Healing Touch’s first ever contest (I think it’s our first). Well anyways, it’s a good one. Most of you ultra dorks out there probably already have brawl by now, but what about the other less fortunate nerds? Well this contest is for them. You can simply be in the running to win a new sealed copy of brawl just by creating a comic, yes a comic………..a comic about smash bros. tourney tards. If you don’t know what a tourney tard is, then please let me direct your attention to a video previously posted by blog/slave master Link.
Tourney Tards: People that take Smash Bros. way too seriously, and literally suck the fun out of the game for everyone else.
In order to run in this contest you must first.
  • 1. Join the Healing Touch forums (all contest communications will be through here)
  • 2. Create a comic based soley on the purpose of making fun of tourney tards.
  • 3. Post your comic in the official “Brawl Contest” Thread by March 25th 2008 (anything later will not make the cut)
  • 4. Participate in the vote March 26th through the 31 (votes will only count through the 26 – 31, no earlier and no later)
  • 5. Cross your fingers and wait for the winner to be announced on April 1st (the winner will be announced on the front page and in the brawl thread)
  • 6. Winner will be contacted through private messages on the forum for further information.
BTW’s: In order to keep voting accurate, all alternate account votes will be void and all voting accounts must have at least 5 real posts under their name to have their vote count. There will be no “poll”, you must write in your vote when the time comes. This may seem drastic, but I have seen too many weasels win through cheating, and I don’t intend to reward anybody who participates in such filthy practices. One vote per person. Check thread for additional rules and follow ups


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