Misc. Gaming – Chuck Norris in Fallout 3


(Left 4 Dead and Fallout 3 should not be taken together, for it may cause an addictive habbit of playing both constantly)

*sigh* While there hasn’t been a new comic up for awhile, I have a good reason why I haven’t made one recently. I mean, I’m addicted to the 2 greatest games to come out this year. Well…..addiction was never a good thing really. ANYWAY! Fallout 3 and Left 4 Dead are just plainly fun and addicting. And that’s why it’s been so hard for me to make a comic! I mean I’ve never played a game that dragged me in, and I could never put it down until the very little ounce of strength in my body had to say “stop”. I keep saying “Oh hey I’m gonna play this game for only an hour then work on the comic!” But instead I spent the whole day playing Fallout 3 and Left 4 Dead. Is it my fault that after I work I wanna go home play Left 4 Dead and just shoot some zombies in the head? Or launch an RPG at an old lady in Fallout 3?

So you already know how awesome Left 4 Dead is, let’s switch over to why Fallout 3 is awesome. 1 reason why it’s awesome. Is because it has Chuck Norris in it. Enjoy!

Part 1

Part 2

Sunday Comics: Badly Drawn Penguins CLASSIC Part 6

By GamerChris (Sorry for a lack of What’s So Wrong With…Again…)

Welcome to part 5 of the Badly Drawn Penguins retrospective! Here are more strips from the earlier days, with a bit of self-reference and more gaming strips. Let’s check it out…Enjoy.

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Heart x2: Aerith’s/Aeris’ Death In Final Fantasy VII

By GamerChris(*Sob*)

So, for the last 19 parts of ‘What’s So Wrong With…Final Fantasy VII?’ I have been playing the first disc of the game. I’ve been giving my thoughts and commentary of the game exploring the land, logic and characters of the game.

One of these characters was the flower girl Aerith Gainsborough, who turned out to be the last Cetra, an ancient race that was the first to inhabit the Planet. The main character Cloud, or GmerChris as he is now lovingly called in the HealingTouch article first properly meets her after falling through the roof of her church where she is tending to her flowers.


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What’s So Wrong With…Final Fantasy VII? Part Eighteen

By GamerChris (It’s all psychological I tell ya!)

We join our heroes as they continue their journey through the Temple of the Ancients in search for the Black Materia. With Hass, offering to sacrifice himself in order for us to get our hands on the Black Materia, they continue on. Let’s get back to the action.

We head back to the Clock Room and go through door number XII. In the next room we try and go through a door but are stopped by some boss. During the battle we find that he’s quite a bitch and we have to rely on casting barriers and using our own two hands (Well…One hand if you’re Daigo…) to take it down. After taking it down Hass arrives to come get the Black Materia but not before Aerith asks him to see how compatible she is with GmerChris (Oh god yes!) and after reading their fortunes Hass tells us we’re-…I mean they are perfect for each other.

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What’s So Wrong With…Final Fantasy VII? Part Seventeen

By GmerChris (He will never use Yuffie. EVER.)

Welcome back to What’s So Wrong With…Final Fantasy VII? Where we are currently heading towards the Temple of Ancients to find Sephiroth and finally bring an end to things…Or not, there’s still 2 discs left, it’s all good…Let’s get back to the action.

We travel across the continent in order to get back to the Tiny Bronco which we then “fly” across the map trying to find the temple of ancients (Yes, I’m terrible with directions)

Once we find the right island we venture into the woodlands only to find…Yuffie (Fuck Yuffie) despite saying I didn’t want to get her in this playthrough I guess I have no choice. We end up engaging her in battle and afterwards we’re treated to some dialogue between GmerChris and Yuffie. Yuffie wants to go another round and GmerChris just wants to go. Using his amazing conversation skills (*Cough*) he manages to get her to join us and as we rush off we are prompted with the renaming screen. We name her Joy in respect of other (human) writers possibly feeling they drew the short straw and head on.

(And that’s the most Joy the character will bring…Come on, that was punny! No? Fine. Let’s continue)

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Outpatient Article: News of the Now – Punch Out!! Announced for the Wii


by Goldman
(he knew it!)

News of the Now

Nintendo’s Conference, October 2, we get some AWESOME news…

Punch Out!! will finally have a remake on the seventh generation console of Nintendo, the Wii(The game is set to be released on 2009). And what does that mean for us?! Hours and hours of hitting thin air in your mother basement!!!! COOL!!!

Now here’s the trailer so you all can feel happy and nostalgic and stuff:

So, what did you thought of it? keep reading for my thoughts on how it’s gameplay will be. Continue reading

What’s So Wrong With…Final Fantasy VII? Part Sixteen

By GamerChris (BRB being raped on Mega Man 9)

Welcome once again to our journey through Final Fantasy VII. The action returns to after escaping Shinra once again, this time on OD’s wounded plane the Little Bronco.

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