Ridley Scott’s Alien Swarm: A LP Series with Kaiser and friends

My friends and I are doing a LP series on Alien Swarm, it was fun to play, and fun to goof around with. Hopefully you’ll have fun watching us. So kick back and enjoy.

Misc. Gaming – Chuck Norris in Fallout 3


(Left 4 Dead and Fallout 3 should not be taken together, for it may cause an addictive habbit of playing both constantly)

*sigh* While there hasn’t been a new comic up for awhile, I have a good reason why I haven’t made one recently. I mean, I’m addicted to the 2 greatest games to come out this year. Well…..addiction was never a good thing really. ANYWAY! Fallout 3 and Left 4 Dead are just plainly fun and addicting. And that’s why it’s been so hard for me to make a comic! I mean I’ve never played a game that dragged me in, and I could never put it down until the very little ounce of strength in my body had to say “stop”. I keep saying “Oh hey I’m gonna play this game for only an hour then work on the comic!” But instead I spent the whole day playing Fallout 3 and Left 4 Dead. Is it my fault that after I work I wanna go home play Left 4 Dead and just shoot some zombies in the head? Or launch an RPG at an old lady in Fallout 3?

So you already know how awesome Left 4 Dead is, let’s switch over to why Fallout 3 is awesome. 1 reason why it’s awesome. Is because it has Chuck Norris in it. Enjoy!

Part 1

Part 2

The Rant: A Game Can Too Make You Cry

By GamerChris

(So seriously ill…)

So, I’m currently freezing my butt off, coughing up a lung and my nose is exploding every 5 seconds (Now that’s a visual…) but I recently (and by recently I mean 2 minutes ago) came across a blog article talking about how games have never made you cry or at least, talking about crying because of a game is pointless. I would like to say that this claim is not exactly true. In fact, it’s a totally relevant discussion and crying because of a video game has been present in the history of video games.

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Under the Knife – Left 4 Dead


( These are my friends now…..)

HELL F*CKING YES! Left 4 Dead is out and the fruits of slaying millions of zombies is being enjoy by many shotgun toting gamers! This game is the most fun you’ll ever have with your friends! Why is it you ask? I’m about to give you a big review on just how much this game will blow your mind!


Left 4 Dead was made by VALVe for the PC and Xbox 360. It is a 4-player co-op/ 8-player versus zombie game that revolves around 4 survivors going through 4 campaign chapters to find a way out of the zombie apocalypse. Each chapter has it’s own unique route of escape and the game is never the same due to the “AI director” .


Since Left 4 Dead is a 4-player co-op, you and your 3 friends or random strangers will hop on a map and play through a campaign. But what if you don’t have friends? Or strangers? You can play with bots, but the experience isn’t the same and the bots are a bit stupid at times. Left 4 Dead is based around hordes and hordes of zombies, so at times, survivors will be fighting off hundreds of zombies in certain scenarios or moments. And not slow shambling zombies, super fast zombies that could chase down and eat a Kenyan Olympic runner. In most zombie games you’ve played, they have the “Hey, lock yourself in this room and shell out until the zombie horde is done.” or maybe the “Go cluster f*ck all those zombies! KILL EM ALL!” Left 4 Dead doesn’t take these 2 routes. Instead, Left 4 Dead’s main method of gameplay is to “escape”, which means getting to point A to B.

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Trial and Error – Left 4 Dead Demo




While Left 4 Dead won’t ship out until November 18th, VALVe have decided to treat Pre-orders to a free early access demo of L4D. So if you didn’t pre-order the game yet and didn’t get the early access, don’t worry! The demo is now available at the Steam Store and on Xbox Live market place! So let’s go over what will make you shit your pants while playing this game!

Left 4 Dead is quite possibly one of the biggest Triple A titles that will coming out for the Xbox and PC, but does the demo show how much it lives up to the hype? Well when there are games in Co-op mode, it’s usually very repetitive and nothing ever really changes. Left 4 Dead has no dull or same old same moments. The A.I. Director pulls the strings in the game to make your experience different every time! So one time there could be an ammo stache, and then another game bam! It’s gone! And instead your left with a swarm of zombies around you! Speaking of the zombies, the A.I. to them is unbelievable!

The zombies are some of the best enemies you’ll come across! They will grab you from afar, corner you, jump on you, climb obstacles to get to you, and even trample you to death! There is no such thing as “Boundries” with these zombies! But, a good shotgun blast will kill them instantly! And are zombies the only thing your gonna go up against? Hell no. You got over 5 different types of zombies to go agianst! The Boomer, The Tank, The Witch, The Hunter, and the one I hate the most out of them all. The Smokers.

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The Rant – Today’s Graphics and the Color Brown


( Look kids the graphics are shiny! You should buy it! )

*sigh* While all the Gears of War fans hold their erect wangs ready to splooge on GoW2, I sit on my ass in Gamestop wondering exactly how much of the white substance I’m gonna have to clean up from the front door of the shop. But of course, I’m not just gonna be talking about GoW 2, that opening was used to get your attention you sick pervs. Anyway, by today’s standards gaming graphics must be shiny and filled with brown. Like a polished turd. 2007 was the rise of really gloomy, brown, and dark settings. Gears of War was the biggest one out their with it’s chaotic brown waste land that made you question if an Alien Race invaded or a giant shit storm happened. While the action in the game was good, and it had it’s moments, every location looked and felt the same! Oooh! Look! It’s a brown building! oooh look! it’s now gray and filled with aliens!  I wouldn’t be surprised if emos or goths found GoW as their own sanctuary to get away from the colorful game of life.

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Badly Drawn Penguins: Extra Life Edition

By GamerChris (Now has next to no money in his bank account but at least some went to a good cause)

So yesterday, some of the writers of HealingTouch did what they loved in order to help others by playing video games for a day for charity. I donated $24 to help the cause and I was supposed to get some friends to donate as well but keeping the long story short…They’re heartless, untrusting buggers…

Here’s a new Badly Drawn Penguins strip dedicated to the other doctors here’s effort towards beating cancer. $360 is a handsome sum, you guys rock.

Never seen Badly Drawn Penguins before? Go Here to see the initial run of Badly Drawn Penguins!