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Misc Gaming: Aspiring hope for Grand Theft Auto

By Alpha
(beeg imerican teeeeties)

A few months ago, I finished Grand Theft Auto IV. Overall, I really enjoyed the experience. It probably is the game I have played the most on my 360. I never followed the hype or promotion of this game, and initially, I really wasn’t planning on buying it. I ended up purchasing it though, just to rekindle the old memories I had of raising hell in Grand Theft Auto III . I never finished GTA III, so I thought I’d do the same with IV. Do a couple missions here and there, throw in some codes, and for the rest of the time I’d just go insane, sandbox style.

My original intent eventually subsided. With Grand Theft Auto IV, I really became more interested in actually finishing and playing out the story, then just raising cane like I did in the previous Grand Theft Auto games. Rockstar definitely put out some effort into improving this franchise. Not only did they shift focus to the story and the missions, but they also polished up, added, and removed different game mechanics and elements to make the game much more enjoyable. Although Grand Theft Auto IV was definitely a step up both technologically and in depth from the other games in the series, it is still not without it’s faults.

Grand Theft Auto IV gave me great hope for the interactive future of stealing cars, killing people, and picking up sluts. I’d love to see this franchise improve and possibly even fairly earn that 10 spot from mass game reviews. I doubt that anyone at Rockstar will ever read this, but as for Grand Theft Auto V and the future of this series, here is what I’m hoping for.

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Misc. Gaming – Fond Regards For Link’s Awakening

By Alpha 87655320875

Long before Link’s Awakening was ever conceived in the mind of Mr. Miyamoto, I was already into video games. I started out with my first game being Pong on 2600, and years later I would finally find my first genuinely loved game: Super Mario Bros. I decided not to write about either one of those cherished classics though. When it comes down to the nitty gritty, Link’s Awakening was and will always be the first game that really brought me in and enveloped me into a different world. I played all of the previous Zelda titles off and on through the acts of renting and borrowing up to that point. This one however really stuck with me and pulled me in like no other game has ever done before.

In 1995, by some act of God, I ended up owning this game. One of my friends at the time just received a used Game Boy with a handful of games. I was pretty interested in his small piece of good fortune. Seeing as I was quite the Game Boy connoisseur at the time, I asked him what games he had for it. He went on to explain that he had 2 games; one being Mario Land, and the other being “some crappy game with some guy and a sword”. I just went along with him; nodded my head, and asked if I could borrow Mario Land.

After throughly completing the entire game, I came back to him a couple weeks later. I asked him if I could borrow that “crappy game with some guy and a sword”. Without hesitation, he let me borrow it. When I seen the game’s label for the first time, I was quite surprised at his repugnant attitude towards it. This was a Zelda game. How could anybody hate a Zelda game? It was totally unheard of back then. I instinctively recognized it as something great.

Like I said before, I played all of the Zelda games up to that point in time; although, I never did actually get to experience one to it’s fullest extent. My cousin however, owned A Link To The Past, and Link’s Awakening. Judging by how much he raved about them, I knew going in that this game would be fun. I borrowed the game, and about two weeks later my friend brought back the game I let him borrow as collateral. I asked him if I could have more time with his game, and he just told me to keep it, so I kept it. To this day, receiving Link’s Awakening has truthfully been one of the best gifts I have ever been given; despite the evidently clear ignorance of the giver.


I guess you can say that Link’s Awakening hit me hard at just the right time. I was entering into middle school. I would encounter new friends, enemies, and crushes. I would face the educational adversities given by my new grades academic standards, and I would have to try my hardest to survive and find my place in that mess of a jungle. Looking back, the change seemed colossal. I got through it fine, but things were easier for me because of Link’s Awakening. It was my way of escaping reality. To a point, I think this is why I may have felt so fondly attached to it.

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