Doogmah’s Free Game Of The Week! (12/30-1/5): Afro Santa (PC)

By: doogmah (~macd4ddyplaya25~)
Doogmah’s Free Game of the Week
Afro Santa
Created By:Ian Lindsey (

Genre:FPS, Cat-and-mouse Stealth
Where to find it: ( seems to be nonexistent..)
Difficulty: On Medium mode, it’s a quick challenge
System Requirements:
Pentium III 650Mhz or faster
nVidia TnT2 Graphics card or better
DirectX compatible sound card
Works fine on Windows XP, Vista compatibility unknown
Size: 4.76 MB

With the holidays ever so near, what better way to get that Christmas spirit in you than to play a game like Afro Santa? Santa’s gone missing, and it’s up to you, Afro Santa to give the kids what they want. The idea of the game is to collect presents scattered around the house, then move them to the Christmas tree without being seen by the two kids snooping around within a time limit. It’s a FPS and it uses what looks like the Quake III engine so you can expect graphics and controls similar to the game with the same title.
Upon booting up the game, (after you’ve selected your settings) you’re greeted with a catchy little Christmas jingle and a dancing snowman. Aww. The first thing I went to was the Options menu, which allows you to change the mouse sensitivity, whether you want to invert the Y-axis or not, and whether you prefer WSAD or the arrow keys. It wasn’t the greatest idea to set the defaults as inverted aiming, seeing as how that would confuse quite a bit of people, but it’s not a big deal.
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