Wish Come True: Miracle Surgery – Episode 1

Link the Dean of Medicine
by Link
(His microphone goes into chipmunk mode occasionally.)

Miracle Surgery

Hey guys, it’s a bit of a spin on your normal Diagnosis! Instead of Diagnosis with HassMD (as it’s on a temporary hiatus for the next couple of weeks), you’ll be getting Link’s trial version attempt at podcasting! On today’s episode, we discuss the Irate Gamer, an upcoming Legend of Zelda manga, as well as the anime series Code Geass! Also, for a first time ever in HealingTouch history, we get to hear Nurse Joy’s voice! Be sure to leave lots of feedback on the forum, and expect another episode on April 20th. The only reason this was released early is that Link is very giddy for feedback and things he can change so that April 20th’s episode can be AMAZING!

Remember, if you’d like to be a guest on the show for April 20th’s podcast, just drop me, Link, a PM on our forums.

Bonus Game: Can you name those tunes used in the podcast?
Winner gets a shout out in April 20th’s podcast! ^_~

Doogmah’s Free Game Of The Week (1/13-1/19): Teh Forum Game

By: doogmah (Strep throat for the lose.)

I’ve been (and still am) sick for the past few days, so what better time to try out video reviews? This free game of the week is Teh Forum Game.

WordPress is being a pain in the ass right now and won’t let me use embed, so you can view the video here