Flash Game Friday – Flux

By. HassMD
(Kotaku called, they want their blog back)

This week’s Flash Game Friday is FLUX

Do we love physics games or what? Flux plays like Every Extend Extra Extreme where you must make a chain reaction of circles, and try and get the goal at the end of the level, the fathest I’ve been was Level 6 which requires to grab all 20 circles. The game is very easy to control, and the more circles you have, the harder it is to grab hold of it. The music is very calm and soothing, it makes you feel good.

It’s a must play.


Flash Game Friday – Dupligon

Doc Title

By Hass M.D.
(Shape Shifting Ninja)

Flash Game Friday

Dupligon is one of those games that is one part memory and the other part skill, the game is simple, match the shape exactly. My final score after playing this was 88% so that is the score I give this game…

(roughly a 9)