Under the Knife – Street Fighter IV (ARCADE)

by Beeslo
(his MGS4 review is coming)

Less than 48 hours ago, life was pretty normal for me: working around the house, working on the computer, working on the lawn. After 48 hours passed, I had played one of the best fighting games ever to grace the arcades. But let’s back up 48 hours…

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Doogmah’s Free Game Of The Week (1/20-1/26): Rumble Fighters

By: doogmah (some revizzles for your televizzle.)
I battled my computer and won, so here’s the new review on the game Rumble Fighters. However, i’m still losing the battle against WordPress, so you’re going to have to click another link instead of just hitting play. Weak.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

By The Bastard Gamer
*bats eyebrows*
Hey everybody. Sorry for the delay but I finally got my video editing software to do what I want it to so here’s a review of another Dreamcast fighting game. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.