Trailer Anatomy – Watchmen (WATCHMEN WEEK)


(echo echo echo echo echo)

Trailer AnatomyWell here we are, less than 4 days away from the release of Watchmen, the highly anticipated adaptation of Alan Moore’s popular graphic novel. People are pumped up to see this movie…many of which have never even read the graphic novel. This isn’t a Batman or Superman type of superhero movie, considering that the source material is the only place you’ll find the characters that inhabit this movie…so why are non-comic book readers suddenly drawn to this movie? The trailers, duh. While recently the TV has been bombarded with several really well made TV spots, it was the trailers that first grabbed the attention of the unknowing public and made them crave Watchmen.

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The List – People I Will Miss from 2008 con’t…


(he’s forgetful)

The List

We really did lose a lot of great people in 2008. My list from my last post listed 10 people I will sorely miss and that sucker took me a week to write out. The first hurdle I faced was arranging people in numerical order from who I would miss the most. Hell, in a way, thats a pretty cold memorium. I’ll miss you…but not as much as I’ll miss #4. So honestly, forget those numbers, and forget it was called the Top Ten…because there were many more people who should have been on that list. And here is where they get their stay, and they will be terribly missed. All of them.


Roy Scheider


Awesome the Hedgehog brought this one up, and really, I feel like an ass for not including Roy in that “Top 10.” The fact is, this guy was a hero for many kids back in the 70’s and 80’s and even some in the 90’s. Whether he was fiending off a killer shark from his family and townsfolk or commanding an underwater research lab, there was a certain charm that everyone got out of Roy Schneider. It was this warm, fatherly charm that made you feel safe and that everything was going to be okay. He was an actor who wore his characters on his shoulders, and you could tell there was always a bit of him inside each of his characters.

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FYI: You Suck At Left 4 Dead Issue #14


(Yes he knows this is late. Now STFU! )

Yeah, yeah I’m late sorry. I had some resource difficulties. Anyway, I let Dalorei write this weeks script! I hope you enjoy the comic and once again, sorry for the be-lated Sunday comic.


Sunday Comics: Special Guest Comic from PoB “PoS #9”


( Yes he knows he’s suppose to stop playing Left 4 Dead and make a damn comic but he can’t.. )

Well……it’s been really…….well… I’ve spent more time with Left 4 Dead then I ever had with any other game besides TF2 and Timesplitters: Future Perfect. I think it’s safe to say that I’ve been more then just addicted, I’ve been merged with Left 4 Dead. Which is why their isn’t a  new YS@L4D for this Sunday. But don’t worry dear fans! YS@L4D will return next Sunday! Bigger and Better with the new Left 4 Dead content! So for today I’ve had the boys at Phenomena on Break, bring you a comic! This comic is about what exactly goes on in the regular day and life of the PoB workers. Enjoy! And thanks to Looshkin for making the comic and allowing me to host it!

FYI: You Suck At Left 4 Dead Issue # 11


( Billy May here! GET ON THE BALL! )

Advertisements! Don’t you just love em? Oh… So you hate them huh? Well too bad you can’t escape from them! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Enjoy!


Sunday Comics: A Badly Drawn Collab

By GamerChris and OD

(This crossover beats anything Marvel and/or DC has done)

Hello out there! Me and OD have collaborated on a comic for the first time with this little number. Check it out and share what you think. Have a relaxing start of the month brought to you by Sunday Comics. Enjoy.

Under the Knife – The Stand: Captain Tripps #2

By: Rusty (how bout that local sports team?)

In The Stand: Captain Tripps #1 we were given a real promising look at what The Stand had to offer. Most of my fears about the series were erased, and I could only hope that the next 29 issues had the same level of quality. The thing that is making The Stand great, is that its not changing the plot of the novel (unlike a certain TV-Movie, yet it is making The Stand a new experience to read. The artwork adds  whole new level to the Stephen King classic.  Aguirre-Sacasa has done a great job of bringing the plot of the novel to comics, without leaving any of the novels magic behind.  Continue reading