Ridley Scott’s Alien Swarm: A LP Series with Kaiser and friends

My friends and I are doing a LP series on Alien Swarm, it was fun to play, and fun to goof around with. Hopefully you’ll have fun watching us. So kick back and enjoy.

Inner Child Mantinee – The Black Hole


(on life support)

Inner Child MatineeMan, I’m just pulling out all my old features. Is Trailer Anatomy and Retro Unknown right around the corner? Who knows?

Truth be known, I love TCM. Commercially uninterrupted movies that are both uncut and uncensored. If there is swearing, let it be heard! Granted most of the movies shown are from the 1950’s or earlier, but every now and then some awesome movies from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and even 90’s sneak into the schedule. Currently they are running their 31 Days of Oscar schedule where they play all sorts of movies from every era that either won or were nominated for an Oscar in some fashion. Needless to say, my DVR is ever ready. Which is how I caught this gem from my childhood…Disney’s The Black Hole.


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Rusty’s Movie Reviews – Spaceballs

By: Rusty (Why didn’t somebody tell me my ass was so big?)


Spaceballs has to be one of the funniest movies that I’ve ever seen. Spaceballs takes a look at the sci-fi movies of the time, and parodies them all. Unlike the parodies of today (Meet the Spartans) this movie actually parodies films very well, while still being original. Spaceballs plot is as follows: Planet Spaceball has wasted all of its precious oxygen, and decides to extort Planet Duidia, into giving Planet Spaceball, all of their air. They plan on kidnapping Princess Vespa to do this. Continue reading