Outpatient Article: News of the Now – Punch Out!! Announced for the Wii


by Goldman
(he knew it!)

News of the Now

Nintendo’s Conference, October 2, we get some AWESOME news…

Punch Out!! will finally have a remake on the seventh generation console of Nintendo, the Wii(The game is set to be released on 2009). And what does that mean for us?! Hours and hours of hitting thin air in your mother basement!!!! COOL!!!

Now here’s the trailer so you all can feel happy and nostalgic and stuff:

So, what did you thought of it? keep reading for my thoughts on how it’s gameplay will be. Continue reading

Doogmah’s Free Game Of The Week (1/20-1/26): Rumble Fighters

By: doogmah (some revizzles for your televizzle.)
I battled my computer and won, so here’s the new review on the game Rumble Fighters. However, i’m still losing the battle against WordPress, so you’re going to have to click another link instead of just hitting play. Weak.