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  1. I love the forum, everyone there is very nice, and if you love the reviews, you would love the forums.

  2. I reign supreme, fear me : )

  3. Don’t let Kaiserhawk fool you… he’s just a big post whore… hehehehehehehehe…

  4. yeah Kaiserhawk just loves to spam, there’s a Danger! road sign with his face on it.

  5. Blarghhhh! Add me Link you fool!

  6. Tingle start writing some god damn reviews!

  7. hey this website is awesome…. but u know whats even better by daking …… i wonder how he did all the stuff he did wow watch it

  8. The forums cool….for the most part.

  9. Damn you Tom. This sithe sucks ass. Come back to ScrewAttack! FFS

  10. @WDK

    Please don’t be a jerk. Thanks.

  11. You guys are jerks for stealing Tom.

  12. Link, its best not to argue with someone who is ignorant.

  13. Yeah, listen to rustyplissken. Enjoy your fucking traitors.

  14. yo… ::vilion:: eh?

  15. I love how he calls Tom a Traitor yet wants him back at ScrewAttack, as if somehow we are in control of someone else’s life.

  16. wouldn’t it be cool that when you press the “forums” button you go directly to the forums?
    and that way we could skip this kinda stupid discussions

  17. Sorry Goldman, there isn’t a way to do that as far as I can tell.

  18. Handsome Tom is 50% of What a shame that you guys cant figure stuff out instead of LEAVING something so great…thought u guys were better then that.

  19. @Fake,

    We didn’t do anything. You should learn to read your forum posts.

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