Unoffical Title Card

What’s a “Blog/Site”?

It looks like a blog, but is run like a website. Unlike big name websites, we aren’t looking towards making any profit and making money, we are all about being independently run, much like a blog. Also, unlike those “other sites”, we don’t cry out for attention. We showcase videos from all across the internet and give credit when credit is due, and not make any profit off anyone’s work. We do attempt to get interviews from all websites big and small, and have a focus on getting information about all things gaming and geekery out.

How do I become a Staff/Outpatient/Intern/”Paper Boy”?

The best way to become a member of the HealingTouch Hospital is to be a productive member of the HealingTouch forums. If you want to become a member of Staff, you can also email us at healingtouch27@gmail.com we will try and reply back A.S.A.P.

How did this site get started?

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away (January 1,2008), Link was thinking of writing a blog. HassMD wanted to make a blog based on magazines, with actual journalism, with mild sarcasm. OD wanted to find a place to give his brutal game reviews. And after a quick “search” on ScrewAttack.com and other websites, we built a staff of 10 people, and are constantly growing with new staff members and outpatients.

Could ______ review __________?

Please take it up with them on our Award-Winning Forums.

What’s the difference between a ‘Staff’ and an ‘Outpatient’?

Staff are people who write articles for us AT LEAST every month, and are the actual writers of the site. Outpatients are like “Guest Editors”, who will only post one or few articles, before being bumped to “full time”. None of our staff gets paid, we believe money ruins credibility on a journalistic view.

I want my blog or website to be affiliated.

Talk to Link about being an Affiliate. We love having people check out the site, and we as well love checking out your own site.

I disagree with ___’s Under the Knife Review.

Surprise! You have a conflicting opinion of somebody ON THE INTERNET, feel free to talk about how wrong they are on the forums, and in turn, we might have either a “Second Opinion”, or we might just give the writer a ‘time out’

Where’s Handsome Tom?

He went to go to The Game Heroes . He hasn’t come back to our forums, and he doesn’t return our phone calls.

Is this trying to be like ScrewStructSpotStiqDotNet?

Short Answer- No.

Will Link ever shut up about Kaiji?

If you bribe him with unliminated amounts of Sugar Daddys, he will.

Does HassMD HATE Anime?

No, I don’t hate anime, I love making fun of all the inacuracies and all the cliches used in Japanese Cartoons, because let’s face it, how many anime shows involve magical school girls, giant robots, shinigamis and for no apparent reason a talking fox like thing?

Link is the sexiest person on HealingTouch.

That’s not a question, but for 3×5 photos of Link, please PM him on the forums.

What is your favorite Pizza Topping?


So let me get this straight, you’re all a bunch of geeks, who have tons of free time on your hands, writing articles, showcasing videos and websites, all for zero pay?

That’s Right!

Where’s your PayPal?

Link has it. He told us never to speak about it ever again…

Isn’t Nurse Joy just Link in a dress?

No, at least I hope not…

Where’s the CafePress Swag?

I don’t think we have any swag, if there ever comes a time that we need to make shirts and coffee mugs, you will know about it.

HassMD seems to do alot of stuff for HealingTouch, he deserves a payraise!

He sure does myself. Unfortunately we do not pay any of our staff, nor do we care about how many views our articles has (thank you Total Drama Island!). There is no such thing as “Money on the Internet” no mater what CNN tells you.

I heard you like mudkips.

We much prefer generation 1 pokemon, namely the pink pokemon, because they kick so much ass… like Jigglypuff, Chancey, Ditto, and the ever popular Clefary.

Why don’t you ever call me?

For the last time Janet – it’s because I feel we do not connect. It was fun having that one night at Santa Barbera, but I know there are better people for you to hang out with.

Where did you get the information for this FAQ?

I based it off common questions from message boards.

For any additional queries, please email us at



  1. I think I am the sexiest person on HealingTouch…

  2. Can you really speak for all of us?

  3. i think hass should post some pictures of him naked in this page, just to show off…

  4. did my last post made any sense?

  5. yes, and they are an easter egg on the site… GO LOOK FOR IT!

  6. My favorite Pokemon is Eevee…

  7. No Eevees! Only legendaries.

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