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Commercial Break #3

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(What the hell happened to you?)

*cheap Commercial Break card*

 I’m too lazy to make a card right now, but not enough of a lazy bastard to watch 7 commercials. Which are good, Which are Bad? Please Enjoy this trainwreck, Featuring Comcast, Jack in the Box, and Sega CD.

Right after the break.

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Commercial Break – Super Bowl Sunday

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By. HassMD
(Never Blog on a Mac – you’ll never update) 

Please Enjoy this video that discusses several commercials from this year’s Super Bowl – Super Bowl 43!

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The HealingTouch Gamer’s Dictionary #1…

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By. HassMD
(Get it “Conjugation”?)

Welcome to the first in a random feature where we take a look at some of the vocabulary used inside the gamer community, and it’s true definition…

1337 (leet) – Adjective -1. Doing something extremely stupid that everyone believes is awesome.  2. The start of The Hundred Years War 3. HassMD’s Pin #

World of Warcraft (W.O.W.) – Noun – 1. An addictive Massively Multiplayer RPG from Blizzard Software 2. A game that guarantees you won’t get a job. 3. That video game that has Mr. T believing he has 1337 Skillz in computers, but really only uses it for email 4. A video game that has a 90 day free trial version, but once it expures you kill yourself because you don’t own a credit card, and you’re twelve.

“World of Warcraft, what’s your game?”

Joy  Stick (juoistiq) – Noun – 1. The original name for a controller in a video game. 2. Name comes from how it gives boys joy when playing the video game. 3. Name comes from how it gives girls joy for a completely different reason. 4. Only used by idiots who pretend to be “retro gamers” because they believe the Atari 2600 controller was well designed.

“Where does this Joy Stick go?”

Angry Reviewer (irate video game nerd) – Noun – 1. Somebody who decides to review a video game by just discussing how badly it is, without giving any positives while proceeding to swear constantly to add amusement to the viewers. 2. Somebody with a Film Degree that believes they could write better reviews than somebody with a Journalism degree or a Film STUDIES degree. 3. Somebody who hates LJN video games, but will not mention THQ in any of their topics. 4. Someone who got over 10,000 subscribers by just saying “fuck” over and over again during a video game review. 5. Somebody who halfasses his research during a video by looking it up on Wikipedia, then proceeds to steal content from other people.

“I’m the fucking Angry Reviewer, and Back to the Future for the Nintendo Entertainment System is a Fuckload of Shit!”

Blog/Site – (blag-sit) – Noun – A wesbite that’s presented like a blog, a blog that runs like a website.

“HealingTouch is a Blog/Site”


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By. HassMD
(Because I am so bored)


For a while now I’ve been doing some WEBCOMIC work from my website Webcomic : The Webcomic! In honor of our 25th week of “Sunday Comics” i would love to present my TOP 10 FAVORITE webcomic! webcomics…

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Misc. Media – Commercial Break #1

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By. HassMD
(Buy Buy Buy!)


On Monday, I normally would upload a NEW episode of “What Else Is On?” I am saving that for later this week, in it’s absence we have COMMERCIAL BREAK, a sub-show where I talk about Commercials from the Past and Present, please enjoy the reference to the McRib.

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