Ridley Scott’s Alien Swarm: A LP Series with Kaiser and friends

My friends and I are doing a LP series on Alien Swarm, it was fun to play, and fun to goof around with. Hopefully you’ll have fun watching us. So kick back and enjoy.

Little Miss Gloom Plays…

by Little Miss Gloom
(It’s a man baaaaaaby!)

So I was sitting around with my good friends, Coolspot and KawaiiNinjaKatt, talking about Actraiser. I brought up the fact that I am not an overly big fan of the platforming parts, because I felt many of the enemies were cheap, and have unavoidable attacks. Not only that, but the God character you play as seems weaker than he really should be.

KNK, in all her glorious AWESOME (and I mean that quite seriously, and in the highest regards), bitch-slapped me into submission by saying that she could play Actraiser, start to finish, without taking a single hit of damage — and eventually mused about doing a Let’s Play on the game.

Now, for those of you who do not know what one of these are, a Let’s Play, (or LP, as most people refer to them as), are a type of visual project brought on by the gaming culture, most recognized on ye olde Youtube. Essentially, what a Let’s Play is, is a playthrough of a video game, recorded for people who either have no time to game, cannot afford to purchase games yet still wish to relish in what is/was being offered on the market, or do not want to spend the money on something they may not enjoy playing themselves in the long run. There are a number of reasons people in the gaming community create Let’s Plays, but the previously mentioned are the main.

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