Flash Game Friday – Mega Metroid X

By. HassMD
(Does this mean it’s Y2K if the clock says it’s 20XX?)

Sorry I wasn’t around to do this for two weeks, but I brought back something awesome

Megaman vs Metroid

The Controls are so amazing

  • LEFT and RIGHT – move
  • Z – jump
  • X – shoot
  • ENTER – pause
  • Z+DOWN to slide, hold X to charge

If you forget about this you are dead!

This game is very fucking awesome, if you still have a “Mega Man Addiction” right now and you NEED to play another Mega Man game, but you were too stupid and poor to grab Mega Man Anniversary Collection, this is the game for you!

At first you think it’s someone’s sprite flash cartoon, but when you start playing the game, it gets that vibe of actually being able to control Samus and Mega Man!

It seems everyone always has the battle between “Mario” and “Link” about who is the greatest, but in terms of charging up your lazer, who kicks more ass? Samus Aran or Mega Man.

This is like choosing The Nostalgia Critic or The Angry Video Game Nerd. It does not matter what you choose, they are both fucking awesome!

The only part I did not like, is sometimes I did not where exactly to go, and I made a bad move, I died… you will die… over and over again…

But it’s still a great game to play!




+ Great Soundtrack

+ Great Premise!


– You Die Alot!

– Failed Controls

Flash Game Friday – The Egg

(Does not like eggs)

This week’s Flash Game Friday is known simply as “The Egg”

It’s another physics “Marble Machine” type game, where you move around trampolines to position an egg into a bucket, while going through targets. The music is fantastic, and decorating the egg is great. My favorite one is RICK ROLL myself in red. But you can customize it however you like. The game does get harder when you continue, but you can save at any time (just remember to enable cookies while you play)

The thing I did not like is being stuck on a couple levels (I’m on level 5 right now!) so it does prove to be a little difficult. But I am sure you can all complete this. It’s loads of fun, and I know you’re going to enjoy this game. I wish there was a sequal…


Overall this game really is EGG-celent

That’s why Alpha is above me now on the “Staff List”  :(


Flash Game Friday – colourpod2

By HassMD
(You don’t see Destructoid do this)

This Game comes from our outpatient “OtakuDad” and is called ColourPod2

This is one of the better “arcade shooters” to come out in quite a long time, you have to collect color (then alternate color) while shooting white pixels, and the longer it goes, the faster it gets, the more colors you need to juggle, and the harder it gets, this is one game that must be on your “saved” gallery, it’s addictive, simplistic to play, and pretty much awesome as hell! YOU MUST PLAY IT!


Flash Game Friday – Cheat 2 Win

By. HassMD
(Captain SWF : The Game Master)

This week’s Flash Game Friday is called “Cheat2Win

They always say “Cheaters Never Prosper” well this game calls “Shenanigans” to that proverb. This game is pretty much “The Impossible Quiz” without any trivia questions. There is 10 levels to compete, but I get stuck on Level 2, it’s that HARD! But I was playing it the honest way, if you want to win this game you’ll have to cheat, the creaters did bother to make a strategy guide to beat this thing, and it is hidden somewhere in this article. There’s not much left to say about this game, other that “Good Luck Beating It”. This is a game that stumped me…

For pissing me off with it’s difficulty it gets an 8 out of 10…


BATMAN WEEK – Flash Game Friday – The Dark Knight

by. HassMD
(Damn, wrong movie…)

This week’s flash game friday is called “The Dark Knight”

It just wouldn’t bee BATMAN WEEK without a flash game friday devoted to The Dark Knight, so we have it. This flash game is entirely based on the “street chase” scene between The Joker and Batman. When the joker stole the police car, and batman used his Batpod to try and chase after him… but after that, it’s entirely generic.

This is that “shoot an enemy on a constantly moving track, while avoiding obsticles and grabbing bullets” game. They did bother to put music in the game, and the graphics are pretty good for something probably made over a weekend. It’s not the same as a side-scrolling fighter, nor does it have any significant features to make this original, it’s just a batman flash game, and only a good one at times. This is the equivalent to Batman Forever… it’s okay, but you don’t want to press “play” a second time.


+ Actually based on something from the movie

+ Music from the movie included

+ Graphics are awesome!


– Generic game.

– Not enough “Levels”

– A little boring.

Flash Game Friday – Totem Destroyer

By. HassMD
(.swf junkie)

This week’s Flash Game Friday is TOTEM DESTROYER

In “Totem Destroyer” you simply must drop the Golden Idol onto the ground. If you do, your life will end up like that episode of “The Brady Bunch” where they go to Hawaii and find a cursed idol and bad things happen. But don’t worry in this game, there is NO “lives” you could continue however far you made it. AND WITH 25 PUZZLES, it’s a must play! The game is addictive and the music is great!

The only thing I did not like was some of the physics on the “Green Slime Blocks” weren’t real, and you did not slide off them… They were more of Jello-Squares.



Flash Game Fourth of July Friday! – Ragdoll Canon!

By: HassMD
(a non-canon addition to the blogsite)

This week’s Flash Game Friday is RAGDOLL CANON

This game is all the fun of “Ragdoll Physics” with the strategy of adding a canon. It’s the fourth of july here in america, so we’re blowing up some fireworks by playing this game. (Sure, Canada Day WAS Tuesday, but I don’t know if Canada celebrates with fireworks, so we’re going to be patriotic today)


Random Violence

Great Music!

And a ragdoll representing AMERICA and the “Here” blocks representing Life, Liberty and the Persuit of Happyness.
I URGE EVERYONE TO PLAY “Ragdoll Canon”, it has more WMDs than Iraq (WMDs = Weapons of Mass DISTRACTION)