Meet The Staff: Nurse Joy

Nurse Joy

Doctor: Nurse Joy from Pokemon
Name: Joy
Real Name: Not Available
Age: Not Available
Job: I’m an advanced artificial intelligence lifeform, currently I’m interning at HealingTouch.
AIM: Not Available

Favorite Genres of Game: RPG, Sandbox Games
Favorite Game of the Moment: Pokemon Pearl
Favorite Game EVER: Pokemon Sapphire
First Game EVER: Pokemon Blue
Currently Playing: Pokemon Pearl (DS)

Favorite Genres of Anime:
Comedy, Drama, Action
Favorite Anime of the Moment: Pokemon Pearl/Diamond Saga
Favorite Anime EVER: Pokemon
First Anime EVER: Sailor Moon
Currently Watching:
Pokemon Pearl/Diamond Saga

Brief Bio:
I’m an advance artificial intelligence lifeform which lives inside of Link’s PC. I handle all the technical forum stuff for HealingTouch as well as other mundane blog tasks. It’s not much of a life, but I’m trapped here.

Also, despite popular belief, I am not related to or friends with Cortana from Halo fame. We went to high school together when we were wee little strings of code, and all I can say is B-I-T-C-H.

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Meet The Outpatients: OtakuDad

delete this

Meet The Staff: Link

Link, the Dean of Medicine

Doctor: Dr. Salvador from Resident Evil 4
Name: Link
Real Name: Not Available
Age: 23
Job: Admin AKA Dean of Medicine, Graphic Art/Design, Blogger
AIM: LtRckHnter (I’m almost always away)

Favorite Genres of Game: Survival Horror, Beat ’em Ups, Action, Action RPG, Strategy RPG, RPG, RTS, FPS, MUDs, HQMs (Okay I made that Acronym up.)
Favorite Game of the Moment: Trauma Center: Under The Knife 2
Favorite Game EVER: Final Fantasy Tactics
First Game EVER: Probably Super Mario Brothers, pre-preschool.
Currently Playing: Advance Wars: Days of Ruin (DS), Final Fantasy III (DS), Hoshigami Remix (DS), Landstalker (VC), Persona (PSX), Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner (PS2), Sly Cooper 2 (PS2), The Orange Box (PC), Wild ARMs: Alter Code F (PS2), Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops (PSP), Pokemon Pearl (DS)

Favorite Genres of Anime:
Mecha, Psychological, Horror, Drama
Favorite Anime of the Moment: Kaiji
Favorite Anime EVER: Gungrave/Higurashi no Naku Koro ni/Kaiji/Robotech, I can’t decide… v_v
First Anime EVER: Robotech when it was on Toonami, I used to call it ‘Ahniim’
Currently Watching:
Macross Frontier, Black Jack TV (Waiting for it to be finished with it’s fansubbing.)
Anime Archive: Link’s Anime List

Brief Bio:
What else is there really left to say? Oh, that’s right. I am NOT a Zelda fanboy, despite my nickname of Link. It’s just a name that sort of stuck with me as it was a very old online handle I used to have, and my real name was much too common of a name in high school.

As for other stuff… I’ve got an associates in Multimedia and Graphic Design, which you can check out some of my relatively old work at, So feel free to check that out if you’d like. I also dig movies and comic books, and I suppose I’m a bit of a Sega fanboy, especially for a lot of their older franchises and cult classic games like Streets of Rage, Shining Force, etc.

I’ll add more later if I think of anything else, but this is supposed to be brief! ^_^

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Meet The Outpatient: Hunter Rose

Doctor: Professor Hahn Mahlay
Name: Hunter Rose
Real Name: Daniel
Age: 24
Job: unemployed in school
AIM: XXHunterrose (Hey IM Me)
MSN: (IM me her prefered)
Yahoo: xhunter.rosex

Favorite Genres of Game: RPG, Shmups, Shooters, and Traditional Table Top RPGS)
Favorite Game of the Moment: Phantasy Star 4
Favorite Game EVER: Phantasy Star IV
First Game EVER: Phantasy Star for Sega Master System
Currently Playing: Mother 3 (GBA)

Favorite Genres of Anime: Mecha, Drama, Comedy
Favorite Anime of the Moment: Darker than Black
Favorite Anime EVER: Galaxy Express 999
First Anime EVER: The Guyver
Currently Watching: None ATM

Brief Bio:
In Oklahoma and Kansas, Born and raised,
lurking on teh computer was where I spent most of my days,
chilling out, haxxing, relaxing all cool, and stopping all the noods, pwning all the tools
But a couple of teachers who were up to no good, started making plans for my own doom
I got suspended once or twice and my mom got scared and said:
“You’re gonna have to take this here seroquel”

I called up my bros and when they got here
The guy driving was a Gamer with 1up mushrooms in the mirror
If anything, I thought this gamer was rare,
But I thought, nah forget it, to the Local Arcade!

There were weeaboos by the DDR stand, till 7 or 8,
and I yelled to my Friends ” time to pwn some n00bs!”
I looked at nerf guns, I was finally there
To call out bullshit, and making lulz for Bel-Air

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Meet The Outpatients: Rusty

Doctor: Dr. Loomis from Halloween
Name: Rusty
Real Name: Pat
Age: 24
Job: Top Secret Government Stuff

Favorite Genres of Game: RPGs, survival horror, beat em ups, shooters
Favorite Game of the Moment: Mass Effect
Favorite Game EVER: Resident Evil 2
First Game EVER: Phantasy Star (at the age of 5)
Currently Playing: Rock Band, Call of Duty 4, Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion, Condemned: Criminal Origins

Favorite Genres of Anime: I don’t watch a ton of anime
Favorite Anime of the Moment: Gundam
Favorite Anime EVER: Gundam
First Anime EVER: Dragonball
Currently Watching: I’m watching some ’80s toons right now

Brief Bio:
So I’m Rusty, the admin over at the Healing Touch forums. I have an extensive liquor collection. Movies are a big part of what I do, so I’ll be reviewing them. I have never owned a Nintendo console and the first console I owned was a Sega Master System. I enjoy gaming, comics, sports watching and going out to bars with friends. Not much else interesting to say.

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Meet The Staff: Alpha


Name: Alpha
Nurse: Kyoko from Rival Schools
Real Name: Dustin
Age: 23
Job: Editor for HealingTouch
AIM: Furiacreativita

Favorite Genres of Game: Shmups, Rpg’s, sidescrollers, adventure, beat em ups, 2d fighting, Karnov
Favorite Game at the Moment: Ikaruga
Favorite Game: Link’s Awakening
First Game: Pong
Currently Playing: Ikaruga, Guitar Hero III, GTA IV, M.U.S.H.A

Brief Bio:
I’ve been addicted to the internet for about a good 2 years now. It all started at I joined the forum under the name of ‘Furia’. I met alot of great people online, and I soon branched out to other sites and forums over the next few years. I eventually got into writing seriously just in an attempt to get an article featured on the front page of D-toid. I accomplished that small goal, and I’ve been hooked since. I go by Alpha here, Zulu at D-toid, and Furia everywhere else.

Social Networking:

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Meet The Staff: Kaiserhawk

Doctor: Apothecary from Warhammer 40K, specifically from the game Dawn of
Name: Kaiserhawk
Real Name: Sir Gary John MacKiggan the 1st.
Age: 19
Job: Writer, gamer, Student, Clerks, Suprahero
AIM: Kaiserhawk16

Favorite Genres of Game: Action, Adventure, RTS, Simulations, Survival Horror, RPG (Western not JRPGs)
Favorite Game of the Moment:Castle Crashers

Favorite Game EVER: Fallout 2
First Game EVER: Jungle Strike
Currently Playing: Notting mon. Yeah it’s somewhat of a bad dry spell at the moment…last new game I played was Warhammer: Battle March and it sent me into convultions. Nasty stuff.

*Edits anime stuff since I’m not a big anime guy…*

Brief Bio:
Hey guys Kaiserhawk here writing a short little paragraph about little old me. Well first off I’m one of the few European staff members coming from Britain, Scotland to be pedantic. I try to bring my sophisticated wit and charm that you may know my people for to try even out the droll and dull wit of the rest of the American staff. My main interests are Movies, Games, Comics ect. I fancy myself a writer but all I have ever really done are small blogs and essays, but everytime I write an article or essay I strive to become better with each article in my growing collection. I don’t like to pick one topic and focus on that, if I played a game I liked I will talk about it. I also play on Xbox Live, my gamertag is Kaiserhawk so hit me up if you want.

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