Street Fighter x Megaman

A newly announced Megaman game going to be released for free for PC on December 17th, got that. Free.

It looks pretty tight from the trailer, so what are you waiting for? Oh yeah…the 17th.

Ridley Scott’s Alien Swarm: A LP Series with Kaiser and friends

My friends and I are doing a LP series on Alien Swarm, it was fun to play, and fun to goof around with. Hopefully you’ll have fun watching us. So kick back and enjoy.

New Sun

By Kaiserhawk


Recently Rome 2 Total War was announced, and I was totally stoked by the news. So much so that I went on a Total War binge and played through most of the collection. I played some Fall of the Samurai, and it’s a damn fine game. Beautiful too. That is why I wanted to make a video about it. So here it is: A New Sun

The song used in the video is the eponymous New Sun, performed by a friend’s band named Mojo Spade. You can listen to and download the song from here.

The Bastard Gamer: Dragon Ball games part 2

By The Bastard Gamer


The end of season 2 is upon us at last. Here are the GOOD DBZ gmes that made it on my platter.

News of the Now – Left 4 Dead 2


(It’s not even been a full year yet and look already…)

That’s right you heard it ladies and gentlemen, it’s already here. And I recommend you pray harder for Left 4 Dead 3 because it just might be around the corner. Watch the trailer and enjoy the pleasant welcome of Louisiana. Home of the Mardi Gras  and zombies!

Under the Knife – Emperor: Battle For Dune

By Kaiserhawk

(Sexier than a Desert Planet)

Oh HealingTouch, how I have missed the sweet embrace of your wordpress grasp. It has been to long HealingTouch, but I shall make it up to you. For example I decided to do a little experimentation this video reviews, for which I chose a game which I recently picked up and played called Emperor: Battle For Dune.

So I hope you enjoyed my weekend time sink.

UTK: Pokemon Platinum

By MrMean

(Still prefers to be called Mr instead of Dr)

6 months after the release in Japan, Gamefreak and Nintendo gratefully bring you Pokemon Platinum, a spinoff of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. Pokemon Platinum takes place in the same region as Diamond and Pearl, heck it is the same game but with some minor, yet effective changes. Pokemon Platinum came out on on March 22nd.


The storyline is pretty much the same as Diamond and Pearl. Team Galatic is trying to conquer the Sinnoh region by acquiring the three legendaries of the lakes, Azelf, Mesprit and Unxie.  Your role is to mind your own business until you bump into Team Galatic’s Headmaster, Cyrus.

You goal now now is to stop Team Galatic and save all of Sinnoh. You are Continue reading