The Bastard Gamer: Street Fighter IV

By The Bastard Gamer

(You just got SHORYUKEN’D!)

Well I finally got to play the 4th installment in the most legendary game series ever made. Here’s my take on it.

Playing with yourself: Persona 3

alpha.pngBy Alpha


Well hell, I guess motivation has hit me at quite an awkward time. There’s only 2 days left for this musing. Despite it, I think I’ll be able to write something out. So yes, “Playing With Yourself”, quite an easy phrase to poke fun at as an innuendo. We all know that it’s quite funny, but I’ll try my best to restrain from taking the low road.

I enjoy playing games with others, and I usually have a much more exciting and fun time doing so then playing alone. For me, the outside experience surrounding the game is what I take in and cherish most when I play a game with others. A one player game however tends to pull me inside, the experience within the game. Multiplayer or not, memories are made despite the number of folks on my couch.

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What’s in The Orange Box? – TF2: Scout Update


(Look at me! I’m fricking blurring!)

Need a break from Left 4 Dead? And go back to the old school death match style games? Maybe it’s time to open up TF2 again and start battering up! VALVe has just recently updated TF2 with New Weapons. For the Scout. So it’s been a really  long time since VALVe updated TF2 and they did nothing but work on L4D during the 6 month hiatus. Does VALVe still deliver? Are the new weapons worth your time getting? Let’s let the scout do the talking….

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Trailer Anatomy – 9


(is pulling out all his old tricks)

Trailer AnatomyBlast from the past time! One of the first features I brought to HealingTouch and sadly, one of the first I left. While I still love trailers, it just seemed that really good trailers weren’t getting dished out like they used to. What about the Watchmen trailers? Well, its not to say I’m not still planning to take a look at those two (perhaps during (gasp!) Watchmen week? But honestly, its been a long time since I’ve seen a trailer that just dropped by jaw. That ended a couple nights ago.

After finally convincing my girlfriend to catch a 3D viewing of Coraline (yes, I wanted to see the movie), I settled in to watch the trailers. The first one started and it made me completely forget what I was about to see. It left me wide eyed, intrigued and wanting more. Basically, a perfect trailer in terms on its results. It didn’t give away plot, but it let my mind wander. Music selection was excellent and fitting. The editing was top notch.

The movie is called 9…

I’m still foggy on the details on what this movie is about, but I have learned that its an extension from a short film from 2005 of the same name by Shane Acker. The short film features a rag doll battling a monster that has been stealing the souls of his people. Sounds cool. Does it gives us anything more that the trailer hasn’t? Nope, but that’s fine.

Personally, this trailer does a lot right. It has terrific pacing. Great music selection. And perfect editing. A triple threat of brilliant trailer making, you lack one of those and the same impact won’t be there. In terms of pacing, the trailer is broken up into 3 parts. Its starts out nice and slow in a very eerie fashion, then throws you into a roller coaster of high paced action, only to roll back into a slow sense of security with an omnious conclusion. Its a perfect mix of pacing that throws you into the mix and pulls you right out when it really hooks you.

The same goes for the music. Great music selection that fit each of the three pacings individually and perfectly. A slow, haunting melody opens the trailer, only to be thrown into an intense rock selection, and to slowly wind it down with an eerie guitar solo while bringing things to a close. The editing is married with the music and pacing, that it becomes rather organic and fluid. While the pacing and music are perfect, if they weren’t attached to proper editing, it would all fall apart.

Seriously, this trailer earns a solid A+ in my book.

Heart x2: One (Free)Man And His Gnome

By GamerChris (Achievement whore extraordinaire)

On Christmas Day 2008, I joined the Xbox party with my brand new Xbox 360. By February17th or so I was already pushing 9000 Gamerscore with my countless achievements. This is the tale of one of them.

There are quite a few achievements I’ve been happy with: Reaching the top racing rank in Project Gotham Racing, finishing Halo 3’s story mode on legendary with 3 friends while riding Ghosts and the skull ‘Iron’ on as well as getting the infamous ‘Mile High Club’ achievement in Call of Duty 4 (Which, by the way, I got in the first couple of hours of attempting)

However, none of these achievements were as satisfying and fun as the ‘Little Rocket Man’ achievement in Half-Life 2 Episode 2 (Manchester United 0…Thanks for making that joke already Yahtzee…)

Now I had already beaten Half-Life 2 Episode 1 firing exactly one bullet (no more, no less) and had reaped the rewards of that achievement, but the idea of carrying a gnome from start to finish as you progressed through the game was a challenge I had to pick up. On my first playthrough.

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Misc. Geekery – Escape from City 17 (a Movie Inspired by Half-Life 2)


(he and GamerChris have declared themselves KINGS!)

Misc. Geekery

Let’s say you had $500. What would you do with it? Well, you aren’t too far from a PS3, you could always get one of those. But you owe that loan shark some dough, perhaps you should pay him off before he re-arranges your head. Course, if you are the Purchase Brothers…you make a movie. But not any movie, you make a movie inspired by Half-Life 2 called, Escape from City 17. And let me tell you, it boggles the mind to think that this only took $500 to make. That’s just insane. While it worries me that Valve might send a legal team at these guys for using many different types of copyright infringement, the fact that they aren’t getting any money for it might save them. And perhaps Valve might actually realize that these guys have made something that most major studios couldn’t make…let alone for $500. Seriously, watch the movie and tell me how much you think it cost to make.

The movie is after the jump. Click to have your mind blown.

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Under the Knife – Rebuild of Evangelion 1.0 “You Are (Not) Alone”

By: OD

( ♪ It all just keeps Tumbling Down, Tumbling Down, Tumbling Down ♪)


Remember that time in early 90’s when giant robots fighting each other were piloted by teenagers was totally cool?Well, it still is. Neon Genesis Evangelion isn’t dead yet people, and it doesn’t look like it will be for a long long time. Gainax has decided to completely re-hash the whole anime series and put them into theatrical proportions instead. Which brings the movies title into place, “The Rebuild of Evangelion”.

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