There’s No Place Like Homebrew – Legend of Princess


(are we dying, grandpa?)

no-place-like-homebrew-sign1Man, its been forever since I last did my TNPLH review of Still Alive for the DS, but I felt it was time to dust it off and give you all a treat.

For those of you who were alive when the Legend of Zelda II first came out for the NES, you were a little disappointed and confused. It wasn’t the now classic bird’s eye viewpoint, the gameplay was more arcade like and the difficulty was ridiculous. Its not to say that as a stand alone game, it wasn’t a great game. But as a sequel, I felt it personally fell short of the original.

But let’s pretend it hadn’t been released for the NES, but instead was released for the SNES.  Avid homebrew creator, Konjak has done just that by creating a very Zelda II like game but with stunning graphics, terrific music and some of the best fast pace, arcade action since Gunstar Heroes. The game makes no hiding the fact that its a blantant rip-off of Zelda (I mean, its name is Legend of Princess), and it protects itself hilariously by giving the main character pink hair, parodying his victory stance with his sword and best of all, orchestrating a completely “original” musical score which obviously borrows certain melodies from the Zelda franchise.

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Under the Knife – Millennium Actress


(Movies within a movie are quiet confusing aren’t they?)

Ah another film. From who else but Mr. Satoshi Kon? Anyway, Link recommended me this anime film *since it’s the only one we haven’t reviewed yet* and I took it open myself to watch it.

Millennium Actress was made in 2001 just a few years after Perfect Blue was released. MA is an anime film that’s a story within a story. The film follows an actress who goes through her life making movies through different periods of time. Since MA is a story within itself, it might be hard to keep up if your not paying attention.

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The Bastard Gamer: Doomstravaganza Part 1

By The Bastard Gamer


Doom… that’s what this episode is about. Doom was ported on a bajillion consoles so far and we’re gonna go through them with a fine tooth comb.

Under the Knife: The Lord of the Rings Conquest

Dr KaiserhawkBy Kaiserhawk


A long time ago, in a development studios far away came Star Wars: Battlefront. Battlefront was a conquest style game set within the Star Wars universe and many of the levels were based off locales from the films. Both it and its sequel were very successful and became one the top selling games under the Star Wars license. Now Pandemic Studios have opted to trade in their Lasers and Lightsabers for Swords and Sorcery. Will lightning strike thrice with the Lord of the Rings Conquest, or is it a black abomination worthy of the pits of Mordor.

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The Peter Donohue Show 1/18/09


Hey everyone! I’m back from my 3 week hiatus with another thrilling episode of The Peter Donohue Show. As always, if you like it, spread it like butter on bread. Or jam on bread. Or honey. Or margarine. Or…well, you get the idea.

Be A Man!

FYI: You Suck At Left 4 Dead #16



Sorry for the lack of comics people! It’s hard to make a Left 4 Dead comic when you have the characters from the game, but the wrong environments! Anyway, I’ve done my best to make this comic, and I hope you all enjoy it!



Under The Knife: Rock Band 2 (Xbox 360)

By MrMean

(Trying To Save Healing Touch from the cancer I call boredom)

Rock Band 2 was released for Xbox 360 in North America on September 14, 2008, October 19, 2008 for PS3 users and December 18, 2008 for PS2 and Wii users. Rock Band was created by Harmonix (PS3/360) and Pi Studios (PS2/Wii) and was published by MTV Games. Rock Band 2 doesn’t have to many differences from Rock Band aside from some few major and helpful differences. Rock Band 2 is rated T by the ESRB.

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