The Bastard Gamer: Final Fight Streetwise

By The Bastard Gamer

(You want another smack?)

You know, if you actually sit down for a few minutes, put aside all the negative bullshit this game gets from gaming websites give it, and try to ignore that it steals shitty elements from the GTA series, and you got yourself a pretty impressive action game.

I also apologize for the lack of videos lately, my job has been keeping my free time so low that I only have just enough free time between college and work to sleep.

The Fallout 3 Experience Part #1


( If you’re a addicted to it, why not write about it! )

Hello Readers! And welcome to “The Fallout 3 Experience!” This is an article that goes through what the player and I would think and go through during the game. So let’s start with the basics. Fallout 3 is an Free-Roaming Action/RPG that was made by Bethesda Game Studios, and they’re the same mind’s behind Oblivion, matter of fact, they are using the Oblivion engine in Fo3, but it’s been upgraded very drastically.

Fallout 3 takes place in post-apocalyptic Washington D.C in the year 2277. Man is at it’s knee’s in agony and the world is filled with raiders, mutants, wild beasts, and people just trying to survive. You play the role of a Vault dweller who escapes from “The Vault” (A massive under-ground shelter that is housed by a community of people and was built for whenever the nuke’s hit the ground). You have the chance of choosing your characters name, sex, skin color, look, attitude, and stats.

During this article there may be parts in the game that will spoil the story of Fallout 3, if you are planning to play Fallout 3 in the future; then I highly recommend you black out all the stuff that’s going to spoil the story for you. Or you can just read it and white-wash yourself after reading.

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FYI: You Suck At Left 4 Dead Christmas


( Wait a minute! That’s not santa! It’s a Boomer!)

Hello everyone! And a very Happy Holiday’s to everyone out there! May your gifts bring you true happiness! And also a way to not make you look like a total jackass when you get drunk on New Years Eve!


The Peter Donohue Show 12/24/08

mrdeath.pngBy Mr.Death (The Greatest Gift of All)

Another 10 days, and another show! Hooray! This’ll be the last one for a little while, but don’t worry. Peter will return in K Stands for Kiss…and Kill!

As always, if you liked the show, spread it like a venereal disease.

Misc. Gaming – Chuck Norris in Fallout 3


(Left 4 Dead and Fallout 3 should not be taken together, for it may cause an addictive habbit of playing both constantly)

*sigh* While there hasn’t been a new comic up for awhile, I have a good reason why I haven’t made one recently. I mean, I’m addicted to the 2 greatest games to come out this year. Well…..addiction was never a good thing really. ANYWAY! Fallout 3 and Left 4 Dead are just plainly fun and addicting. And that’s why it’s been so hard for me to make a comic! I mean I’ve never played a game that dragged me in, and I could never put it down until the very little ounce of strength in my body had to say “stop”. I keep saying “Oh hey I’m gonna play this game for only an hour then work on the comic!” But instead I spent the whole day playing Fallout 3 and Left 4 Dead. Is it my fault that after I work I wanna go home play Left 4 Dead and just shoot some zombies in the head? Or launch an RPG at an old lady in Fallout 3?

So you already know how awesome Left 4 Dead is, let’s switch over to why Fallout 3 is awesome. 1 reason why it’s awesome. Is because it has Chuck Norris in it. Enjoy!

Part 1

Part 2

Under the Knife – Desert Strike (SNES/Genesis)


(zombie wants gggggaaammmeeessss)

undertheknifegamesLet’s take a moment and look back to the age of videogames that existed during the early 90’s. Families were split. Friendships destroyed. Groups of people divided. It was a turbulent time during the Nintendo/Sega War. I was a Nintendo fanboy to the core. Mario vs. Sonic? Well, one battled an evil, obese scientist and the other battled a fire-breathing dragon/dinosaur/turtle tyrant who has spikes on his back. Exactly.

But I did have some friends who owned a Sega Genesis, deep in denial over their silly purchase (3 buttons? Wimps. Try six.) but one of my misguided pals did have one certain game that I instantly fell in love with. Nope. Not Vectorman, Sonic or any other lame Genesis game. But an awesome game called Desert Strike. Continue reading

The Healing Touch Gaming Award: The Most Ironic game of the Year

By Kaiserhawk

(The best things in life are free…)

Hello esteemed readers and colleagues, Kaiserhawk here. Just popping in to give an impromptu award for a title which I’m sure wont win any awards. But I saw the love in it’s eye. The desperation screamed out to me to be taken seriously…until I noticed which company was involved with said masterpiece. Then I laughed, laughed for a good long while. This moment of amusement I shall pass unto you tonight in the form of an award. So without further adieu I present

“The most Ironic game of 2008” is…

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