FYI: You Suck at Left 4 Dead Issue #13


(Whats that you say? Left 4 Dead models? No Wai! )

Yes thats right people! You heard the italics just above! From here on out, I’ll start using Left 4 Dead game content into the comics! So I whipped up a comic just recently to showcase whats gonna happen to those poor HL2 rebel models! enjoy!


Sunday Comics: Badly Drawn Penguins CLASSIC Part 5

By GamerChris (Sorry for a lack of What’s So Wrong With…)

Welcome to part 5 of the Badly Drawn Penguins retrospective! Here are some more strips from the earlier days, with a bit of slight adult humour. Let’s check it out…Enjoy.

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Under the Knife – Left 4 Dead


( These are my friends now…..)

HELL F*CKING YES! Left 4 Dead is out and the fruits of slaying millions of zombies is being enjoy by many shotgun toting gamers! This game is the most fun you’ll ever have with your friends! Why is it you ask? I’m about to give you a big review on just how much this game will blow your mind!


Left 4 Dead was made by VALVe for the PC and Xbox 360. It is a 4-player co-op/ 8-player versus zombie game that revolves around 4 survivors going through 4 campaign chapters to find a way out of the zombie apocalypse. Each chapter has it’s own unique route of escape and the game is never the same due to the “AI director” .


Since Left 4 Dead is a 4-player co-op, you and your 3 friends or random strangers will hop on a map and play through a campaign. But what if you don’t have friends? Or strangers? You can play with bots, but the experience isn’t the same and the bots are a bit stupid at times. Left 4 Dead is based around hordes and hordes of zombies, so at times, survivors will be fighting off hundreds of zombies in certain scenarios or moments. And not slow shambling zombies, super fast zombies that could chase down and eat a Kenyan Olympic runner. In most zombie games you’ve played, they have the “Hey, lock yourself in this room and shell out until the zombie horde is done.” or maybe the “Go cluster f*ck all those zombies! KILL EM ALL!” Left 4 Dead doesn’t take these 2 routes. Instead, Left 4 Dead’s main method of gameplay is to “escape”, which means getting to point A to B.

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News of the Now (and The Rant) – Watchmen: The Videogame


(wonders how Rorschach isn’t suffocating under that latex mask)


watchmengameHey, so remember that review of Watchmen I did…like yesterday? Remember how I said, it would be cool if Alan Moore had made some more back story concerning the partnership of Rorschach and Nite Owl? But also remember how I said that would be, in fact, more of a bad idea?

Well, EGM announced that Denmark based, Deadline Games is developing a prequel to the upcoming film adaptation following the early exploits of Rorschach and Nite Owl. You think that’s big? Well not only will it appear on both the 360 and PS3, but its going to be an episodic, downloadable game (a la, Penny Arcade Adventures) to boot.

Early previews reveal that it will be an action game of some type, but at this moment, its not exact what the gameplay will like. However, I have very mixed feelings about this. You might recall that I did say that more back story about Rorshach would actually be a very bad idea. And perhaps this a good point to clarify. There are two things wrong with this idea. One, the thing that drew most people to Rorschach’s character was his enigmatic personality, always shrouded in darkness and cynicism. This game is set in 1973, which places the game in a time where Rorschach is not like the cold and cynical vigilante that we meet in Watchmen. And on top of that, a prequel will give us too much Rorschach. Half of his charm in the graphic novel was that he rarely talked to anyone and mainly kept to himself, lost in himself as it were. But this prequel reveals a lot about Rorschach that could possibly delute his image in the movie or even the original graphic novel itself.

The second thing that makes me not like this idea is like I said before, this appears to be an action game…possibly even a brawler. I know this sounds odd, me not liking the idea of a video game being an action game when its based on a superhero comic. But trust me when I say, there’s actually very little action in all 12 issues. And on top of that, we rarely see Rorschach fight. We see the results of his battles, with very disturbing imagery, but we never are shown how Rorschach takes his enemies down. And so making a game where this is the main mechanic, will once again dilute his character. Half the enjoyment of Rorschach’s encounters with the seedy underworld was that you could tell that he would resort to tactics that were ugly and at times, heinous. But what exactly he does is always surrounded in ambiguity. So watching him fight alongside Nite Owl (who actually does do a lot of on screen fighting), kinda destroys what people like about him in the first place.

While I think Alan Moore is a little too protective of his work…I mean, come on man…adaptations rarely are perfect from their source material (LoExG is the exception), but I will stand behind him and say that this game abominates the source it was birthed from. Poor guy. DC really is selling this guy out… Good thing more of his properties have been adapted. Perhaps he can finally sleep after Watchmen…


Oh and for the record, I actually found out about this almost a month ago. I just forgot about it and realized that it hadn’t been covered yet.

Ranting and Raving: Watchmen Trailer With Speculation/Discussion

By GamerChris

(He’s the one watching the Watchmen…While they sleep…)

So Beeslo recently wrote an Under The Knife on the amazing graphic novel Watchmen and he mentioned the movie adaptation coming next year. This was actually something recently on my mind and I in fact looked at the latest trailer and made a video on my own thoughts and fears of the Watchmen graphic novel, the movie and Alan Moore adaptations as a whole. Check it out.

Under the Knife – Watchmen


(is writing this from his hidden bunker)



Hey guys, yeah…its me again. But no, don’t expect me to stay around too long. I got a nice opening of freedom lately and I wanted to use it for playing Fallout 3. But then I think about all of you with your puppy dog faces and quivering lips that I can’t stand the thought of ignoring you all by killing little kids in Fallout 3 (what do you mean you can’t do that in this version…seriously? WTF?) Nevermind.

As I’m sure many of you are aware, there is a certain movie coming out next March that many people are simply dying to see. The Soloist. Seriously, Jamie Foxx looks incredible in it. But aside from that, a highly anticipated movie based off of a fictional novel and directed by a director with more geek cred that George Lucas is due for release as well. That’s right. Peter Jackson’s The Lovely Bones. Okay. Okay. Enough of that.

Watchmen is coming.

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Under The Knife: Tales of Symphonia
By CanuckGamer
(Why was the ‘Cube so lacking in RPGs?)


Every once in awhile, there comes along a game so great, you just can’t pass it up. Tales of Symphonia for the Nintendo GameCube is, without a doubt, one of those games. Released in 2004, it soon established itself as the premiere RPG on the console (although it didn’t have much competition). Only a year later, it was put on the Player’s Choice titles and is now available for a mind-bogglingly good $20.

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