Misc. Geekery – AC/DC + Microsoft Office = PROFIT!

by Link
(He once made Samus Aran out of text and shifts in opacity.)

Long story short here folks. Popular rock band AC/DC released a new music video in it’s newest format yet .xls! Yes, you heard me right. Step aside MKV and h264 and all you other fancy pants hi-def codecs. HERE COMES MICROSOFT EXCEL!!!!



More Details @ http://www.acdcrocks.com/excel/

What’s So Wrong With…Final Fantasy VII? Part Nineteen

By GamerChris (It only took nineteen parts to get to this point…)

This week’s action picks up from GmerChris waking up from a dream involving Aerith talking about going to the City of Ancients. The remaining group give chase and head north to try and find her and stop her from doing something stupid on her own all the while with Sephiroth also racing there. (Yeah, good luck with that…)

We head south on the world map to the Tiny Bronco and get in, heading to our next location in search for the City Of Ancients where Aerith ran off to. How she got there so fast the world will never know. I’d like to believe it was on the wings of an eagle or something, kinda like Gandalf in Fellowship…Okay I don’t believe that, but it does seem plausible in this world so let’s just run with it…

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Misc. Geekery: Man proposes through Chrono Trigger

By CanuckGamer
(What is love? Baby don’t hurt me…)

There are some things that are cool, but sometimes stuff just enters a realm of pure awesome that’s above all else. A college student studying Computer Science decided to hack the ROM of Chrono Trigger that his fiance was playing, and create an entire new area of the game that at the end proposed to her. He did this all in a very short time, and kept it looking as if it was really a part of the game itself! Check it out for yourself:

Outpatient Article: Under The Knife – No One Can Stop Mr Domino! (PS1) Review

By Krooze L-Roy

(Self-Unemployed and Dependently Wealthy)

Ahhhh, Artdink. If there was ever a developer after my own heart, Artdink would probably be jealous. Granted, the eccentric developer really only had two games I loved (the game in question, plus Tail of the Sun), but I loved those games as if they were my own illegitimate children. They were of a caliber of strangeness unmatched before or since. Granted, “Japanese quirkiness” has become somewhat of a commodity, sold raw and wholesale to America-hating Americans, but the works of Artdink had the quality of games that were strange because of debilitating mental illness rather than gimmickry. And while this might be complete nostalgic fallacy on my part, uh… well… it isn’t. My own mental illness prevents me from accepting such a possibility.

No One Can Stop Mr Domino is a game that defies categorization, but if categorization were being particularly defiant in return, it would probably cave and call itself an action puzzler. What this basically boils down to is dominoes. No, not the game elderly black men play in the park, but real dominoes; placing the game pieces, in rows, on their edges and knocking one over, creating (if you invested adequate time into it) an elaborate chain reaction. [As an aside, am I the only one who remembers the Domino Rally line of toys?] Continue reading

Under The Knife: Halloween Slasher Film Video Special

By GamerChris (What’s your favourite scary movie?)

Happy halloween my freaky darlings! (Note to self: Never say that again…) So for my YouTube show Ranting and Raving I did a three part special on three different slasher movies from three different decades. They are in order of videos: Cold Prey, Scream, and…you’ll see soon enough.

So ladies and gentlemen, I give you my thoughts (on video) on 3 very different slasher movies.

Part 1 : Cold Prey

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Misc Media: Stop motion paper Rock Man

alpha.pngBy Furia

Well, here it is folks. One top notch article for the week. I slaved hours and hours writing out a Misc. Media for all of you. I may be busy playing video games and enjoying each of my 40 hour work weeks, but I cleared some time to write this baby up.

Stop motion, paper, Mega Man; these are words that best describe the video I have attached to this wonderful write up. Apparently the person that made this video made it for a multimedia course. Enjoy.

The List – Top 10 Post-Apocalyptic Movies

by Beeslo & Rusty

(inadvertently picked two old, bald men as their respective doctors)

In honor of the first official Fallout installment being released in almost a decade this week, Rusty and I have compiled a list of what we considered to be the best post-apocalyptic movies ever made, many of which were most likely inspirations for the Fallout series. This list turned into quite the beast where many deserving movies did not make the cut. As far as guidelines for what is to be considered a post-apocalyptic movie, we felt the word “post” was the one to concentrate on. Considering that a zombie outbreak is a pretty apocalyptic setting, most zombie movies wouldn’t be considered a post-apocalyptic movie since you rarely see what happens afterward. So to be defined as post-apocalyptic, the audience needs to be given an idea to how society has responded and adapted to a particular type of apocalypse on a whole. Also, we mainly stuck to live action movies but we did delve into anime as well. Considering that practically 85% of anime is set in post-apocalyptic locations, we had to be pretty choosey to what we let through.

Honorable Mentions were:

  • Omega Man
  • Reign of Fire
  • Akira
  • THX 1138
  • Logan’s Run
  • Big-O
  • Planet of the Apes

Shocked to see one of your favorites in this list? Click on Read More, to see what beat them to the list…

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