Blips and Bloops: Mother 3

alpha.pngBy Alpha
(Italics in parenthesis)

[Blips and Bloops are a new line of articles that I am writing in between my monster articles. They are small little blobs of text that encompass anything and everything about video games]

Today I bring you Mother 3…for the Nintendo 64. Yes that’s right, I said Nintendo 64, not Game Boy Advance. Back in 1996 HAL Labs was planning on making a sequel to their highly acclaimed and cherished classic Earthbound (AKA. Mother 2 in Japan). Although the plot, characters, and general foundation for the game was forged solid, the development team, who were not used to 3D development, had trouble putting it all together. The game was pushed back and delayed year after year.

The game was going to be a launch title for the Nintendo 64 Disk Drive. At the 1999 Space World convention, Nintendo went as far as showing the game off complete with screen shots, a movie, and a playable demo. Though 1999 looked promising for Earthbound fans, the new millennium would soon ring in with disappointment.

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The Rant: Collector’s Editions and Pre-Orders (and Warhammer Online)

by Link
(Now with a map, miniature figure, graphic novel, in-game non-combat pet, BONUS in-game character features,”making of” DVD, exclusive trading cards, and an art book. PRE-ORDER NOW!)

So… we’ve all seen these before, pay an extra 10-20 bucks and get a fancy leatherbound/metalic/spaceage looking container filled with tons of neat trinkets and doodads. They only intrigue certain people, collectors (duh), fanboys, and other diehard fans. Do they have merit? Of course they do! I for one am a HUGE fan of this sort of stuff. I enjoy the packaging and everything else that comes with it. However, ever since World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade I’ve come to realize just how urgent it is to pre-order these things as SOON as they are announced. There is no time to decide whether or not you’ll have the money for these things or if you’re even interested in the game yet, etc. You need to be on board the moment these things are plastered on the developer’s website.

How did I come to learn this? Well my ex-girlfriend shelled over a large amount of money to help me pay for WoW: TBC since it was sold out by the time I wanted to purchase it (I already owned the original collector’s edition for the initial release of WoW.) It was definitely worth it, and the guy threw in a pile of WoW Trading Cards to sweeten the deal for me and make it slightly less painful. So, when they announced Warhammer Online, you’d think I’d be pre-ordering it right away… WRONG! But, I did pre-order it prior to it becoming unavailable, so… what’s my beef? Let me tell you the story in it’s entirety…

Sometime in mid-August I pre-ordered my game at the local GameStop, however while pre-ordering the game wasn’t in their system for some odd reason, and they informed me that when it becomes available they’ll let me know, etc. and that I could just upgrade from a normal version to a CE version. So I shelled out 50+ bucks on the normal version. I asked about pre-order codes in order to get in the open beta and early release. They looked at me dumbfounded and entirely clueless and told me to check back later. So I went on my merry way. Cut to a week or two later, I stop back down at GameStop and ask what’s up, somebody who is actually informed about Warhammer tells me the scoop (that the Collector’s Edition is sold out) and says that the employees needed to record my e-mail address so the pre-order codes would be e-mailed to me. So, I give him my e-mail address and go on my way once again, content with the fact I’ll at least get the pre-order codes, and that way I can just not purchase the game if I decide to change my mind and go ‘collector’s edition’ hunting around various stores and shops after the game is released. Continue reading

Misc. Geekery – How to Beat Up Anything

by Beeslo

(he isn’t dead)

Indeed, I’m not going to be around for a while. So while Link and OD take care of my Weekly AMV duties, I shall leave you all with a website that might help you with these hard times lurking ahead. With the stock market crashing for a second time this month, the possibilty of you having to fight for a spot in a breadline becomes all the more realistic. But fear not, a website has been created so as to educate you in the ability to beat up anything in the world.*

*Note: At this time the website only has 4 articles so technically it only teaches you how to beat up 4 things that exist in our world. But fear not, for the last article is a doozy. How would you like to learn how to…

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Weekly AMV – Wandering Dreamscape AKA (More WoW Music Videos?!)

by Link
(He has a level 70 Blood Elf Paladin on Argent Dawn)

Looks like Beeslo MAY have died. So, I’m swooping in with this 10 minute long music video extravaganza. When I first saw this, I was giddy like a school girl. The reason WHY this is cool is because the creator of this Machinima Music Video, Snoman, basically swapped out a lot of models and created his own zones/areas within World of Warcraft on a private server. There’s pre-scourge Plaguelands, there’s a normal looking Duskwood, there’s a tropical Barrens, and other weird ass shit. It’s both cool from a lore perspective (seeing what zones would have looked like before the Scourge ravaged them) and it’s also cool from a general ‘eye candy’ perspective. Enjoy the awesomeness.

Part 1 (Part 2 & 3 are after the break)

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Misc. Gaming – King Koopa’s Kool Kartoon

By HassMD
(Is a Koopa Kid)

I was born in 1989 in Los Angeles, California. I have lived  in Southern California all my life, so I think I know the most about this place inside and out…

…and after doing a little research on KTTV Channel 11 (also known as “FOX Los Angeles”) I found out about a show that time forgot…



The show is about King Koopa (from Super Mario Brothers) playing Stanly Spedowsky from UHF, and making kids watch really horrible public domain cartoons. While taking part in “Koopa Quizes” about Nintendo Games in order to win the HOLYEST of all Nintendo Items-


I was NOT born when this show was aired, and the show quickly got canceled, but luckily some of my friends brothers happened to have been in the audience of the show when it has aired. So that’s saying so much about “Six Degrees of Separation”.

The only thing I would recommend watching is THE INTRO to this show.

Remember Kids, to be just as “Kool” as King Koopa, just become a total asshole.

I just love Southern California so much now, finding out about this lost gem of a series, when Pee Wee’s Playhouse was kicking it’s ass. It’s just beautiful.


Sunday Comics: Special Guest Comic from PoB


( Is having technical difficulties with Gmod at the moment )

Due to my Garry’s Mod having recent problems, the follow comic is by Delirium from the Phenomina on Break guys *If you want more of this guys comics click the following affilate on the right!* I take no credit for this comic and “FYI: You Suck At Left 4 Dead” will be back next Sunday with 2 comics!

So about the comic. This comic is just a random poke at one of the following shows appearing on American television. I hope you all enjoy, and check out PoB for more comics !

Badly Drawn Penguins: Mega Man 9

By GamerChris (Man he’s everywhere this weekend…)

Mega Man fever has struck me it seems with another Mega Man related article. It’s worth it though. Badly Drawn Penguins is slowly getting back to buisness. Enjoy.