FYI: You Suck At Left 4 Dead Issue 6


( Wish he had a copy of L4D right nao )

Misc Media: The Happiest Monster

alpha.pngBy Alpha
(Yep, filler, this is filler)

I usually never do these segments. As I was awaiting the sunday comics or at least something to get posted, I noticed that at around 5:oo that nobody was going to post anything. Blame it on a lazy sunday or what not, I took this small problem into my own hands. I searched deep and passionately into my youtube favorites just to find a video worth watching.

Here it is, The Happiest Monster. A short animated film posted 2 years ago by a man named Jonathan Kim. Since I’ve been on internet, I’ve seen many great works from many different artists, Jonathans though, stands out to me personally among them all. Enjoy, and please visit his website.

Clinically Wiitarded: Retro Review – Lords of Thunder

by FBIRobby
(Link had me by the balls. I had to do this.)

One particular game that’s been inevitably overlooked is the game Lords of Thunder for the TurboGrafx-16. I know, I know, you must be thinking, but remember Clinically Wiitarded also covers Virtual Console titles. So I say HA to you, mister. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s break this underrated shoot-em-up down into delicious, biteable pieces.

Lords of Thunder was actually known as Winds of Thunder in Japan. It was released in 1993 by Hudson Soft (You know, that company that makes Mario Party Games and has that Bumblebee we swear is on crack for its logo) and Red Entertainment (You know, the color of blood.) It’s the sequel to Gate of Thunder. But what the hell, you knew that already, didn’t you?

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News of the Now: A Republican’s Wet Dream

By Rayjay
(and you Thought Mccain was going to pick Romney or Huckabee)

I know HealingTouch is not the place for politics But I think this should be brought up anyway!

Well if some of you did not catch it today. McCain picked his running mate, and all I have to say now is that the Republican pick for VP is also eye candy for them.

All I have to say to you McCain Is “Touche”! But, all i need to say to Joe Biden is “Hope you don’t debate her when she is on her period, because she will tear you apart.” I know McCain picked her to get the disenfranchised Hillary vote. But my question is, who is hotter Hillary or Her?

Well I know who wins when you put an ex-beauty queen (Sarah Palin) against an old female hippie (Hillary Clinton.) Now you know who wins too. Now we can all drool over the Republican pick for VP.

Just so you know… even though McCain’s VP is hot, I’m still voting for Obama even with Brockly hating Biden as his VP.

Misc. Media – Ortega Ad Break!

By. HassMD
(Beat that BRO!)

The olympics are over, all the medalists are going back home to say hi to friends and family, while the Chinese Olympians will go back to working at the sweatshops making $0.03 an hour , and the US Olympians will go back to product placement making $3,000,000 an hour….

And what is more American than ORTEGA TACO SAUCE?

Shawn Johnson:I love Ortega’s Taco Sauce… it makes my taco pop…

Did they actually proofread this script before they produced it?

Hey kids, if you want to pop Shawn Johnson’s taco, use Ortega Taco Sauce!

But don’t worry there was plenty more “awkward quotes in food advertisement”…

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Flash Game Friday – The Egg

(Does not like eggs)

This week’s Flash Game Friday is known simply as “The Egg”

It’s another physics “Marble Machine” type game, where you move around trampolines to position an egg into a bucket, while going through targets. The music is fantastic, and decorating the egg is great. My favorite one is RICK ROLL myself in red. But you can customize it however you like. The game does get harder when you continue, but you can save at any time (just remember to enable cookies while you play)

The thing I did not like is being stuck on a couple levels (I’m on level 5 right now!) so it does prove to be a little difficult. But I am sure you can all complete this. It’s loads of fun, and I know you’re going to enjoy this game. I wish there was a sequal…


Overall this game really is EGG-celent

That’s why Alpha is above me now on the “Staff List”  :(


Misc. Media: Laser Cats

(Cause my PEWPEWPEW is better then your PEWPEWPEW Link! )

Since we got all this hub bub bub with Lasers and animals, lets introduce some of SNL’s very own approach to lasers and animals…..Enjoy.

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