BATMAN WEEK (Month) – FINALE – Top 10 Batman Villains (Who AREN’T The Joker)

by Nurse J

by Beeslo………………………………… Awesome the Hedgehog

(It’s simple… We kill the Batman.)

Welcome once again to “The List”, our little neck of the woods where all sorts of ‘Top 10’ lists occur. For our 3rd “The List” we wanted to do something very special to finish off Batman week. We’ve been focusing so much on ‘The Joker’ these past weeks that we’d like to shed some light on some of the OTHER popular rogues of the Batman villain gallery. There are also a ton of surly fellows wandering the streets of Gotham City at night, so this list wasn’t at all easy to do, let alone have THREE comic book geeks agree upon it. However, without further delay, let’s begin!

#10. Black Mask

Roman Sionis, rich and self-centered industrialist who disfigured thousands after he demanded his company’s latest product ‘waterproof make-up’ was to be shipped out right away without proper testing. After Wayne enterprises bailed out the company and Roman suffered humiliation after his fiancé broke up with him in front of several staff members, Sionis turned to the life of crime and became the Black Mask (he does kinda look like the Red Skull though.)

The Black Mask deserves a spot in this top ten for a very important reason; he is responsible for killing the fourth Robin aka Spoiler (although she recently has come back to life/print with the excuse of having ‘faked’ her death.) Surely something as evil as that has to get you somewhere on the list. However, Roman’s reign of terror did not last and was shot in the back of the head, snapping his bottom jaw clean off. Who killed him? Why don’t you take a look at the next spot on our list for the answer…

#9. Catwoman

Sure, Catwoman’s not a psycho killer criminal and 9/10 times she’s on the good guy side, but there is no other villain who holds as much power over Batman. Catwoman has Batman so sexually frustrated, that he’s looked past her criminal acts more than once. She knows how to work the man to her whim, and there’s nothing more dangerous than someone who has THAT much control of you and your beliefs/morals. There is also the very on again off again sort of relationship between Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne which adds a whole new level to their relationship of hero and villain. Plus, she has that whole ‘sexy leather outfit’ thing going on for her, which is always a plus for a female villain.

#8. Mr. Freeze

While nowadays this Batman villain is a running joke thanks to the Governator and Joel Schumacher, he was at his prime during the run of Batman: The Animated Series back in the mid 90’s. Back during his early years, he was just seen as a cookie-cutter Batman villain who happened to have ice powers, but during the 90’s cartoon series, we are re-introduced to a tragically flawed individual who justifies his illegal actions because he searches for a cure for his beloved wife. Bringing such emotion and integrity to a character definitely makes him one of Batman’s most dangerous villains, because a person is much more deadly when they fight not for themselves, but for their loved ones.

#7. Poison Ivy

It takes a special kind of woman to have a name reminiscent of uncomfortable itching but to still have men falling all over you. This psychotic feminist, known as Poison Ivy, aims straight for the Batman himself with all of her love potions, seducing kisses, and all the sorts. She’s had Bruce Wayne and Batman under her control more than once, without him even realizing it. Once a ‘peace seeking’ Villain, who simply wanted to fund her research and move away from Gotham City to be alone with her plants, she is tragically forced to return to Gotham City after her personal paradise has a bomb literally dropped on it. She is now out for revenge against all of humanity, working towards the extermination of human life all for the sake of her beloved plants.

What truly makes her a dangerous enemy (besides her sex appeal), and what makes her even more potent than some villains is her ability to control all sorts of various flora. She’ll be feeding you to her carnivorous plants the moment she’s done using you for her gain. She may look innocent enough (minus the green shaded skin tone at times) but, just remember that even some of the most beautiful flowers still have jagged thorns.

#6. Harley Quinn

Ah, my personal favorite female out of the entire DC Universe, Harley Quinn. I would have easily put her higher on the list were it not for her dependence on a certain Clown Prince of Crime. She’s VERY deadly, perhaps even deadlier than the Joker himself, and TOTALLY INSANE! She’s went into complete fits of rages over the Joker, and even went so far as to team up with Poison Ivy (talk about an ultimate team-up) a few times in order to exact her revenge.

Her backstory is also extremely intriguing, considering she was once a psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum (God, even all the people who work there become super villains.) She quickly became infatuated with The Joker, and The Joker even became a bit endeared to her as well. The fact that she could woo The Joker in such a way makes her stand out a lot, when The Joker can TRULY respect and admire somebody’s insanity, you know you have an absolute winner! Also, unlike the other villains in Batman’s Rogues Gallery, Harley is actually kind of loveable, in that crazy straight jacket wearing sort of way.

#4. Scarecrow & The Riddler

So, you might be asking yourself “What happened to number 5?” Well, we just didn’t feel right putting EITHER of these two at the number 5 spot, since they’re both EQUALLY good. They are also very similar in overall power (Scarebeast not included), brains, and build. In general, they’re both scrawny nerds who use their minds over their manpower.

Dr. Jonathan Crane AKA Scarecrow originally worked at Arkham Asylum (in many renditions of his backstory) experimenting with fear on patients and soon adopted the alias Scarecrow after what his victims began to have nightmares of. What made The Scarecrow a regular Batman villain was his appearances in the ’90s Batman cartoons and Batman Begins.

The Scarecrow is also one of the only people to make Batman feel fear again, thanks to his Fear Gas (patent pending) that induces nightmares. This full blown maniac made his former bully and tormentor crash his car on prom night, paralysing him and killing his lover. Even worse now, The Scarecrow can also transform into the Scarebeast, a giant spiky demon like monster created by The Penguin to kill off disloyal colleagues. In this state he is capable of doing more damage, as well as unleashing even more powerful Fear Gas.

While Scarecrow works primarily around peoples fears, The Riddler (Edward E. Nygma) works with puzzles, riddles, and other sorts of brain teasing contraptions. A lot of people might be saying “He’s not nearly as much of a threat as Scarecrow or any of these other villains, how dare he be placed so high!” Ah, but the truth of the matter, is what he lacks in brawn he makes up with in brain. He’s quite possibly one of the smartest people in Gotham City, only rivaled by Batman himself.

Sure, he may only commit robbery, kidnappings, and other ‘small’ crimes of the non-violent sort, but he has a very valuable weapon on his side, and that is knowledge. His knowledge is so vast, that he’s even gone to the great lengths of discovering Batman’s TRUE identity as Bruce Wayne, how many villains could claim that? Not that many! But, what makes this obsessive compulsive narcissist such a wonderful villain is the fact he just puts it all out on the table, and says “IT WAS ME! IT WAS ME! I DID IT! THE RIDDLER! CATCH ME IF YOU CAN BATMAN!” and leaves his little calling card and clever riddle behind. Sure, that cocky attitude lands him in Arkham more times than even he can count, but he’s just so damn stylish and good at what he does. Besides, with such witty riddles as the following, how can you not love him?

Question: When is a door, not a door?
Answer: When it’s ajar!

#3. Ra’s al Ghul

The man’s name is as hard to pronounce as it is to understand the mystery of this great Batman villain. Rarely is Batman ever equaled on the level of shear mentality as he is with Ra’s. Sure, the Riddler is cleaver…but he pales in comparison to Ra’s cunning intellect. He isn’t distracted with such silly ambitions as making money, running Gotham or even dominating the world. No, he revels in the idea of springing chaos and destruction upon the world and he doesn’t care who gets in his way. The only thing different in these ambitions in comparison to The Joker, is that he is sane. Well, sane in comparison with The Joker, considering that this man sacrificed his daughter so that he could regain his youth and vitality. Being a brilliant man who desires nothing but chaos, he indeed is a worthy and deadly villain for Batman.

#2. Holiday

Who the hell is the Holiday Killer? Well, this is the main ‘villain’ of a maxiseries I recently just reviewed called “The Long Halloween”. Nobody truly knows who Holiday is, although apparently everyone has stated that the answer IS in “Batman: The Long Halloween” and “Batman: Dark Victory”. Personally, I think it’s actually a very ‘ideal’ based killer… Sort of like in Death Note where KIRA is actually a multitude of people at different points in time, however Light Yagami is the official ‘face’ of KIRA. Holiday isn’t a specific person, but the media/police slowly took it in that direction of assuming it was a single person, and eventually it was more about the ‘idea’ of Holiday than whoever it was themselves.

What makes Holiday truly dangerous is that NOBODY knows who it truly was, to this day, sure some people were identified as potential killers, and even a few were locked up or killed, however nobody TRULY knows (with the exception of Calendar Man) who Holiday actually was from the get go. Not even the readers themselves are ever informed of this, so it’s not too surprising to consider the fact that this killer is lurking in the shadows and may spring up again in the future some time. What earns them the #2 spot is simply the thrill of the mystery, and all the possibilities of who it could be.

Now the moment you’ve all been waiting for…

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Misc. Media – Crazy Japanese Game Song Music Video Time BANANZA!

by Link
(Found some videos.)

Across the internet, there are tons of awesome music videos coming out of Japan. Specifically ones that take gaming graphics or drawings and apply amusing lyrics to a song from that game, other times there are just super awesome ones like the following one…

“I Can’t Defeat Airman”

Outside of that however… remember that F’D Up Media Beeslo found with the Mario characters? Here’s more stuff by the same dude. Full of amusing lyrics and catchy songs! Which one is your favorite? Leave a comment! :)


Megaman 2

Megaman 2

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Outpatient Article: Under The Knife – Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner

by OtakuDad
(I killed MrAllex, and wear his flesh as my guise.)

Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner (hereafter referred to as ZOE2) is a game for the PlayStation 2 brought to you by none other than Hideo Kojima, the man behind the Metal Gear series. To celebrate the fact that Kojima can now focus his attention on creating a third ZOE game (and not being a clone of Koichi Nakamura), what with MGS4 out of the way and all, I’ve decided to do a review of the pretty-damn-awesome ZOE2.

Dingo Egret is an ice miner on Callisto, one of Jupiter’s satellites. He’s minding his own business when his mining robot detects a strange object. He digs it up and finds an Orbital Frame (mecha) called Jehuty. It turns out that BAHRAM, a military organization that Dingo used to be a part of, found Jehuty at around the same time, because they promptly send in forces to retrieve it. Dingo makes the dickface decision to hop in Jehuty and destruct the shit out of those guys. He then proceeds to enter the BAHRAM battleship and continue the destruction. But of course, he then gets his ass handed to him by Nohman, pilot of the Orbital Frame Anubis and leader of BAHRAM. Dingo is taken prisoner, a female pilot named Ken (what the hell kind of name is this) beats on him, and Nohman comes in and asks Dingo to join him. (And yes, this is done in the form of an anime cutscene. Who knew Kojima had a soft spot for mecha anime?) Dingo’s all “hell nah” and Nohman shoots him in the heart. Well, shit. But Ken reveals herself as a spy for the UNSF and saves Dingo, who awakens two months later in Jehuty. But Jehuty is now his sole life support, and if he leaves it he’ll die. There’s anime logic for you. That’s about all I can say without really starting to spoil things, but the gist of the rest of it is that BAHRAM has gotten hella powerful and Jehuty is about the only thing that stands a chance against them. You really should have seen that part coming.

The story is pretty basic and predictable, especially if you played ZOE1 first (which I would recommend doing, or else a lot of it will go over your head due to lack of much backstory). ZOE1 also features much better themes in it’s story, albeit a far more unlikable cast (annoying anime kid go!). Still, it ties together nicely with the first one, and if you’re a fan of mecha anime (as I am) you could certainly do much worse in terms of story. The plot certainly isn’t great, but it is rather refreshing to have something so easy to follow after playing Kojima’s other series.

The graphics in ZOE2 are a bit strange. They’ve got this grainy thing going on that gives them a unique look. The models themselves also have a very distinctive look in that they seem almost-cel-shaded-but-not-quite. It’s probably the best looking game on the PS2, really. It takes the inferior hardware and makes it work by stylizing things, which I think is pretty cool, and it looks pretty outstanding too. There are also a bunch of anime cutscenes. They don’t have a style as awesome or as distinctive as the 3D graphics do, or as much as an anime like Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, but they get the job done pretty well, and add to the “mecha anime” feel of the game. Additionally, both styles make very good use of color. Especially if that color is blue.

Another thing I’d like to mention about the graphics is the HUD. It’s crisp, clean, and minimalist, much like the HUD from MGS1 and MGS2. It’s at the bottom of the screen where it doesn’t get in the way of the action, yet it’s still very easy to read at a glance. Some people couldn’t care less about the HUD but it’s a very big deal for me because if it’s hard for me to tell what something is at a glance then regardless of how good the game is, I probably won’t play it for long.

The music is, well, pretty incredible. It all has a uniform sci-fi sound, because after all, the game does take place on and around Mars in the late 22nd century. However, it mixes in some haunting orchestral sounds and some tunes that give a somewhat Egyptian vibe (to fit in with the game’s somewhat Egyptian theme, what with the two main Orbital Frames being named Jehuty and Anubis). All of the music fits the mood and setting very well and certainly helps to get you primed and ready to destruct some mechs. Er, LEVs and Orbital Frames. Whatevs. Continue reading

BATMAN WEEK (Month) – Under The Knife – Batman Comics: The Others Edition

by Nurse J

Part three in our three and a half miniseries. We’re going to be covering TWO comics/series in this article, all available in Trade Paperback formats. Once again, these have all influenced the new film series, or COULD influence the 3rd movie in the new Batman films.

“Batman: Year One” is the title of an American comic book story arc written by Frank Miller AKA ‘The Sin City Guy’, illustrated by David Mazzucchelli, colored by Richmond Lewis, and lettered by Todd Klein. It originally appeared in issues #404 to #407 of DC Comics’ “Batman” comic title in 1987. It is also one of the first examples of the “limited series within a series” format that is now prevalent in American comic books. It is also the only Frank Miller Batman comic that is recognized as part of the Batman continuity.

Okay, so… what makes this so special? Well a few things actually, first off it develops Jim Gordon as the badass cop that we all know and love. He’s the only ‘clean’ cop on the force, and he’s even proclaimed as a ‘hero’ cop on the media. Unfortunately his fellow officers and the chief of police don’t want any of that shit going down, they’re enjoying their life of luxury from the money that the crime lords of Gotham are funding them with. Dirty dealings are happening everywhere in this Year One world, and even Jim Gordon begins to have an affair with his female partner, which was one of the most shocking parts of Year One if you ask me.

Next up on our ‘impressive’ list is of course Bruce Wayne. We get the story of his past as per usual, but we also see a very ‘green’ Batman, in fact, before he even began sporting the whole Batman look he went down to some of the ‘mean streets’ of Gotham and started roughing up some pimps and thugs dressed in his civvies. Honestly, this was another surprise for me as I was reading the comic as I thought to myself “Would Bruce Wayne ever be that stupid and reckless? Like… really?” Also, during this part of the comic you discover that Selina Kyle AKA Catwoman is a prostitute?! (Although it was revealed in a separate comic that she was going undercover for some sort of big heist.)

Even after he dawns the Batman outfit (the idea given to him as a bat bursts through his bedroom window while he’s brooding) he still gets his ass knocked around by thugs as he still doesn’t know exactly how to handle all of this, or the psychology of a criminal. Also, to make matters worse, the police aren’t too keen on this vigilante fucking shit up with the Falcones & Maronis (the third cool thing about this series, since it’s when they FIRST are introduced into the continuity) as it’s creating a huge risk for the Chief of Police and the other dirty cops on the force.

It’s a very awesome story overall, that everyone should give a quick read. You get a very solid foundation for where the entire premise of the films came from. It’s also one of Frank Miller’s final works before he started working on Sin City, 300, and some of his other recent comics as well as the Robocop scripts (which got butchered), etc.

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Misc. Media – Learn Self Defense

by Link
(He goes to church every Sunday.)

Not much to explain about this hilarious short animated film. It won a poop ton of awards, and I laughed my ass off while watching it. If you enjoyed this animated short, I’d highly suggest checking out some of Chris Harding’s other works such as WE THE ROBOTS.

The Rant: Nintendo “ignores” it’s “core”

by Link

In an interview with some PR gal from Nintendo of America, she stated that they don’t discuss or show off games unless they feel they are significantly far enough along in it’s development to show it off. I’m sure there have been PLENTY of games Nintendo has tried to made, that never see the light of day because they are terminated projects that we’ve never heard of. This happens ALL the time in the industry, heck, it even happens to games that some companies announce as soon as they have the idea for them.

I don’t know WHY in this day and age of information everyone NEEDS to know absolutely everything or else they assume it’s not going to happen. I remember back in the days of NES and SNES where the only information you had was a magazine called Nintendo Power and you’d go “Oh hey, this new game came out! Sweet!” or “Oh shit! Screenshots of Mario 3! KEEN!” nowadays, if you don’t have detailed spreadsheets of any games you have planned to release, everybody assumes you’ve forsaken them and are just swimming in money and don’t give a shit about anything because they haven’t had their pants Wowed off by the new Zelda trailer or next super big announcement of the month.

All I want to say is to PLEASE get over yourselves. I’ve NEVER been a Nintendo Fanboy, and I’ve never been such a fanboy to be so anxious to hear about a game that I start flipping out the moment your ‘god’ doesn’t acknowledge you with a small favor/glimpse of the future to come. Like… seriously, let’s take a look back at N64 and GCN. Do you know how often games got released for those consoles, and how much hubbub Nintendo started with them? NOTHING! NOTHING AT ALL! Continue reading

The Bastard Gamer Season 2 kickoff contest

by The Bastard Gamer

What’s up Healing Touch. I just want to announce my start of work on season 2 of The Bastard Gamer show. I’d also like to thank the fans of this show, I owe it all to you. If it weren’t for you my show would just be a stupid gimmick that would be a waste of time, you guys rule and make me proud to do what I do. So to start off the second season I’m gonna do something cool. The game that will be reviewed will be decided by you. Yup, the next review will be a fan chosen episode.

How do you get to choose?

1. Subscribe to my youtube channel: YouTube – judekhanzo’s Channel

2. Send me a message on my youtube account.

In the message I want you to tell me what game you want me to review, then include why you want me to review it, like what you think of it. Then put on your name. I’ll pick a winner and let them know via email or Youtube message.

Now remember, this doesn’t have to be bad game. It can be a game so awesome it brightens the day of a sick kid, or so bad that the title screen can give you terminal cancer and hysterical pregnancy.

Also, the game you chose must be for the NES or Genesis. They are the only games I have a wide access to.

So subscribe, enter, and be part in the kickoff of season 2. Good luck, and thanks.