Weekly AMV – Special 10th Episode Triple Feature!


by Beeslo

(his eyes are bigger than his stomach)

Welcome to the tenth episode of Weekly AMV! I decided to shake things up this week and give you guys a little something special. This week I have not one…not two…but three AMV’s to show you guys. The one genre I noticed I was lacking in past Weekly AMV’s was the comedy AMV. Comedy AMV’s are pretty hard to pull off, usually you have to do one or two things. (1) Pick a unique and hilarious song, and/or (2) do a lot of extra after effects work on the AMV to add to its hilarity. The following AMV’s borrow from one or both of those ideas. First up is:

I Wish I Was a Lesbian

More where that came from after the jump!

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The Bastard Gamer: The Movie Part 1

Today I give you a production I started work on back in December of 07.

Our hero must play through one of the worst console fighting games ever to get his Dreamcast back.

The Rant: Even Tommy Tallarico Agrees “Game Journalism is Declining”

By. HassMD
(#1 TommyGun on HealingTouch)

The Rant

A while back, I made a video about being a casual gamer, because of how The Industry is changing for the worse (all “angry” reviewers, negativity over actual reviewing) but I will be honest and just say that I was not the first person who mentioned this… there is one other person out there who agrees with me…

Tommy Tallarico.

Best known as host of “The Electric Playground” and “Judgment Day”/”Reviews on the Run”, Tommy would always play the “bad” to Victor Lucas’ “good”, normally they would agree on a game being good though. Tommy also helped create Video Games Live, the greatest Video Game Symphony ever!

And in this interview from


Back in November 2007, Tommy explains the negativity of several websites…

Thanks again to “The Reboot Show” for this interview. Now Tommy was just going off “Negative” websites and reviews, he wasn’t fully on me, that people do this for “Money, Popularity, and E3 Tickets”, but we know he would agree.

He compares “Gaming Journalsm” to “The National Inquirer” which indeed I also agree, they will say whatever they want as long as it gets them more money from Google Ads, more Popularity so they could become “A Featured YouTuber” or E3 Tickets, so they could feel like they “have made it”

Later this week- I will rant about “The Big Conventions” – E3, AX, and ComiCon.

Misc Media: Chuck E Cheese Meets Usher

What a stud

By Mr.Death (1 Large Cheese Pizza, No Toppings)

We’ve all had the dream of watching the Chuck E Cheese band play some sort of popular song, right? Well, this guy finally did it.

Wow. That is amazing. That’s Usher’s In This Club being preformed by a bear, a cheerleader mouse, a gorilla, and a bunch of other things. My favorite has to be the ventriloquist wolf’s puppet rapping about making love while the wolf yells “WOO” and “YEAH!” Awesome.

UPDATE: Apparently you are able to place bids for songs and suggest them. Once the bid hits $100, they will choreograph the song and make a video of it. I suggest all staff place in $5 for Through the Fire and the Flames.

Under the Knife – WANTED


by Beeslo

(he’s wanted in 36 countries…and on da freakin’ Moon!)

Based off of the popular comic written by Mark Millar (Kick-Ass, Ultimates), Wanted is an expose of ultra violence and deep conspiracies where main protagonist, Wesley Gibson (James McAvoy) is thrusted into a secret underworld organization that deal in global assasinations. We immediately feel connected with young Wesley as it seems the entire weight of the world is pounding down on his shoulders with unrelenting force and dealing him ever sour hand in the card deck. He spends his time at a job that he hates, being vocally abused by his boss and spends the remainder of his day with his equally abusive girlfriend who happens to be screwing his best friend behind his back…even though he’s completely aware of it. He is the doormat of society and he seems trapped in it…that is, until a father he never knew dies, is killed, is assassinated.

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mrdeath.pngBy Mr.Death (You are Now Free to Move About the Cabin)


I own Nintendo games, but I don’t consider myself a Nintendo fanboy. I own Apple stuff, but I don’t consider myself an Apple fanboy. I, however, am a complete Pixar fanboy. If someone badmouths any of their movies (besides Cars. You can badmouth Cars.) my response will be a prompt “Fuck you, you’re wrong.” That being said, WALLE is the best movie that has come out this year, no exaggeration. It is also my second favorite movie Pixar has made, and that is truly saying something (for those keeping score at home, my first favorite is The Incredibles). WALLE is not just a movie, it is an experience. If by the end of the movie you are not rooting for the little guy, you are a robot…you know what? After this movie you can’t use that term anymore. The robots display such emotion, that term is just insulting now. Continue reading

Misc. Gaming: Capcom Knows Duck

By Alpha 87655320875
(“I‘ll grant you the honor of carrying me.” )

When I was still a lad, there was this craze going on about making cartoons based on ducks. Back in the late 80’s to the early 90’s, mallards ruled the entertainment world. We had the pleasure of watching Count Duckula, Duck Tales, Darkwing Duck, The Mighty Ducks, and every now and then we would have the opportunity’s to watch the old classics, staring either Donald Duck or Daffy Duck. I have no idea why my generation at the time was a target for duck related entertainment, but as time went by we all seemed to grow fond of it. I have yet to find one person in my age range that has never had at least one fond memory of any late 80’s to early 90’s ‘duck shows’.

It must have been a growing market back then. It just seemed as if everyone was getting into the duck business for some reason another. Even Capcom, one of the biggest third party video game developers at the time, would go on to eventually contribute to this new wave of children’s entertainment inspired by the Anatidae bird family. (Yes, I just pulled that out of Wikipedia.)

Capcom, in my opinion, made the definitive duck related games for the dominating system of that time; the time when ducks ruled the world. That system was the Nintendo Entertainment System. Capcom had the licensing from Disney. It was their job to create games based on Disney’s hit shows and movies. With this license, Capcom would go on to make three of the greatest duck related games ever created. Three games that would be released at the peak of this new era in entertainment; the era of the duck.

The most notable and praised game they created due to their relationship with Disney was Duck Tales. Duck Tales, the show, starred Scrooge McDuck, a cheap stubborn wealthy old prune who traveled the world with his nephews and a few friends. They traveled on reasons to uncover lost and hidden treasures. Capcom’s game basically took this premise and ran with it. From the Amazon to the Moon, you discovered treasure as the old cheapskate himself.

With your cane you could finally unleash that pent up old man rage you have been building up over the years. Pressing Jump and down would activate this cane mechanic. The cane acted in a ‘pogo stick’ fashion. It would allow you to hop up and down, break rocks, and it would also harm enemies. The cane could also be used in the form of a ‘golf club’. You could hit rocks, and other objects to clear out paths, as well as enemies. The cane mechanic really helped establish a strong foundation for this game.

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