The List: Top Ten Best Fighters

By The Bastard Gamer
(Final Round- FIGHT!)

This is it, the end of Fighters Month, and I end it with something I bet many of you wanted to hear. Here are my picks for the top ten best fighting games. Some people may argue with this list but they, who cares? There have been so many awesome ones that everybody has a different list. Let’s begin.

#10 Soul Calibur

The Soul series, I feel, is kind of over-rated now since I find the series to be too “noob-friendly” and any fresh player can play as good as any vet. That being said So-Cal 1 was a pretty fun game to play either single player or with friends.

#9- Mortal Kombat 4

I know alot of people may think 2 or 3 were better than 4, but not me baby. MK4 had everything I ever wanted from an MK game, faster gamplay, cool badassed fatalities, classic characters making an appearance right away, Sub-Zero never was so badassed, and weapons. Tis a shame Midway went downhill after this game.

#8- Dead or Alive 3

I admit, I liked this game BECAUSE it had scantally clad lesbians with nice asses who beat the boobs out of eachother, but that was why everybody else liked it. Oh and… the gameplay was cool to. BOOBIES!

#7- Virtua Fighter 4

I often think of this game as the best 3D fighting game ever made, just like all the other games in the series. Hell 5 kicked ass too, its a shame this is the only franchise Sega seems to be getting right these days.

#6 Guilty Gear X2#Reload

Now this is a manly game. So manly it can only be played through with all the missions and story modes with a picture of Chuck Norris taped to your controller. The music makes your inner 80s hair metal junkie loose, the lighting fast 2D gameplay is amazing, and I-No has the best pair of pixelated boobies ever. Lets squeeze them, shall we? Oh and beware of the “Bridget Trap”, Bridget’s a guy, there, I just saved the few people on the web who don’t know that fact from being caught with their pants down.

#5- King of Fighters XI

Ahh, 2D pixelated madness at its finest. KoF has done alot over the years with this franchise and this one sort of mixed many older features from previous games into this one and it was great. It’s alot like the kids raiding daddy’s liquor cabinet and mixing various things to see how they taste, and this time it was great. Next time I make a drink like that I’m gonna call it the “Power Dunk”. Get it?

#4- Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

What’s this? An anime game on the countdown? Yeah I couldn’t believe it either. This was one of those more stratigic fighters where you can use stands like secondary characters. It was also one of those games that make you wanna punch something alot going “ORAORAORAORAORAORAORAORAORAORAORAORAORAORAORAORAORAORAORAORAORA, ZA WARUDO”.

#3 Capcom Vs SNK 2

Every single 2D fighting game fanboy’s wet dream came true in the form of this game. So many characters from many famous Capcom and SNK franchises. This game alone is the most fun any fighter junkie can have on Xbox live. Please… please…. please….. PLEASE make a Backwards Compatablity patch for this game on the 360.

#2- Street Fighter 3: Third Strike

Of all the 2D fighters out there this one was quite literally “complete”, meaning it had EVERYTHING a 2D fighting game could ever have. The cool animations made this game visually appealing, the combo system was polished, the parry system made defending yourself skill-based, and the heavy character roster made this game a nessesity. You’re not cool until you have a copy of this game in your collection, whether it be Dreamcast, SF Anthology, or even a rich kid arcade game.

#1……. Ummm.

Yeah, there is no number one right now. Why? Well there are so many candidates for number 1 that I haven’t played it. I don’t own a Wii so I can’t put in Smash Bros. , Street Fighter 4 doesn’t hit arcades till later this year, and King of Fighters 12 is still on the drawing board.

There you have it, a list of the best fighters ever. Who knows, maybe SF4 will make it to number one, or I can squeeze it in to make SF3 number 1. We’ll find out shortly.

Awful Anime Guy – #5 – Yu-Gi-Oh


Number Five – Yu-Gi-Oh

For the next 5 episodes, I will be counting down the worst animes of all time, if you disagree with this list, you are wrong, I have watched tons of bad anime, but the worst of the worst is these.

Trailer for the New Castlevania game


By Kaiserhawk

(Cryptic metaphor!!)

I present to you the new trailer for the new DS Castlevania title due out later this year. About half way through the video show gameplay footage so be patient. Enjoy

Outpatient Article – In a Dreamcast State of mind: What Killed The Dreamcast?

By rayjay
(Sony Burn in Hell)

Everyone has a theory on how the Dreamcast died. Sony wanted to have Sega make games for their Playstation system so they: Convinced Developers like EA not to publish Games for the Dreamcast, or They told merchants to not sell Dreamcast hardware or they would not get to sell PS2’s. Microsoft Bought Sega’s Hardware Division to Make Xbox’s, Also Microsoft wanted Sega to be an exclusive developer. Other’s Believe Sega Should Have Quit when Saturn Flopped. Either way Sega quit hardware and went software. So in this Volume of In a Dreamcast State of mind, I will look at what the Sega Fan’s believe happend, and What Sega Say’s happened.

Yes you knew I was Going to Mention EA. EA (Electronic Arts for the non-hard core gamers out there) Started developing for consoles on the Genesis (The Great Grandfather of the Dreamcast). EA Developed for every Sega console, except the Dreamcast Why? Well This is what William Gordon The Head of EA told Gamasutra

“We lost confidence in Sega. With the Dreamcast, we told them two things: you should be an in-the-box online system, and you should use a 3D chip that we understand. They said, “We can’t afford to be online, and we’ll get back to you on the 3D chip.” They ended up using an unusual, non-industry standard, not well-supported chip. It was something that nobody in EA had ever touched.”

“They knew we had no experience with it and no belief in it. Then with online, they said “no,” then they said “maybe,” then they said “no.” They wobbled all over the place, and we lost confidence in them. At the same time, we knew that the PS2 was coming. I loved the Genesis. The Genesis was EA’s first video game system that we supported, and you always remember your first.”

But The Sega Fan’s Believe differently. They Believe EA was still mad with Sega about the Loss EA took when The Saturn flopped. Fan’s also Believe there was a big conspiracy between EA and Sony to Shut Down Sega’s Hardware division. Most Sega fan’s think if EA Still had Founder Trip Hawkins running EA The Dreamcast would have had EA titles.

Yes I will mention the company Behind the Playstation. Fan’s Believe Sony Conspired with Several Corporations to make the PS2 popular Killing the Dreamcast. I happen to Agree with this Belief and I will never buy myself A sony Console again Because of it.

Yes There is a rumor about the hardware development partner on Dreamcast. They say that Microsoft Used Sega to make the Xbox. Microsoft Put The Windows CE system in the Dreamcast. about this rumor I Believe Microsoft wanted to Help Sega. Sega gave Microsoft There hardware manufacturing facility in Japan to keep people in Job’s there. Infact the U.S. CEO of Sega Peter Moore Was over Microsoft ‘s gaming Division for a While Before going to EA. So do I think Microsoft Used Sega No. I believe when you buy
Xbox you are buying the Remainents of Sega’s hardware Division.

But Why did Dreamcast Die The Answer may lie in the popularity of the system at the end. look at this article from BBC News the 24 of January, 2001:

Game-maker Sega has said it is considering ending production of its Dreamcast console – just one day after confirming its commitment to the product line.

“We are considering restructuring Dreamcast hardware operations worldwide for the next business year, and ending Dreamcast console production is one of the options”, a company spokesman told the Reuters newsagency.

A final decision is expected soon, possibly by the end of January. Sega reportedly would continue to provide customer service as well as new software titles for existing Dreamcast users.

Sega of America issued a written statement Tuesday, stating its continued commitment to the platform and intending to release “more than 100 games worldwide… in the next year”.

Surprise Development

The announcement came in response to news reports in the Japanese media speculating on the possibility of an alliance with rival Sony or Microsoft’s XBox venture to help lift Sega out of its financial troubles.

Debt-ridden Sega said it would not confirm or deny the alliance, saying it was not company policy to comment on rumours.

Sega has suffered from intense competition, with its Dreamcast console failing to match the popularity of its best-selling rival, Sony’s Playstation.

But a deal to provide software to Sony, rather than focusing on the production and marketing of its own games console and games, could be one way for the firm to return to profitability.

Japan’s Jiji news agency said Tuesday that Sega would unveil a business plan to supply software for Sony and possibly Microsoft’s new game console system XBox, scheduled to be launched later this year.

Both parties are still to confirm the deal.

“We do not comment on things that are not set in stone,” a Sony spokesman in London told BBC News Online on Tuesday.

Well Thats it for another Edition of In a Dreamcast state of mind. Til then Catch my Under the Knife review of Mortal Kombat Gold for Dreamcast. till then keep Dreaming.

Under The Knife: Sin And Punishment

By Alpha 87655320875

Sin And Punishment is a game developed by the highly acclaimed developer Treasure. Unlike many other Treasure games, Sin And Punishment was only released in Asia. Because of it’s limited run and high import demand, it has become a very rare sought after game over the years. Seven years after it’s initial release Nintendo has finally released it worldwide onto the virtual console as an import title.

So what exactly is the concept of Sin And Punishment? The game is an on rails 3D shooter fashioned in the style of over the top arcade experience. Your main objectives pretty much are to shoot up everything in sight, survive, as well as to study and to adapt to different situations, patterns, enemies, and bosses.

The entire game is themed around a futuristic setting of japan with subtle overtones of magic, spirituality, and the urgency of a potential apocalypse. This theme really does work well for this type of game. In combination with the theme and the story, both elements help meld meaning and reasoning into your every move.

With exception to the horrible voice acting, and some of the messy character models, the presentation is astounding for an N64 game. So much detail has been put into all of the environments that you encounter throughout this game. They are all very rich in both color and texture and overall they really are quite pleasant to look at despite this game being released in the year 2000 for a now primitive 64 bit console. For the time, these graphics pretty much were mind blowing for the system. Although they aren’t as advanced as some of the expansion pack games, graphically Sin and Punishment holds up very well in comparison to later more advanced 64 titles.

As For the music, it really does fit well. Although I may not be a huge fan of the 64’s midi chip interpretation of the electric guitar, the songs themselves hold a very arcadish character to them, whiling simultaneously enveloping you into the whole atmosphere of the game. Overall the songs are easily forgettable though. When I’m actually playing, I really find myself appreciating the music, but shortly afterwards I can’t remember a single note. The only thing I can grasp onto afterwards with the music however is the memory of the general feel and vibe it brought to me.

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Misc. Media – Girlfriends + Wii Fit = AMAZING

By Link
(He’s waiting for his girlfriend to kick his ass when she sees this post.)

In this time of The Game Heroes hype and low hits, you must ask yourself this one thing…

Question: “Is using sex to increase hits at HealingTouch beneath us?”

Answer: You bet your sweet ass it’s not! (No pun intended.)

( is currently down)

Flash Game Friday – Music Catch

by HassMD
(Surfing the waves, SOUND WAVES THAT IS!

This week’s game is MUSIC CATCH

It’s possibly the most soothing game I have ever played, even more than those $5 “Fishing Games” for Playstation 2. In this game you just capture shapes, with bonuses and more, yellow shapes increase your multiplayer, purple shapes make a vacuum appear and suck up all the shapes for 3 seconds. But be careful leaving the edge, going past the line, or landing on the red shapes causes you to lose your multiplayer…

Jordan’s High Score – 1,133,514

The only problem I have with this game is that I forget everything around me, and missed the Laker Game, either way GO LAKERS! I calmed down, all my problems have been terminated, all because of Music Catch. Not to mention that I played it 5 times and it never gets old, I love it, and you will too. Geometry Wars move aside, here comes Music Catch.