Intro Bananza: Secret Squirrel

By Mr. Death (That Was Easy)

Greetings and citations. Welcome to the amazing 4th installment of Intro Bananza! This week we look at my favorite Hannah-Barbara toon ever. No, not The Flintstones or The Jetsons, Secret Squirrel!

I love the whole spy-genre of the 60s. And this intro takes everything great about the cartoons and beyond. Those gadgets are so cool! But seriously, imagine if they tried to show this today. The main character actually kills a person right there in the beginning! And all the stereotypes! The Native-American one would probably cause a huge uproar. Not to mention he flashes us nine seconds in! But nobody could deny the cool sleekness of the gadgets. I dreamed of having a fold up rocket-car after I first saw this. And keen eyes can see that Morocco Mole folds up right into the briefcase. And what spy show is complete without him tip-toeing off at the end. Pure win!

Next Week: Ducktales

HealingTouch News: Fighter Month is now rolling

By The Bastard Gamer
(He still doesn’t format the top of his posts properly.)

Fighters Month has officially begun. All throughout May I (Joel Holmes, not as my TBG character) will be reviewing the biggest titles in fighting game history. At the end of the month I’ll give my own personal video list of the top ten best fighting games in the world. Keep your eyes on Healing Touch

Misc. Gaming – Man Attempts to Break GTA World Record! 25 Hours!!!


by Beeslo

(Number of World Records defeated = zero)

I’ll make this real quick. Starting at 5PM (Pacific), L.A. based webshow host “Jim” (of is attempting to set a new world’s record by playing the new Grand Theft Auto IV for 25 consecutive hours. At 6PM today, we will know whether or not he survived driving around Liberty City for over a day in real life (wonder how many days will have passed in game?).

Apparently live web feeds and updates are being provided at the website.

Also it should be noted that a real paramedic has been requested to stand by in case 25 hours of hooker killin’ makes him…well…dead.


 Live video can be seen HERE!



Stabbity Stab Stab, GTA IV, Waiting Line, Dude

By Alpha

(Head back to Animal Village)

While waiting in line for GTA IV at a gamestation in South London, a hooded man who was also waiting stabbed a passing 23 year old man repeatedly. 50-100 people were waiting in line while the asshole convicted his crime and many of them contacted the police. The victim was found a short distance from the gamestation and was taken and treated at a hospital for multiple stab wounds.

The cops are currently looking for a

light skinned black man aged about 21, 6ft 5ins tall, of medium build wearing a light grey hooded top


Clinically Wiitarded: Wii Channels – Everybody Votes

I'm Wiitarded
by Link
(He prefers coffee.)

Everybody Votes

So, here is how it basically breaks down folks, you hop on the channel and you get some questions, and everything works out fairly well for the most part. You pick your answer, then you predict what answer will be the most popular, sort of like a GameFAQs Character Battle. So far I’ve got a 75% or so prediction rating, so that’s pretty damned awesome. Overall, Everybody Votes is something cool to check out every 2 or 3 days if you’re bored. I just kind of wish that the votes didn’t last an entire week and it was something you could do on a more daily basis.

Trailer Anatomy – Grand Theft Awesome! (a GTA4 Special)


by Beeslo (carjackin’ people since 2001)

Grand Theft Auto IV Trailer Special

“But Beeslo, some of us geeks don’t like movies. We are anime and videogame addicts, what gives?”

Yeah, yeah. Okay, well now seems a good time as any for us to take a break from the movies that grace the silver screen and focus our scalpels to videogame trailers that appear on our small 16″ TV’s in our parent’s basement. Its hard to say that GTA4 hasn’t been on everyone’s minds lately. First it was delayed last October and we were told we’d have to wait about 6 months for initial release. Thankfully for me, that 6 months went by rather quickly and tonight we will all be able to taste the goodness that is GTA 4! For those of you out there that felt like tonight couldn’t get here quick enough were treated to many trailers, clips and tv spots for GTA4 that were released over the past few months, which in the end only accomplished you wanting it all the more. Now thats great marketing.

Well here you go! Someone took the liberty of merging all four of the trailers into one video…someone made my job a lot easier!

Trailer #1 – “Things Will Be Different”

Our first vision of Liberty City, we are treated to many scenes showcasing the scenery. Nothing much more than that, but at the same time…anymore would have blown our minds. I remember when this came out, a lot of people (myself included) thought that this was in no way in game footage but instead a pre-rendered trailer a la Call of Duty 2. Man, were we wrong and thats what makes this brief trailer amazing. Bonus points if you can guess the homage being paid in the trailer when comes to the direction and music selection.

Final Grade: A-

Trailer #2 – “Looking For That Someone Special”

Another brilliantly done trailer, this time we are treated to a little more of our main protagonist in the game. Once again we are shown nothing but in-game shots (along with some cut-scenes) that just dazzle the eye and salivate the mouth. The music in this trailer also does a terrific job matching the themes and tone of the game.

Final Grade: B+

Trailer #3 – “Move Up Ladies”

Very much like Trailer #2, “Move Up, Ladies” features more of the main character but also starts to delve a little into the plot of GTA IV. The action scenes are appropriately edited with the music and the plot is leaked at well timed instances. We still know not a lot about the plot other than Niko has come to America due to false promises given by his cousin. Obviously he find that he’s gonna work hard to find his American dream.

Final Grade: B

Trailer #4 – “Everyone’s a Rat”

This final trailer leads into more cut scenes, but sadly it offers nothing new as far as plot goes…so I guess you’ll find that all out when you play it tomorrow. However, we are treated to a lot of awesome action scenes which are oddly edited to some Eastern European music. To me its all sorta anti-climatic. It does make you want to play the game, but it doesn’t leave you with frothing fevor to break into a GameStop before midnight and steal a copy. So I’d have to say its a rather weak final trailer.

Final Grade: C+

Well so there you go. Something to tide you over for…oh…at least 2 hours. See you in line!

Stay tuned for part 2 of this Trailer Anatomy…What? Part 2? Yep, there’s gonna be a Part 2.

Misc. Media – Jonathan Coulton Performs “Still Alive” LIVE!!!


by Beeslo (I’m still alive)

So I accidentally came across this and while we have all heard this song millions of times over, I don’t think many of us have ever heard a live performance of it, especially sung by the man who wrote it, Jonathan Coulton. Enjoy.