Rusty’s Movie Reviews – Transformers (1986)

By: Rusty (Major Spoiler Warnings)


Some people call it a giant toy commercial, some call it a Star Wars rip-off. I call it awesome. Back in the 80’s, The Transformers were everywhere, they had toys, comic books, and various other merchandise. So obviously a movie happened. Unfortunately there are a couple things that prevent this movie from being 100% awesome. Continue reading

Inner Child Matinee presents Little Nemo – Parts 3 thru 6

Dr. Gonzo

by Beeslo (Fighting for custody of his Inner Child)

Inner Child Matinee

We continue with our presentation of Little Nemo: Adventures in Sluberland. In case you missed episodes 1 & 2, you can find them by clicking below:

Episodes 1 & 2

Part 3

To see parts 4 – 6, click on “Read More”

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Under the Knife: Viking: Battle For Asgard

By Kaiserhawk
(He’s a Viking, he likes Biscuits)

Grab your swords and axes, hop in the long boat because were about to take a long trip to Midgard.

Viking: Battle for Asgard is an action adventure game developed by British development team “The Creative Assembly”, who are most famous for their Total War strategy games for the PC and Spartan: Total Warrior for the PS2, Xbox, and Gamecube. Viking plays out almost like Spartan: TW and is considered it’s successor. However instead of ancient Greek society and myths, Viking draws itself from the Norse mythology. The story takes certain liberties with the source, much like Spartan did (Spartans taking down the Roman Empire? Lulz).

The story of Viking is that the goddess Hel has lead her Legions of Undead warriors to Midgard and have conquers and enslaved much of the lands…however the goddess Freya has chosen a champion to save the world from Hel’s minions. You play as Skarin, the champion Freya chose to help liberate your fellow Vikings and vanquish Hel.

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Retro Unknown presents Sierra Classics that Time Forgot – Part I: The Colonel’s Bequest

Dr. Gonzo 
by Beeslo
(Stabbin’ people in the showers since 1982)
Retro Unknown

It is unquestioned that Roberta Williams and Sierra Online are responsible for some of the most memorable adventure games ever created for the personal computer back in the 80’s and 90’s. When one thinks of classic Sierra adventure games, we are reminded of series like King’s Quest, Space Quest, Police Quest…basically, if you thought of a genre and inserted the word “Quest” after it, there’s a good chance Sierra made a game for it. However, Sierra Online also created some lesser known adventure games that did not fail when it came to raising the bar for adventure games. So in honor of these forgotten classics, Retro Unknown is showcasing many of them in a 5 part retrospective. So the first on our list is Sierra Online’s co-founder, Roberta Williams’ mystery classic, The Colonel’s Bequest: A Laura Bow Mystery.

Colonel’s Bequest
 A spiritual sequel to Roberta Williams first adventure game, Mystery House, The Colonel’s Bequest ushers up a whole new gameplay style that had never been seen in a game before. Playing the role of Laura Bow, you are given the task of exploring a Louisiana Mansion thats located in the middle of the Bayou and solving a murder mystery that will eventually claim the lives of all the guests that dwell within.

Laura 2

What makes this game advanced for its time is that all of the NPC’s throughout the game actually move around naturally and are rarely found in the same place more than once. This means you have to search the estate figuring out where certain people have gone, follow character through multiple screens (a big first for the time) and predict where some might show up based on what you’ve heard them say. The game is very character driven and unlike most Sierra adventures, puzzles take a back-burner in this game. In fact, one can complete the game without ever completing one puzzle.

Laura 1

Another first for adventure games was the possiblity of multiple endings. Depending on clues you uncover, characters you talk to, conversations you eaves drop on, and so on will have an effect on how the game ends.

Laura 3

And perhaps one of the most memorable things about this game were the many ways your character could die, including the famous “shower scene” that obviously pays homage to Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho. See the video below for all of them!

Laura 4

If you have not played this game, you should really experience it for yourself. Great writing, terrific music, unforgettable scenes and an awesome twist. Don’t pass this one up.
Stay tuned for Part II – Codename: Iceman

The Bastard Gamer: Carrier

Today we look at a game that was conceived during the Survival Horror boom of the late nineties and early 2000s. It’s not that bad of a game but it has some annoying flaws.

Sunday Comics- What A Partnership


By GamerChris and Panteraftw (*Gasp!* They swapped sides!)



I’m happy to announce that my webcomic Badly Drawn Penguins will make an appearance on HealingTouch in the Sunday Segments even with the actual comic being on hiatus in now even more badly drawn glory with a copy of photoshop and a laptop touchpad…Enough  about my thoughts on the partnership, let’s go to Jim and Tim’s…

Illustrated by GamerChris and Written by Panteraftw

What’s So Wrong With…Final Fantasy VII? Part Eleven

By GamerChris (You haven’t seen the last of him today!)



The action picks up after GmerChris, Daigo and Kaiser leave the abandoned house in order to find Daigo’s old friend. Let’s see what’s in store as we continue to try and find out ‘What’s So Wrong With…Final Fantasy VII?’


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