Super Cool Awesome Rad Turbo X2 Internet Crap Hour – Knitting A Chain Chomp

By Alpha 87655320875
(S.C.A.R.T.X2.I.C.H.: First In A Series)
Today I stumbled across an epic epic internet find. A chain chomp hat knitted by the one and only Knitting Ninja.I have to give the knitja mad props, this is one nice tribute to my all time favorite enemy.

I designed this hat on a whim, inspired by discussions with my geeky friends awhile ago, about how relatively simple it would be to design. In the last few days, I drew it up and knit it on the fly, taking notes as I went. The result is a Chomp that has happily broken free of its chain, only to latch itself onto an unsuspecting gamer’s head.

I know what you’re thinking, is it for sale? Unfortunately no it’s not, but she does give directions on how to create one yourself.

arfarf4.JPG arfarf5.JPGarfarf3.JPGarfarf7.jpgarfarf6.JPGarfarf2.JPGarfarf11.JPGarfarf8.JPG

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