The List: Top 10 Gay Game Characters pt. 2

Link the Dean of Medicine

by Link (He’s a Fairy Boy.)

Okay, I got a lot of feedback about my recent article, no death threats or anything of the sort thankfully though. However, it seems there are a few controversial issues (besides Tails.) So, I’m going to address them right off the bat. In no particular order I give you…

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Honorable Mentions AKA “Why the fuck weren’t they on the list!?”

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The Brothers – Cho Aniki

Super Gay?

So… you’re probably wondering why they’re not on the list? The reason? Honestly, it’s not a very well known game in Japan. Most people only know it from I-Mockery’s Sexual Moments in Videogame History. Which is fine and dandy with me, but I personally never played the games and I didn’t know too much about the characters. On further investigation, they’re basically manly penises who shoot ‘protein’ out of the holes in their heads and take on various homo-erotic enemies. It’s a pretty wacky Japanese game, but… I’m just not feeling it, I still don’t think I’d put them on the list simply because it feels like an ‘obvious’ choice.

Raiden AKA Not Solid Snake – Metal Gear Solid

Gomo Hay?

Okay, sure Raiden looked kind of like a wuss, and sure he was annoying, but a key factor everyone is missing is that HE HAD A WOMAN. He was in by no means gay, and despite his pretty boy rookie attitude, he was a pretty solid main character. The only reason Raiden has such a bad wrap, all ‘presidential grabs’ aside, is because he wasn’t Solid Snake, and everyone was expecting Solid Snake. I have a feeling he’s going to a VERY awesome character when MGS4 comes out that should redeem him, I mean… so what if his ancestor Colonel Raikov was gay, it doesn’t mean that Raiden is!

Steve Burnside – Resident Evil

Star of Titanic


HE’S A HUMA- seriously though, just because you’re an annoying snot nosed brat who looks like Leonardo DiCaprio does NOT make you gay. Not to mention he was trying to get into Claire’s pants the ENTIRE time. Also, expect Burnside to return in an awesome Ada Wong fashion in the next game involving Claire Redfield, for sure.

Makoto – Enchanted Arms


Gay as can be

Well, this is actually a legit entry. This guy is 100% openly gay. The reason he wasn’t included? Never played Enchanted Arms and I don’t own a 360, so he went totally under the radar. He definitely would’ve made it into the top 10, probably in the top 3 or so. I believe he also plays the Saxophone? Not sure if that counts towards gayness points, but some people like to think so I guess.

Tony – Earthbound

Tony is the bitch

Considering his position in the upper right corner, it’s very easy to tell that Tony is the bitch in the relationship. But, in all seriousness, while it may look like he was just a really good friend of Jeff’s and a nice guy apparently Tony was indeed gay. Whether or not him and Jeff were lovers is debated amongst fans however. Anywho, it was actually confirmed by the Mother 2 (Earthbound’s Japanese name) creators themselves. Let’s hear it for Tony one of the classic 2D gay characters!

There are tons of other gay characters that could’ve made the list, maybe would’ve made the list if it was more than top 10 (Shadow Hearts characters, Benimaru, King, Lilith, more Drag Queens, etc.) For additional reference to other homosexual characters in gaming you can use this handy dandy list at They list a lot of the major ones, and I sniped a few pictures from them as well (a lot of the image searches for gay characters pretty much take you straight to

Now for something unexpected! Actually it’s a belated adjustment to the list. It has now become a top 11 list! *gasp* Where does this extra character fit in? He takes the #1 spot bumping Tails down to #11 and Tingle down to #2. I completely zoned out and forgot about this character while writing the article and I feel EXTREMELY ashamed, it’s not the brothers from Cho Aniki, it’s not Makoto, it’s not even Tingle… who the hell could it be? It’s….

Ranmaru Mori – Samurai Warriors/Onimusha

Samurai Warriors Ranmaru Onimusha 3 Ranmaru

The character of Ranmaru Mori is actually based in Japanese history.

Here’s a little history lesson about the big bad Nobunaga and Ranmaru Mori, partially hi-jacked from The Living Room:

Nobunaga Oda is also remembered for his love story with the bishounen (handsome young man) Mori Ranmaru, which set the pattern for other officers’ taking beautiful youths for lovers, enforcing a tradition of open homosexuality in the Japanese military.

Mori Ranmaru, a young page to Oda, was something of an adviser to Nobunaga and his gopher. Ranmaru is probably the most famous bishounen in Japanese history.

Besides being a beautiful young page, he was a guard, a soldier, and a lover (kosho) who served Nobunaga and ultimately died side by side with him. The name Ranmaru could be used in Japan almost like Adonis or Narcissus in Western culture.

In fact, rumor has it that the reason that Akechi Mitsuhide (the slayer of Nobunaga AKA Samanosuke in the Onimusha games) betrayed Nobunaga after becoming jealous of Ranmaru and Nobunaga’s relationship. He then took his army and eventually assassinated Nobunaga with the help of Hashiba Hideyoshi at the Battle of Honnouji, only to die less than 2 weeks later at the Battle of Yamazaki.

All history lessons aside though Ranmaru is consistently portrayed as a beautiful young man, often time confused as being a woman (especially in Samurai Warriors) and his loyalty shown to Nobunaga is never wavering. Ranmaru Mori scores the #1 spot for being not only a historical icon but also one of the possible reasons for his own lover’s demise.


  1. The only thing I will never ever get was the fact that someone like Ranmaru defeated BRIDGET. XD

  2. Mistuhide Akechi and Samanoske akechi where cousins not the same person. Infact in onimusha 2 Mitsuhide was actually shown.

    Also hideyoshi did not aid in Nobunaga’s death. When Honnonji temple was burning down Hideyoshi was somewhere else, when he heard of Oda’s death he rushed back and then killed Mitsuhide, and unified japan

  3. MSTR Chaos, thank you for the history corrections. 99% of that was from The Living Room. The part about Samanosuke is something I threw in there based off vague memory, I was unaware that they were cousins, and I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled for Akechi in Onimusha 2.

  4. sorry for posting so late!!!…. i look forward to reading you other posts @.@ they seem funny (and ive just discovered this site) altho i was wrong about the onimusha 2 appearance i actually meant onimusha 3

    @.@ i keep forgetting oni 2 was the one with jubei… :( i just cant for the life of me register that game as being a legitimate sequel… every time im talking to my friends i keep skipping onimusha 2: samurai’s destiny and going directly to what happened in 3 with the whole future stuff .I wonder if anyone else thought it was thaaat good of a sucsessorr to Oni1 altho I beat onimusha dawn o dreams and that wasnt as good either

    PS. sorry for blabbing im sleepy and my brain isn’t working since ive watched to much anime

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