More Smash Bros Crap: Game Modes Introduction Video

By Alpha 87655320875
(On Dec 3rd, Nintendo Smashed My <3)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Slow news day, and nothing decent to write about. So what do I have?…..yep, more smash bros. junk (seems to be giving the internet a boner these days). Well the dojo thought it’d be good to make a simple video including the game modes just to help with confusion. Just like the rest of the wii world I am still anxiously waiting as well. This definitely doesn’t help so I’m posting it here to frustrate everybody else in position.

Fursday: The Furry Corner

Title Card

Krystal, Furries and Back Again:

An Explaination of Furry Fandom for the Uninitiated

I am sorry for not posting the interview with Alesia Glidewell, I haven’t received the answers yet for the questions. I am deeply sorry readers. As Soon as I get it, I will post it, so stay with me.

Krystal, what a beauty isn’t she (I mean, she is in my title card for crying out loud)? A Femme Fatale, awesome with weapons in general she has done everything, from beat downs with her staff to piloting an arwing, to committing plagarism against Panzar Dragoon Saga with her high flying dragon shootin’. What’s not to love about her?

KrystalShe has starred in three games to date (Star Fox Adventures, Star Fox: Assault and Star Fox: Command) plus one unreleased game (Dinosaur Planet (which turned into Star Fox Adventure)). She has garnered a lot of attention from both Furries and non-furs (With the popular meme “Everyone is furry for Krystal”) but how true is it?

Well she is quite attractive, those gorgeous green eyes, her blue fur, I can see why people think she as well as Renamon make everyone furries, but its simply not true, as you will see.

Not everyone is a furry, just because you paw-off to Krystal, Renamon, Minevra Mink, or even Gatomon, you are not necessarily a furry.

A furry is a person who enjoys the idea of anthropomorphicism, like people enjoy Dungeons and Dragons, or video games. Whether it be more of a sexual connection, to the community to the spirtual aspect, furry fandom is a very diverse group. There are tons of small little groups within the furs, ranging from political agenda (I’m looking at you Jay Naylor!) , to pornographic nature (once again, Jay Naylor you are weird), to even religious views (Sorry but not Jay Naylor again, its more like greek/roman or even Egyptian beliefs).

Some people claim furries are more defensive then other groups, like, the D&D nerds, or comic book nerds, or even the video game crews. This simply is not true. Sure there are whiners, but most furs don’t give a rats ass. We accept any group as long as you don’t try to fuck with us.

Star Fox and KrystalPeople have been posting furry porn on 4chan (A popular image board) which caused drama. These type of people are called “Furfags’ people who intentionally try to cause shit with people who don’t want to see this. (I have been known to do it a few times on Screwattack, but that’s merely for making the laughs).

Some people claim that furries are people who enjoy having sex in costumes (my brother for example), this simply is not true, heck not even a quarter of the furry population have fursuits they use. We have sex the same way as everyone else. Very few furs, including fursuiters (people who have the costumes) actually have proper holes for sexual acts. We are just like everyone else; we just have an affinity for anthropomorphic characters. Ya dig?

Hopefully next week I can post the interview, till next week have fun everyfur!


Copy Pasta News Round Up

By Alpha 87655320875
(Incredibly Talented Journalist.)
PS3/360 News

Crysis engine to run on consoles at GDC

It looks like Crytek is willing to at least prove the theory, as CVG reports that the company will show off the CryEngine 2 running on both the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 at next month’s Game Developers Conference. Though this is far from confirmation that console versions are inbound, it does at least show the potential. Could the company have an announcement up their sleeve as well? We’ll let you know how the engine looks from the show floor.

CryEngine 2 Source
Wii News
Nintendo And Tecmo Sandwich Together For Fatal Frame

The new Fatal Frame game is a major collaborative effort for Tecmo. Nintendo will publish the game and is also lending its support on the development end. Key staff members include Keisuke Kikuchi as producer and Makoto Shibata as director, both veterans of the series. But joining Shibata in the director’s cubicle is Grasshopper Manufacturer’s Goichi Suda (aka Suda 51), who recently completed work on No More Heroes.

Fatal Frame Source
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The Top 5 Posthumously Released Shmups for the Dreamcast

By: Krooze L-Roy
(Operating Thetan, level 4)

#2 – Psyvariar 2

Out of all the games on this list, this one least adheres to typical shmup conventions. As a matter of fact, you could go so far as to say that Psyvariar 2 turns the whole concept of the shmup on it’s ear. Flying directly into enemies and their bullets is not only possible, it’s essential to scoring well. And experts at the game tend to shoot their weapon only occasionally; purposely (though selectively) sparing the lives of their adversaries. It’s a strange beast; a shmup that requires very little dodging and shooting. “B-But how is this POSSIBLE,” you scream in red-faced indignation.

Here’s how. Gameplay revolves heavily around leveling up your character (you play as a mech, by the way). For every level gained, your mech becomes temporarily invincible for a fraction of a second. During this time you are free to kamikaze your enemies and dive into their bullets. With some skill, and perhaps a bit of luck, you can level up repeatedly and frolic carefree through even the thickest waves of enemy fire. And man, oh, man does it feel nice.

This simple concept spawns a devious conflict of interests in the players’ psyche. Risk is the key to both success and failure, and this is mostly due to another of the game’s key mechanics; bullet scraping.

Placing your mech in close proximity to enemy bullets increases both your score and your experience level. This risk obviously puts you in immediate danger, but it’s also fundamental to leveling up, which temporarily cancells out this danger. You frequently find yourself in both situations; dying because you get carried away with bullet-bathing heroics, and the other side of the coin; dying because you didn’t fill up your experience gage fast enough to cancel out the massive wall of lead coming your way.

These elements create a game that’s as maddening as it is captivating, but for all it’s complexity, it’s not as difficult as it sounds (nor as complex). The hit box is extremely small, perhaps even as small as a single pixel. Thus, only a tiny portion of your mech is actually vulnerable to enemy fire, resulting in many “how the hell did I survive that” moments, and who doesn’t love those.

The true difficulty of the game is psychological. It’s the struggle to find a balance between playing carefully and going for it that makes this game tough. As such, it’s one of the few games that you seem to get worse at as you play and become more confident with it’s concepts.

It does indeed take a while to get used to playing a shmup this way though. And it’s equally difficult to get un-used to it when you switch over to a more conventional game. It’s as unique as Ikaruga and as addictive as crack-laced crack. And when you get into the rhythm of the game, it’s an experience like no other. This game simply must be experienced, and you should do whatever it takes (w h a t e v e r. i t. t a k e s) to get your hands on it.

Psyvariar 2 is also available for the Japanese PS2, which can be picked up for significantly less zenny than the Dreamcast version. So, as much as I hate to say it, that might be a more sensible route to take if you have an import-enabled PS2.


by Psycho Gorilla
(He’s black, he’s allowed to make racial jokes.)

WARNING: This article is meant to strike at the deepest sensitivities of various ethnic groups. If words like “nigger” or racially-based jokes offend you, you might consider averting your eyes and moving to Canada, where racism doesn’t exist, nor do blacks.

Gaming is more than a hobby. It’s a cultural phenomenon. As such, there are tendencies for certain facets of a game to overshadow the overall playability and fun of the game itself. For example, we might judge a game on its graphics, storyline, and character development in addition to actual content. If a game is based on a movie or historical events, we look for accuracy in how the action is depicted and how closely it resembles the source material. I personally prefer to examine other, more subtle themes in games. Sure, I could pay close attention to whether or not an underlying love story develops realistically in cutscenes or if Frodo’s foot hair is representative of how it was shown in the Lord of the Rings movies. But I often choose to focus on another concept: representation of race. Brace youselves as I examine various representations of some of our culture’s ethnic populations, and in particular, how our Japanese friends view the people that make up our “ethnic diversity.” I decided to take a close look at Italians, Chinese, Eastern Europeans, Arabs, Jews, Natives, Mexicans, and Blacks. After each analysis, I’ve decided to add a racially motivated joke to appropriately wrap up my observations. If you’re sensitive to that kind of stuff, you might want to join your multicultural circle of friends that doesn’t exist except in Saved By The Bell, and talk about how you’re going to change the world through song.


Too lazy to get up. Just typical of those fucking Italians.

Ah, Mario. Nintendo’s beloved poster boy is far more than just a jumping, stomping, fireball-tossing videogame icon. He’s also a perfect illustration of Italian culture. Mario is a short, fat plumber with a thick mustache. He also-ah talk-ah like-ah theese! Rigatoni! I’m not making this up. Go hook up a Nintendo 64. In Super Mario 64, Mario talks just like this. In fact, he actually dreams about Italian food during the game. Now, let’s go all the way back to the arcade original Mario Bros. Take a guess as to what Mario and Luigi’s profession could possibly be. Is it:

A. Plumber

B. Lab Technician

C. Businessman

That’s right, it’s A. All Italians hold jobs in the utilities field. Either that or they’re in organized crime. I guess Nintendo decided to go with the more family-friendly stereotype. By the way, do you know what you call a rich Mexican? An Italian. Continue reading

Smash Bros Crap: Intro Video Leaked

By Alpha 87655320875
(It’s not her phone number.)

Warning Possible Spoilers Ahead:

I’m a little late on this one, but the introduction video from super smash bros brawl has been leaked. It has been plaguing the internet like a cancer since its inception today. Try to spot all of the spoilers, come on I know you can. :P

Misc. Gaming: Super Smash Brothers : Lawl

Doc Title
By. Hass MD
(Don’t Believe the Hype, YO!)
Misc. Gaming Title

Super Smash Brothers is one of those game franchises that never get old, every gamer that I know always had that battle, “Who would win in a fight? Link or Mario” and then the game came out.

Now those same asshats post up-to-the-minute information on EVERY DAMN UPDATE FROM BRAWL EVER!

Such awesome features as

  • 4 Players Could Play
  • The Baseball Bat returns!
  • Wario is in the Game!
  • You could play it 4 different ways

The list goes on and on… but let me tell you what upsets me…

Assist Trophies are pokeballs, but for characters that were not fit to be in an actual fight…

Which is a shame, because Little Mac was one of my first choices to see in the first Super Smash Brothers…

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