The Outpatients

The Outpatients
(The Outpatients, Click on an Avatar for Details…)

Krooze L-RoySarsamisPsycho GorillaDoogmah
DakingShadowscaleDaigoKeavy Rain
Rune the Ferret AKA Hunter Rose
FBI RobbySavagebelmontDudeman23
goldmanCrittbeastDastardly Dylan
PurpleTragedyAlison PrimeCanuckGamer
Little Miss GloomPanteraftwLuffayRusty
RayjayOtakuDadMr. DeathBastard Gamer


  1. I lied. Not April 1st. Give it a few more days while we add some of the new features, etc. :)

  2. Apparently you meant April 1st…2009?

  3. Yes

  4. Btw, if anybody is interested in being a guest writer, just shoot me a PM on the forums, or even an e-mail. :)

  5. What the hell!
    look at where i am!

  6. YAY it’s fixed nao^^

  7. Hahaha! Calm down goldman.

  8. Sweet. I’m apart of this amazing thing!

  9. I love our constantly growing OUTPATENT line-up

    Otaku Crave Doug, Alison Prime and Link’s GF.

  10. Sweet, I’m on the list now :)

    Thanks for getting that done so quickly, Link.

  11. Whos the guy top row 2nd from right? The person without a linked picture?

  12. It’s sarsamis, according to the URL.

  13. i no have mai thung up thar

  14. The best game with healing is Left 4 Dead I think.

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