Feature: Let’s All Go To The Movies (and other awesome Rusty written stuff)

By: Rusty (I Can Has Feature?)


Big Trouble in Little China

Rusty takes a look at this John Carpenter cult classics. Who doesn’t enjoy this movie about a ancient Chinese god, who has a thing for green eyed chicks. This movie rocks.


Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters

One of Rusty’s favorite tv shows jumps to the big screen. EXCEPT FOR IN CANADA.


The Evil Dead

A cult classic horror film, about a cabin in the woods. This movie started something amazing. Rusty tells you why.


The Evil Dead II

The second movie in the Evil Dead series. A bigger budget and more humor are to be found in this follow up. But it still rocks. Rusty shares his thoughts.


The Army of Darkness

The third and final (we can hope for more) movie in the Evil Dead series, Bruce Campbell delivers one of his best performances as Ash. Hail to the King . . . Baby.


Titan A.E.

Rusty talks about what could have been, and what happened, with this animated film from Fox. Good voice acting can’t save this one. The ups and lows of this movie are explored in Rusty’s review.



It was the end of the 80’s. The decade of Star Wars sequels and sci -fi, brought upon this great parody. Mel Brooks does it again. Rusty tells you why this movie is awesome and why you should buy it.


Shaun of the Dead

Zombie movies are awesome. Funny movies are awesome. Romantic comedy’s suck. What happens when you mix them together? Greatness. Join Rusty as he tell you about this film.


Transformers (2007)

Have you ever been looking forward to something? You are pumped about this thing, despite warnings that it may suck? I did. This thing was the Transformers movie. The bitterness still lingers in Rusty’s mind.


Transformers (1986)

If you lived in the eighties, you know transformers. Rusty takes at the movie that defines a franchise, and changed it forever. Rusty takes a look at the Transformers movie that didn’t suck.


April Fools!

In the slew of articles that were released on April Fools, Rusty did one too.


Remembering Charlton Heston . . . and some other stuff

Rusty remembers Charlton Heston. And some other stuff he remembered.


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