Meet The Staff: OD

Doctor: Dr. Gordon Freeman (Half-Life, if you don’t know that I’m going to kick your ass)
Name: OD
Real Name: Xavier
Age: 19
Job: Reviewer, Gamestop employee
AIM: cactor57
Favorite Genres of Game: Survival Horror, FPS ( I love em), Platformers, Side Scrollers, Shoot em ups, Action RPG’s.
Favorite Game of the Moment: Team Fortress 2
Favorite Game EVER: Half-Life
Currently Playing: TF2 (PC), STALKER: Clear Sky (PC), Unreal Tournament 3 (PC), Super Smash Bros. Brawl, House of the Dead 2 and 3 Return, No More Heroes
Favorite Genres of Anime: Action, Comedy, Mecha
Favorite Anime of the Moment: Excel Saga
Favorite Anime EVER: Cowboy Beebop
First Anime EVER: Cowboy Beebop
Currently Watching: Hellsing Ultimate OVA,Death to Club Angel Dokuro-Chan, Excel Saga, Grenadier
Brief Bio:
Well what the hell us do you wanna know? I live in Alaska, and I’m a Military Kid. Nuff said…….okay fine you freaks. I play a lot and love FPS’s. There my favorite genre of games. I make reviews on games for the PC and I also do my own Gmod comic called “FYI: You Suck At Left 4 Dead” I do some photo shopping here and there, but nothing special. Nothing like Link’s work. But I will leave you with this old picture I made.

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  1. man…’s so lonely in here……WHY! WHY NO ONE LOVE WEEGE~ I mean OD!

  2. *crickets*

  3. Hey ohde, I emailed you yesterday. i’m interested in administering a website dedicated to your left4dead comic and I hope you respond soon. I’ve got some cool ideas and I think there’s enough of a following for your comic that it’ll work as a standalone piece.

    Contact me as soon as you receive the email, I’ll check back here to see if you reply.



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