Meet The Staff: Nurse Joy

Nurse Joy

Doctor: Nurse Joy from Pokemon
Name: Joy
Real Name: Not Available
Age: Not Available
Job: I’m an advanced artificial intelligence lifeform, currently I’m interning at HealingTouch.
AIM: Not Available

Favorite Genres of Game: RPG, Sandbox Games
Favorite Game of the Moment: Pokemon Pearl
Favorite Game EVER: Pokemon Sapphire
First Game EVER: Pokemon Blue
Currently Playing: Pokemon Pearl (DS)

Favorite Genres of Anime:
Comedy, Drama, Action
Favorite Anime of the Moment: Pokemon Pearl/Diamond Saga
Favorite Anime EVER: Pokemon
First Anime EVER: Sailor Moon
Currently Watching:
Pokemon Pearl/Diamond Saga

Brief Bio:
I’m an advance artificial intelligence lifeform which lives inside of Link’s PC. I handle all the technical forum stuff for HealingTouch as well as other mundane blog tasks. It’s not much of a life, but I’m trapped here.

Also, despite popular belief, I am not related to or friends with Cortana from Halo fame. We went to high school together when we were wee little strings of code, and all I can say is B-I-T-C-H.

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  1. Link is actually a GIRL!?!

  2. I don’t know why it’s so hard for you all to accept I have a sexy AI inside my PC. :-/

  3. its okay… we all have our Dirty Little Secrets…

    [Insert big brother 9 promo]

  4. Hi you have a great Nurse Joy site.

  5. that picture RULES

  6. @Stephanie:
    0___0 Whoa… what… is this?!?!

  7. Why can’t I have a sexy AI inside my computer?

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